Monday, January 23, 2017

To Let Go of Anxiety You Must Live Now!

"No amount of regret can change the past.
No amount of anxiety can change the future."

I have been dealing with a great deal of anxiety lately. I attribute it to what is going on politically with our country but also this very extreme weather. As far as the weather, the rain and the strong winds have taken one of my favorite trees down. I am sad for the loss of my favorite tree, but grateful that it did not land on the house. We have lost many shingles on our roof that resulted in some water leaks in our home. With pots and pans holding the water, I am blessed to still have a home. Yet, I am fearful of the cost of these repairs. In regards to the political climate in our country it has felt a bit dark and gloomy.  I understand that my fears are legitimate, yet I also understand that if I continue to live with these stressors I am bound have a very sad existence. I understand that we must be realistic, but when is it OK to let hope take over? I don’t know about you. But, I have felt that when one talks about hope it means that you have given up on the battle at hand. I know understand, that hope makes the impossible become possible. If we give up on hope, we may end up in despair. Today let’s talk about the things you can do when anxiety, fear and despair want to take over your life.

Acknowledge your feelings.
Your feelings are legitimate. Identify what is causing your anxiety. My anxiety was based on the weather that did cause damage on my property. My advice for you is to be clear on your fears and let them go. I had no control over mother nature, therefore I had to surrender to what could be.

Don’t project to far into the future.
When we are projecting too far into the future we tend to bring fear, uncertainty and anxiety into our lives. Yes, it’s a good thing to plan accordingly for your future. But don’t go too far into the future. Know that you will deal with it accordingly when you get there. But if you must go far into the future make sure that you see your future very bright.

Distract yourself.
Once you have identified all the things that could go wrong. Distract yourself, by focusing on the solutions. When you have done everything possible to find a solution to a problem you need to move forward. Also, engage yourself on activities that you love. Don’t let the fears consume you. Remember that worrying rarely leads to solutions. Take it easy on yourself. Let go and love yourself.

It’s all in the breath.
Learn to relax by letting go of anxiety by overseeing your breathing.  It’s this simple technique that gives you a sense of calm. Practice it with devotion when these fearful thoughts come to you.

Don’t let your worries stop you from living your life. These thoughts that want to take over your life half of the time are fear based. Let go of fear and embrace hope. Never forget your power. Know that whatever hardships you do encounter you will overcome. Don’t project to far into the future live your life now! Until next Monday Believe. Change. Become.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Art of Being Present

"Do not stay in the past, do not dream of the future,
concentrate on the present moment."

It seems to me that we have lost the art of being present. Look around you when you are out having dinner or at a social gathering. What do you see? Everybody and their mother with a phone on their hand. And even when you have put the phone down, where are you? Are you fully engaged in the moment or are you thinking about the argument you had with your spouse the night before? Or you are projecting yourself to the future by wondering what your encounter will be like with your significant other when you get home? Regardless, you are not fully present. You are either projecting yourself to the past, or future but you are not in the moment. It has been my experience that when we don’t learn to stay in the present we take potential beautiful moments from our lives. Here are three tips to being more present and living a full life.

Feel your breath.

I have discovered that when I meditate and focus on my breathing it brings me to the present moment. I believe that you should apply the same practice to your everyday. When I focus on my breathing, it brings me back to the present moment. Try it when you have projected yourself to the past or future. See the difference it makes in your present moment. I know that when I do this it centers me and brings me a sense of peace and calm. By feeling my breath, I can focus on the people and events that are happening now. So, pause periodically throughout the day and feel your own breath.

Nurture relationships by staying present.

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or family member and have been half way there? You hear what they are saying but you are thinking about the party you are planning for your child. You may also be contemplating what the response will be when they are done talking. Thus, you have missed half of what they have said. It is very common to do this, because we want to prove to the person speaking that we are listening. The fact is that we were hearing what they said, but we were never really listening. My suggestion is for you to stay focused, don’t worry about you listen to what they are saying. The truth is that for the most part we all seek to be heard more than to be talked too.

Be grateful.

Staying present and being grateful go hand in hand. I am amazed at what happens to me when I count my blessings. It brings me to the present moment. Look around you. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for my children, husband, home, trees and all the people that believe in me. When you see all the amazing things that are in your life, you can’t help but be in the present moment. They don’t always have to be big things, sometimes it’s the little things like a sip of coffee in a cold morning. Another suggestion is to write your blessings down. Start with five every morning and add to your list throughout the day. Be present to discover your blessings.

In conclusion, when we stay present and live in the moment you discover an abundant life. Being present is a magnet for happiness and joy, because it makes you aware of all your blessings. As you move into a more prosperous you, don’t forget to count your blessings and stay in the present moment. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Be The Director of Your Life Movie

"Live your life like your are the hero in your movie."


Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and your loved ones. What lessons will you take with you from 2016? Who are you leaving behind? What brought you joy in 2016? What brought you pain or disappointment? I believe that it is essential to reflect on these questions, so we don’t repeat past mistakes. So, we can get the toxic people out of our lives. It’s OK to forgive others for past pain or disappointment, and it’s also OK to exclude them from your life. As far as happiness, keep doing those things that bring you love and joy. Why change what is working? But seek change in what does not bring you happiness.

What brings me joy are intimate moments of connection with my loved ones. Pursuing my passion of personal development and inspirational speaking. I find joy knowing that I am the creator of my life. That I am the director of my movie. I have the main role and even if I can’t always control how well others play their role, I can always eliminate them from my movie. You can do the same. Here are three tips for making the best movie of your life this far.

Identify what type of movie you want for your life.
As I realize the power we all have to create an Oscar winning movie. I am filled with gratitude and joy for all the blessings in my life. I see the wonderful people that have come into my life as well as ones that must exit my life. I also understand that before they exit, it’s OK to forgive them for any pain or disappointment they brought into your life. It’s never about you it’s about them. As, you let go a new sense of meaning and peace will emerge into your life. Let go of the people and things that don’t bring you calm and surround yourself with individuals that do. Remember it’s your movie and you pick your supporting actors.

What obstacle will you conquer?
What is the major obstacle or fear you want to overcome? Something that I constantly work for in my life or movie is to surrender. As a personal development coach, it’s not as easy to do because I teach perseverance, pushing forward, never giving up. The essentials for success. Yet, I have realized that too much effort can make things stale. I want to focus on a more relaxed positive energy that will attract wonderful thing into my life. Having goals, and meeting them is essential. But what is more essential is to stay present, enjoy each moment and continue to push forward.

It’s about optimism.
When things fall apart in your movie as they often do. Remember that you can change the plot by staying focused on the goal and staying positive. I know that with every thunderstorm that appears a rainbow will appear. Knowing that there is always a happy ending to your movie is a matter of optimism and positivity. Always reflect amidst the storm, and don’t forget that things will always get better. When you do, your life changes and your movie becomes a great one!

I am excited about this new year. I am ready for all the wonderful people and gifts it will bring. Remember you are the director, the creator of your life. You are powerful beyond measure. Love, peace and harmony are ready to for you. Seek them out! There will be many obstacles, plot changes, elimination of characters and this is ok. As a creator of your life this is the fun part. Understand what you want your legacy to be. Define what your purpose for this year is and go after it. Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.