Monday, January 2, 2017

Be The Director of Your Life Movie

"Live your life like your are the hero in your movie."


Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and your loved ones. What lessons will you take with you from 2016? Who are you leaving behind? What brought you joy in 2016? What brought you pain or disappointment? I believe that it is essential to reflect on these questions, so we don’t repeat past mistakes. So, we can get the toxic people out of our lives. It’s OK to forgive others for past pain or disappointment, and it’s also OK to exclude them from your life. As far as happiness, keep doing those things that bring you love and joy. Why change what is working? But seek change in what does not bring you happiness.

What brings me joy are intimate moments of connection with my loved ones. Pursuing my passion of personal development and inspirational speaking. I find joy knowing that I am the creator of my life. That I am the director of my movie. I have the main role and even if I can’t always control how well others play their role, I can always eliminate them from my movie. You can do the same. Here are three tips for making the best movie of your life this far.

Identify what type of movie you want for your life.
As I realize the power we all have to create an Oscar winning movie. I am filled with gratitude and joy for all the blessings in my life. I see the wonderful people that have come into my life as well as ones that must exit my life. I also understand that before they exit, it’s OK to forgive them for any pain or disappointment they brought into your life. It’s never about you it’s about them. As, you let go a new sense of meaning and peace will emerge into your life. Let go of the people and things that don’t bring you calm and surround yourself with individuals that do. Remember it’s your movie and you pick your supporting actors.

What obstacle will you conquer?
What is the major obstacle or fear you want to overcome? Something that I constantly work for in my life or movie is to surrender. As a personal development coach, it’s not as easy to do because I teach perseverance, pushing forward, never giving up. The essentials for success. Yet, I have realized that too much effort can make things stale. I want to focus on a more relaxed positive energy that will attract wonderful thing into my life. Having goals, and meeting them is essential. But what is more essential is to stay present, enjoy each moment and continue to push forward.

It’s about optimism.
When things fall apart in your movie as they often do. Remember that you can change the plot by staying focused on the goal and staying positive. I know that with every thunderstorm that appears a rainbow will appear. Knowing that there is always a happy ending to your movie is a matter of optimism and positivity. Always reflect amidst the storm, and don’t forget that things will always get better. When you do, your life changes and your movie becomes a great one!

I am excited about this new year. I am ready for all the wonderful people and gifts it will bring. Remember you are the director, the creator of your life. You are powerful beyond measure. Love, peace and harmony are ready to for you. Seek them out! There will be many obstacles, plot changes, elimination of characters and this is ok. As a creator of your life this is the fun part. Understand what you want your legacy to be. Define what your purpose for this year is and go after it. Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.


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