Monday, July 11, 2016

Don't Despair Your New Tribe Is On The Way!

"On your journey to your becoming you may loose friends, 
but you will also find your new tribe."

-Nancy Salmeron

Last week I met with a potential client.  She is an amazing woman, with big dreams!  When I asked her what her entrepreneurial journey had been like this far she mentioned that she was disappointed with her family and friends.  "What do you mean?" I asked.  She told me that she was not getting the support from friends and family the way she thought she would.  I told her that I could relate to her one hundred percent!  I told her that I also believed that I was going to get complete support from my loved one’s!  Unfortunately, I discovered that many people that you thought were going to be your biggest supporters are nowhere to be found when you are seeking their support.  In my case, realized that I may have made some people uncomfortable when I spoke about greatness, about not settling, not conforming, because I may have put the light on them.  This was devastating to me. I felt very alone. I was seeking validation and the people that were supposed to care where not around anymore! To encourage her to persevere with her life goals, I told her about something amazing that has happened to me in the process.  I told her that in the journey to entrepreneurship you will lose friends, but you will also find your new tribe and rediscover your strength! “Don’t despair when family members or friends don’t support your dreams!  The truth is that the only person that truly has to believe in you is YOU!”  I reaffirmed her.  She smiled and gave me a hug and we scheduled another appointment.  Here are four tips on how to remember your strength when people don’t support you.

Don’t back down from your dreams.
When you are feeling deserted you have to remember to not back down from pursing your dreams.  Remind yourself that you are destined for greatness and you will persevere with or without support from friends and family! In the end it will be you at the peak of the mountain and only you have to truly believe that you are capable of getting there! So, keep your head up beautiful and don’t back down!

Others can not relate to your journey.
The truth is that many people avoid getting out of their comfort zone due to fear.  And others may not have the desires you have, and that is o.k. We need to be respectful and understand that not everyone will understand your struggles or desires, because they may not have such lofty dreams.  Be patient and stay true to your path!

It’s not you, it’s them.
Sometimes when people don’t support you they may feel insecure around you.  They may feel you have changed, and they can’t relate to you anymore.  My potential client felt that her friends and family were jealous of her aspirations.  I told her that this may be the case, but I also feel that when people don’t support you it may be because you make them wonder about their existence.  They may have grand desires, but don’t pursue them because of fear.  Whatever it may be, it’s never about you and always about them!

You will find your new tribe.
One of the best things about pursuing your dreams is that you will find your new tribe!  In my book, that will be available next year, I have a whole chapter devoted to the amazing souls that have come into my life.  We are energy and you will find people with your energy, with your drive.  Be patient they will come!  I have been very blessed with my new support system.  It's my long distant friends from different parts of the world!  Who read my blog and who I hope to meet someday! And my new friends who understand the entrepreneurial struggle and that lift me up when I am down. You know who you are! We were destined to come together at this exact moment in time.  I am very grateful for their part in my journey!

My advice to you if you are feeling disappointed with the people that should support you but don’t is to find peace with it and accept it.  I believe that we all have an intention or purpose for each others lives.  The people that are no longer in journey were not supposed to be with you for ever!  They were intended to be in your life for a certain amount of time. Be grateful for their time in your life and let them go!  When you do this, you give room for your new tribe!  Don’t hold resentments, just let it be!  When I decided to give up expectations and believe in myself, I discovered my strength and I was free to conquer the world!  Until next time Believe. Change. Become!