Monday, October 24, 2016

When is a Good Time to Give Up?

"Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to
 understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing."


I woke up tired this morning. I had been tossing and turning wondering about a business deal that may not happen. I was anxious, scared and tired until I finally concluded that I had to surrender. I have had a tough time with surrender, because we are taught that you must never give up. That we must fight till the end. I teach this to my clients all the time. Yet, there is so much power in letting go, in trusting your source, the universe that no matter what you will be OK. We live under this illusion that we can control everything that happens in our lives, but the truth is we can’t. When we try to control things outside of your control, you are dealing with a fear based mentality. It’s natural, to have some doubts and worries about our world, but it does not make things better. In my case, this deal that I released to the universe has taken away my peace of mind. When I finally decided to surrender it to my higher source there was a peace in my heart. Today let’s talk about letting go, about surrendering your desires to the universe so that you may find more joy and peace in your journey to success. 

To surrender does not mean you are giving up.
To surrender is to have faith in something greater than yourself. It is telling your source to take the wheel because you have done everything in your power to accomplish that goal or dream. When you surrender, you are giving up on the fear. Many of us have believed that when you let it go you are giving up. The truth is that you are giving the universe an opportunity to have your back. You are trusting that whatever happens is part of a better plan for your life. That what awaits you is something more amazing than you originally thought. Do everything you can to acquire your dreams and goals, understand that there is power in letting the universe take over.

When you surrender, there is calm.
In accordance with the law of attraction, we are energy and the energy you sent out will be reflected on you. When you have no attachment to results, when you give up the control to a specific outcome, we open ourselves for all sorts of wonderful possibilities. Stay calm and let go of expectations to be amazed at what the universe has in store for you!

Conquer your fears.
What do you fear if you let go? In my case, I felt that if I did not worry about this business deal I would lose it. The truth is that I was letting fear control me. I don’t know what will happen with the deal, but I know that I will be fine no matter what. Conquer your fears by surrendering any doubts that everything will work out for the best. In the end, everything works out for the best.

To let go is to set yourself free.
I feel so relieved, so free. I am no longer the prisoner of the “what if’s.” I am content and excited at what will be. You need to set yourself free by surrendering any doubt. Let it go. Go with the current and not against it. Life is not that hard; we make it hard by trying to control everything in it. Trust in the universe in your source. Know that it wants only the best for you!

I am work in progress. I have been taught to fight to the end and this has brought a great deal of resistance in my life. As I learn to trust that the universe is my friend and that it has my back, I discover more joy and peace in myself. It has not been easy, yet letting go has made me wiser. Let go of the fears that hold you back and have faith that the universe has your best interest in mind. Bring that positive energy of surrender and let go of that toxic control energy, to live your best life or a peaceful, joyful life. Until next Monday, BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME!


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