Monday, October 10, 2016

Tips on How to Stay Consistent With Your Goals

“We become what we want to be by consistently
being what we want to be each day.”
Richard G. Scott

As I thought about today’s post I realized that I am a creature of habit. My morning routine starts with drinking a cold glass of water and taking my vitamins. I then get my daughter ready for school, put her on the bus and then drop off my son. Next, I drive to the gym where I do some cardio, get back home to meditate for twenty minutes and have my oatmeal and black coffee this is all before 9:00 a.m. This is how I start my day, before I actually start my day. I then attend to my scheduled appointments.  It changes if I have to go out of town, but for the most part I am pretty constant with my routine, and I like it this way! I am person that strives to commit to consistency. I am also a person that holds her commitments to a high standard. If I say I am going to do something, I do it. If I say I am going to be somewhere, I’m there! This is what I believe has made me meet my goals and accomplish some of my dreams. What about you? How do you feel about consistency? If you are seeking to improve or change any aspect of your life you need to implement consistency. But consistency can be a difficult task to start or even keep. Here are five tips to staying consistent so that you can accomplish your dreams and goals! 

Think about your why?
Consistency is essential in short and long term goals. Think about that goal or dream you are seeking. For example, a goal of losing weight. Why is this important to you? Is it for health reasons? If your reasons will truly impact or change your life, then you will do it!  If you don’t have a big enough, “why” you will fail to stay consistent. My, “why,” for wanting to be healthier is to live longer for my family and to have more time to live out my purpose, of helping others find their passion. Your why should push you to be consistent with those little things that will make a big difference in the end.

Focus on one thing at a time.
In order to be consistent and successful you have to stay focused. When you have too many goals that you are working on you will not get any done. Prioritize what is your most important or essential goal that you need to accomplish first, in order to move to your next goal. I have experienced that when I have too many things that I need to focus on, I don’t even know where to start. What I suggest for you is to focus on one thing at a time. Once that is accomplish feel free to move to your next goal.

Schedule a time for your goal.
When I started blogging, I decided that I would commit myself to my blog every Monday morning. This time for me is sacred for me. I don’t schedule appointments on Monday morning that would take away from my commitment. It has become part of my weekly routine. I feel accomplished when I finish my post every Monday morning, I am committed to my blog one hundred percent! You need to put it in your calendar and stick with it! If you do it long enough it will become part of your routine, it will become like sleeping or eating.

Watch out for those negative feelings.
I have to ignore those negative voices that tell me that I am wasting my time. The voice that discourage you to do something, because it want you to stay in the comfort zone. I have to silence that voice that tells me that I am wasting my sleep going to the gym to work out, that I should go back to sleep. These voices want to sabotage your dreams and goals. Ignore them!

Get back on the wagon.
Yes, I have fallen of the wagon a couple of times. I have gone back to sleep instead of going to the gym in the morning, but will find a time to work out in the evening. Understand that falling of the wagon can happen, but know that you can get back on. The point is to get back on the wagon. 

To be consistent is to be on the path to your goals and dreams. It may not be easy, but once you make it part of your routine, it’s hard to be inconsistent. Remember it’s the little things that you do today that will make a great difference in your life tomorrow. Give your goals and dreams the time and dedication required so they may come alive. Know that you may get off track because of other distractions, but also know that you can always get back on track! In my commitment to being consistent to myself and my readers, I want to thank you for being a consistent reader of my blog. You, push me to keep on blogging! See you next Monday! Don’t forget to BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME.