Monday, October 3, 2016

Are Your Excuses Greater Than Your Dreams?

“The ones who find happiness are the ones who don’t make excuses.
If it’s broken they fix it. If it’s wrong, they make it right.”

“You do what?” Cynthia, a new friend that I met at a birthday celebration this weekend asked me.
 “I am a personal development coach. I help people identify what makes them come alive and provide support as they fulfil their dreams.” I said.
 “Wow, that sounds like lots of fun. What is the hardest thing about your job? She asked.
“I work on people’s mindsets. I help people believe in themselves, but the hardest thing that I work on is helping people drop their excuses for not following their dreams. We all have reasons why things would not work, but we never focus on why it would work!”
“Yes, I can see why that would be hard.” Cynthia added.

What excuses are stopping you from fulfilling your dreams? Do you want to lose weight? But don’t have time to work out? Do you want to follow your passion of being a business owner? But you don’t believe you are smart enough to do so? Do you dream about being a chef?  And can’t seem to find time to attend a culinary school? Excuses hold us back on our dreams. We will always find reasons why we should not take action to doing something we would love to do. The reason we don’t take action to fulfill our life goals and dreams is because me may believe we are not worthy and that we don’t have what it takes to accomplish them. We let our ego make us believe that we will fail. The truth is that your desires are a special pack you had with your soul. Your desires were meant to come to fruition. The problem is that you have forgotten your strength and your worth. Yes! You can become that baker you always wanted to be. Yes! You can be a business owner. The limits you have set for your life are an illusion of the ego. You are capable of acquiring every desire if you work towards it and you believe it is possible. Here are four tips to dropping those excuses and living a life of joy and bliss!

Find the reason why it can work.
Excuses are not real reasons to not pursue life goals. Excuses are fear based illusions of the ego. Stop believing the ego and start listening to your soul. Your soul knows what you are made of. It knows what you are capable. Think why things will work for you and drop all the reasons why they won’t. Yes, there will be some disappointments as you pursue your dreams, but you will also remember your strength. You will remember what you are made of. You are something awesome. You got this!

Believe in yourself.
To believe in yourself is to love yourself. Believe that you are worthy of your desires also believe that you are capable of making them come true. I love what I do because I get to empower individuals to see the strength of their soul and see the fear of the ego. When you believe that you have what it takes to acquire all of your hearts desires, you will also discover that the universe conspires to support you through it. Remember you if you believe you will achieve!

Stay in the now.
I have been guilty of sabotaging my dreams by projecting myself to the past and future. In the in the past I see how many times I failed and in the future I can only see failure. Yes, it’s understandable to try to predict how something will work out for you. Yet, you have to stay in the present moment. If you must project something to your future, send only positive energy to your life goals and dreams. Let the negative energy stay in past failures and only project good vibes to your future self if you must. Stay in the now, but show gratitude and appreciation to everything good in your life.

Yes, may fail.
What if you fail? In my opinion we fail every day we don’t pursue or dreams. There is a saying that says, “It’s better to have tried and failed to have never tried at all.” The reality is that we do not fail until we stop trying. Failure points us to the right direction. Don't give up! Also, the sad true is that many never try so that makes them fail by default.

To let your life dreams and goals be sabotaged because of excuses is detrimental to your life. Understand that if you truly believe in a desire you need to believe it’s possible to acquire it. Drop the excuses and get into action! Believe only in positive outcomes and know that if you stumble and fall in your journey to your dreams you will get up and persevere. Remember your life dreams and goals are waiting for you to accomplish them. Excuses are an easy way out to a half lived life! Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!


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