Monday, January 9, 2017

The Art of Being Present

"Do not stay in the past, do not dream of the future,
concentrate on the present moment."

It seems to me that we have lost the art of being present. Look around you when you are out having dinner or at a social gathering. What do you see? Everybody and their mother with a phone on their hand. And even when you have put the phone down, where are you? Are you fully engaged in the moment or are you thinking about the argument you had with your spouse the night before? Or you are projecting yourself to the future by wondering what your encounter will be like with your significant other when you get home? Regardless, you are not fully present. You are either projecting yourself to the past, or future but you are not in the moment. It has been my experience that when we don’t learn to stay in the present we take potential beautiful moments from our lives. Here are three tips to being more present and living a full life.

Feel your breath.

I have discovered that when I meditate and focus on my breathing it brings me to the present moment. I believe that you should apply the same practice to your everyday. When I focus on my breathing, it brings me back to the present moment. Try it when you have projected yourself to the past or future. See the difference it makes in your present moment. I know that when I do this it centers me and brings me a sense of peace and calm. By feeling my breath, I can focus on the people and events that are happening now. So, pause periodically throughout the day and feel your own breath.

Nurture relationships by staying present.

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or family member and have been half way there? You hear what they are saying but you are thinking about the party you are planning for your child. You may also be contemplating what the response will be when they are done talking. Thus, you have missed half of what they have said. It is very common to do this, because we want to prove to the person speaking that we are listening. The fact is that we were hearing what they said, but we were never really listening. My suggestion is for you to stay focused, don’t worry about you listen to what they are saying. The truth is that for the most part we all seek to be heard more than to be talked too.

Be grateful.

Staying present and being grateful go hand in hand. I am amazed at what happens to me when I count my blessings. It brings me to the present moment. Look around you. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for my children, husband, home, trees and all the people that believe in me. When you see all the amazing things that are in your life, you can’t help but be in the present moment. They don’t always have to be big things, sometimes it’s the little things like a sip of coffee in a cold morning. Another suggestion is to write your blessings down. Start with five every morning and add to your list throughout the day. Be present to discover your blessings.

In conclusion, when we stay present and live in the moment you discover an abundant life. Being present is a magnet for happiness and joy, because it makes you aware of all your blessings. As you move into a more prosperous you, don’t forget to count your blessings and stay in the present moment. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

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