Monday, November 14, 2016

How My Intuition Guided Me This Morning

"There is a voice that doesn't 
use words.


This morning I was ready to share with you some of the amazing things that I learned from my four day Tony Robbins seminar that I attended this weekend. Unfortunately, I was blocked from doing my blog due to many computer viruses that I discovered. So, I thought anyway! The truth was that my computer was blocked from scammers who wanted me to pay $199.00 so that they could clean out my computer. Why do I share this with you today and not what I learned from Tony Robbins? Because today once more I was reminded of my spirit voice the one that works with my intuition. Your intuition may be guided by your spirit voice or a feeling. The feeling may be excitement when you think about going back to school. In voice form it may tell you to follow your dreams. It's the one that assures you that you will be fine if you do. It may also warn you with a feeling, when something is not right.  The one that reminds you how amazing and powerful you are! I will share what I learned from Tony, in future blogs, I promise. But today let's talk about your spirit voice, your intuition. 

As I continue my passion of personal development and inspirational speaking, I am getting more comfortable with this voice. This quiet, subtle voice reminded me today, to not trust what the scammers where telling me and to contact Microsoft instead. When I did, I discovered that indeed it was a scam. They took care of the problem, and I was relieved that I listen to my voice, to my intuition. Your intuition will not only guide you in small matters such as this one, but will also guide you in deciding if you want to take grand leap of leaving your bad relationship, or the bad job. Here are three tips on how you can be guided by that powerful voice, by your intuition. When you do, you will be amazed on how your true path appears and all that negative chatter disappears.

Trust that gut.
You have heard to trust that gut feeling. Yes? Well, it’s that gut feeling I like to call your spirit voice. It’s that voice, that tells you to take another road. It also tells you to leave that bad relationship. That bad job. It’s that feeling that makes us uncomfortable with some people, but you can’t point out why. Trust that feeling, listen to that voice. It knows more that you will ever understand. It has peaked at your future and understand what is your true path. Trust that feeling and listen to the spirit voice.

Meditation results in clarity.
As I meditated this morning, I could silence my negative voice or what I call my fearful ego voice faster than other days. This made me feel more alert. When you meditate for at least ten minutes a day, you will notice that your spirit voice becomes a bit louder. Not obnoxious, and loud like your fearful ego voice, but a bit louder and clearer. If you already meditate, you understand what I mean. If you don’t it will take time and practice to do this, but if you dedicate some time you will eventually get there. There are many resources on line on how to meditate. I will work on some tips on future blogs. But for now, try to stay still for ten minutes, clear your mind and focus on nothing. See what pops up. If it’s negative, fearful thoughts it’s the ego working in your mind. If it’s loving, beautiful thoughts it’s your spirit voice your intuition. Go there!

Let the right voice guide you.
How do you know what voice is guiding you? As I already mentioned a fearful ego voice maybe louder and more obnoxious. The spirit voice may be calmer and subtle. Your reliable voice is the one is affirming, but not necessarily loud. There is a sense of calm. A feeling that you will be OK, that it has your back. On the other hand, the fearful ego voice will remind of your of your insecurities it can be cruel and demeaning. It wants to keep you a prisoner of the known it likes comfort. You have heard this voice as you decided to leave that career that no longer fulfills you. It has lied to you when it told you that you were not worthy of a new, or better relationship. What voice is governing your soul?

Being intuitive and letting your spirit voice guide you is not easy. It can be confusing because at one point you may feel that both can deal with fearful emotions, yet one guides you from bad situations by bringing emotion, such as something not feeling right. The fearful ego limits possibilities, by telling you you are not worthy of a dream or desire. It requires you to silence your mind and to love yourself. When you decide to follow your intuition, you will also discover some fun. Look at it as two different voices fighting to get your attention. One voice is loud and full of fear and the other is calm and full of love and possibilities. It is your goal uncover what is the true voice that will guide you to your destiny. Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!

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