Monday, April 3, 2017

To BECOME is to Remember

It's never about BECOMING anything.
It's always about remembering who you were
destined to be.

-Nancy Salmeron

Last week I went to a networking event. I was asked about the name of my company Believe. Change. Become. I was asked how clients or individuals BECOME. I clarified that we don’t really become, we remember who we were intended to be by believing and changing. The becoming part we always have inside of us. I was asked to clarify further, so I did. I explained that as children, we have this grand view of what we desire for our lives. But as we grow older we become more skeptical and more practical and never pursue it. We are reminded by our parents and peers that we need to take that path of least resistance. That the less traveled path is less traveled for a reason. We are told that we need to fear the unknown. We lose ourselves, we forget who we are. My program teaches individuals about shifting a doubt mindset into a believe mindset. It validates that everything we need to be successful in this world is always inside of us. But first we must BELIEVE that what we desire is possible. Then we must CHANGE the old way of thinking and behaving to BECOME. Here are four tips to awaken your becoming.

Connect with an inner child.

Do you remember what made you come alive as a child? As a child, I used to be a problem solver. I loved listening to friends, cousins, and family member’s stories and trying to help them solve them. I loved being my friend’s cheerleaders and always being there for them. As a child, I wanted to be a teacher and did that, but what I forgot was that I wanted to be a teacher of life. My becoming had to do with remembering that I loved talking and questioning life. When I connected the dots, and realized that my life’s purpose had to do with personal development I affirmed that I always had what I was seeking.

Believe in what you are seeking.

Once you have connected with that inner child you must believe that what you desire is your purpose. To believe is to change the way the mind works. It’s staying optimistic and having no doubt that what you desire will become a reality. When I first started to believe in my dreams, I had no idea where they would take me. For a long time I lived in fear of failure. When you believe in your dreams you understand that you will fail, yet you do it afraid. When you believe, you may be the only one that sees your dream and that is OK. When you truly believe, you ignite that flame to your inner becoming. Believing is one of the hardest steps, but when you do there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Change, change, change.

The next step to awakening your becoming is to change not only your mind, but you may also need to change the people and things around you. Change is essential to conquering your dreams because they put action into believing. You can believe in your dreams all you want but if you don’t put action into them it will not matter. I was very drastic in my changes. I resigned from my teaching career and took that full leap into personal development, inspirational speaking. It was not easy, but it worked for me. Would I recommend for you to quit your job and take that grand leap? Only you know how to embrace change. I have discovered that for some people going all in works. But for others it requires baby steps. Change is change not matter how big or small. Embrace it and just do it!

To BECOME is to remember.

When I first founded my company, I believed that to BECOME was something that happened to you in the process, and in a way, it does. But, now I understand that you become the moment you decide to give your desires life. I also believe that when you remember the pack you had with your soul you also become. So, remember who you wanted to be because that is where it’s all at. You have it in you to fully change yourself and the world.

Do you remember who you were always destined to be? If you said yes to this question good for you. If you don’t know let me help you on your journey to your becoming. Feel free to contact me at with any questions. Until next time, BELIEVE anything is possible for you, understand that you will CHANGE in the process to BECOME or remember who you were destined to be.

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