Monday, March 27, 2017

How Failures Move You Forward

"Giving up is the only sure way to fail."

-Gena Showalter

Robert F. Kennedy once said that, “That only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Do you believe this to be so? What is failure? Failure to me signifies growth. Failure to me shows me another way. Failure reminds me that nothing is constant and that we shall always keep moving forward. As I fail forward, I am reminded of my strength. As I fail forward, I am reminded of my conviction. Let’s talk about your failures and how you can learn from failure so that you too can fail forward. Here are three tips to conquering failure so that you are not off track with your life dreams and goals.

When you give up, you fail.

When going after a dream or life goal one thing I can guarantee you is that you will fail your way to it. Are you willing? If you answered yes, then you are one step closer to getting what you desire. If you are not willing to fail, you have failed without getting started. The truth about failing is that you only fail when you give up. Don’t give up, but most importantly don’t give up before you start.

Let failure be your teacher.

When I fail, I let failure become my teacher. Learn from your mistakes and try a different approach to getting what you desire. As I reflect on what I want for my life there are many lessons learned. I have learned to be patient with myself and that in the end I know the right way. I also learned I that must not drop my goals or dreams when I fail. That I simply have to change my approach. Remember, learn the lesson and move on!

Failure teaches you who your true friends are.

As I continue to fail forward you will see some friends go. When you fail, you will lose friends but you will also gain new ones. Don’t be afraid to let go of those anchors that don’t believe and hold you back. Keep the ones that support you and let go of the ones that were never real friends in the first place. Failure in the end will be the gift to your present and future relationships. All you must do is keep the friends that hold you tight as you fail and let go of the ones that walk away when you fail.

When you fail, you must surrender it to the past and move toward the future. Yes, like I mentioned before you must learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Remember, that nothing is forever and that this too shall pass. Move into your amazing future with open arms.
I have learned that with failure also comes opportunity. I see and understand that if I had not failed forward my life would be very different. I needed to stumble and fall to learn to better move forward. When you fail be grateful for the experience shake it off and move on. Treat failure as a blessing in disguise and understand that without failure we would not ever reach that peak of the mountain. I hope you have a fabulous week and that your failures make you strong and push you to your destiny. Until next time Believe. Change. Become.


Monday, March 6, 2017

How Positive Thinking Evokes More Happiness

"The energy of the mind is the
essence of life."


“Why do these things always happen to me?” A potential client asked me. “Things never work out for me.” She continued.
“Stop and be mindful of your words.” I told her.

“My life changed when I started to be more conscious about my thoughts, words and actions. I am a believer that we are magnets of positive and negative energy. When we emit positive energy, we attract more positive energy. When we dwell on negative energy we attract more of it. Why don’t we focus on what is going right in your life to see if we can move into a more positive vibration? I promise you it feels better and you will be glad you did.” She agreed and the conversation ended in a very positive note.

Today I want to talk about how to attract positive energy in to your life. Here are some tips on how to stop circulating toxic negative thoughts and start circulating positive thoughts, that in return will reward you with a more positive life.

Self- love is key.
Some of the things you tell yourself you would not tell your worst enemy. Love and accept yourself as you are. When I coach clients about self- love I remind them of the many obstacles that they have overcome. What about you? What obstacles have you overcome? Be proud of all that you have done. Be proud of all your accomplishments.

Let love take lead.
There are two emotions that guide our lives love and fear. When love guides your life your energy flow is positive. When fear rules your life the energy flow is toxic. There are many doubts, many questions.  Let love be the antidote to fear.

Develop an attitude of gratitude.
To have positive energy flow let the universe know how much you appreciate what you already have. Be grateful for your breath, your health, home and loved ones. It’s these things that make you attract more blessings into your existence. What are your blessings? Make a list and be grateful for the health and well being that is coming your way.

Let go of past resentments.
It is time to let go of all past resentments. You don’t need to be a prisoner of the past or others.  It’s important that you learn the lesson so that you don’t repeat it, but you must move on.  When you release past disappointments, you will quickly move into a positive flow. It’s also important that you forgive yourself for mistakes you made in the past. Again, reflect and learn the lesson.

Choose your words wisely.
Your words set your reality in motion, therefore choose them wisely. Do not speak of words of lack only words of abundance. Do not speak of what could go wrong in your life, but what is right and what will go right. Your words and thoughts are powerful. Be mindful of what goes in your mind and out your mouth.

When we dwell on the negative we attract more of it. This will in return take away our positive energy and give us more negative energy. It starts in the mind, becomes words and take form in our actions. Be the creator of abundance by manifesting abundance, joy and love. See you next week where we delve deeper into how to develop an attitude of gratitude and why this is important to creating dreams. Until next time Believe. Change. Become.