Monday, May 8, 2017

Follow What Sets Your Soul on Fire

"Be Fearless in the pursuit of what set's your soul on fire."
A few days ago, I had a conversation with one of my soul sisters. Her soul reminds me of mine. We both have taken a leap of faith to pursue the unknown to discover our true calling. Our newly found calling includes being speakers and writers. Using different language, we cover some of the same topics. We have a special bond because our souls reflect each other. We both believe in uncovering the true human potential. In this conversation, we talked about our dreams, current milestones, stumbles, and failures. As we focused on our passion and our purpose we concluded that we will continue to do what makes us come alive regardless of the outcome. I told her that my journey to uncovering the true human potential has been the best one yet. I told her that I would speak about living in purpose and following your dreams for free because I loved it so much. She told me that she would continue to write even if her daughter was the only one who read her material. It was then that I realized that when you follow your passion and pursue your purpose you will do it for the joy of it and not for the money. I love this woman and I know that she is a powerful writer who needs to be heard by the world. Yet, I also know that what she said is true, because just like her I am authentically living in purpose and I have discovered joy not in the material things but in my essence which contributes to my purpose.  Here are three tips for clarifying if you are living in purpose or simply existing.
Purpose is found in the things you obsess about.
Empowering people to live authentic lives makes me come alive. I am obsessed with helping people to believe in their dreams. I believe that some of the desires you obsess about can connect you to your purpose. What do you obsess about? Is it creating pretty places in your home? If so, your purpose may be in interior design. Is it upgrading family recipes? Then, you may want to become a chef. Whatever your obsession may be, pay attention to it. Your soul is trying to point out your reason for being here on this planet. Don’t ignore it because it is not practical. If you love dancing, dance yourself to becoming a dance instructor, or simply do more of it!
What are you a natural at?
We are all good at something. I am a natural at connecting with people. I love being around people and feel that communicating with individuals comes very easily to me.  My connection with people and the fact that I love to talk makes it effortless for me to convey my message of pursuing dreams. Think about the things that come easily to you. Are you a natural diplomat, networker, or leader? Pay attention to what comes easily to you because being in your purpose feels effortless.
Where do you bring value?
I believe that our soul is a gift to the world because it’s within our soul that we discover what the meaning of our lives is. You are not an accident. You are intended to contribute the gift of your purpose to the world. I bring value to others by pushing them to be effective leaders, follow their goals, and make their dreams come true. As I empower others to believe in themselves I connect more to my reason for living. Your purpose does not have to consist of changing a million lives. Your purpose may be found in impacting one life. The value you bring may consist of bringing peace, joy, or contentment to others. The value you bring is also found in the value you give yourself. So, remember to believe in yourself and know that you are no accident and that your life has meaning.
In conclusion, I want to emphasize that living in purpose requires you to understand your self-worth. It also means that you must take responsibility for your life. Your life is a gift and your gifts should be shared with others. Your obsessions and what feels natural to you can point you to your true calling if you pay attention. In the end, living in purpose is about realizing that you are no accident and that your life ‘purpose will soar when you bring value to other people’s lives. Unleash your authentic self and connect to your reason for being here by pursuing your purpose.  Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.


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