Monday, January 23, 2017

To Let Go of Anxiety You Must Live Now!

"No amount of regret can change the past.
No amount of anxiety can change the future."

I have been dealing with a great deal of anxiety lately. I attribute it to what is going on politically with our country but also this very extreme weather. As far as the weather, the rain and the strong winds have taken one of my favorite trees down. I am sad for the loss of my favorite tree, but grateful that it did not land on the house. We have lost many shingles on our roof that resulted in some water leaks in our home. With pots and pans holding the water, I am blessed to still have a home. Yet, I am fearful of the cost of these repairs. In regards to the political climate in our country it has felt a bit dark and gloomy.  I understand that my fears are legitimate, yet I also understand that if I continue to live with these stressors I am bound have a very sad existence. I understand that we must be realistic, but when is it OK to let hope take over? I don’t know about you. But, I have felt that when one talks about hope it means that you have given up on the battle at hand. I know understand, that hope makes the impossible become possible. If we give up on hope, we may end up in despair. Today let’s talk about the things you can do when anxiety, fear and despair want to take over your life.

Acknowledge your feelings.
Your feelings are legitimate. Identify what is causing your anxiety. My anxiety was based on the weather that did cause damage on my property. My advice for you is to be clear on your fears and let them go. I had no control over mother nature, therefore I had to surrender to what could be.

Don’t project to far into the future.
When we are projecting too far into the future we tend to bring fear, uncertainty and anxiety into our lives. Yes, it’s a good thing to plan accordingly for your future. But don’t go too far into the future. Know that you will deal with it accordingly when you get there. But if you must go far into the future make sure that you see your future very bright.

Distract yourself.
Once you have identified all the things that could go wrong. Distract yourself, by focusing on the solutions. When you have done everything possible to find a solution to a problem you need to move forward. Also, engage yourself on activities that you love. Don’t let the fears consume you. Remember that worrying rarely leads to solutions. Take it easy on yourself. Let go and love yourself.

It’s all in the breath.
Learn to relax by letting go of anxiety by overseeing your breathing.  It’s this simple technique that gives you a sense of calm. Practice it with devotion when these fearful thoughts come to you.

Don’t let your worries stop you from living your life. These thoughts that want to take over your life half of the time are fear based. Let go of fear and embrace hope. Never forget your power. Know that whatever hardships you do encounter you will overcome. Don’t project to far into the future live your life now! Until next Monday Believe. Change. Become.

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