Monday, June 27, 2016

It's Not What You Say!

“Genuine kindness does not have ulterior motives.”
-Zero Dean

Last week I was in a barbecue mingling with old friends who were inquiring about my business.  I told them how happy and excited I was about all the wonderful things that were happening to me.  I turned the same question to one friend, and she responded that she too, was going to pursue her passion of selling chicken eggs out on the street.  I started to laugh yet, the feeling or energy I was feeling was that she was making fun of what I do, which is to inspire individuals to identify their passion.  In trying to analyze her intention one could argue that she was just trying to be silly.  But in what I know about the power of intention, I felt that was not her purpose.   I also understand that I may have made her uncomfortable and could have had her questioning her existence.  When, I approach it in a positive light, it takes away from my feelings of being teased, to trying to understand her.  All in all, I have learned to let go and forgive people that hurt you. The truth is, it’s never about you and always about them!

Today let’s discuss how to avoid such situations with family, friends or clients.  Let’s remember that in business and life you will encounter many people that are seeking to feel valued.  To be a leader in your company or in your life you need to impact others by inspiring them to love and appreciate themselves.   I want to teach you that it’s never what you say, but always how you make others feel, or the power of intention.  Here are three tips to making sure that everyone you encounter feels appreciated and valued.

Accept where others are.
It is imperative that you understand that we all have different life experiences that makes us see the world with different eyes.  Also, it’s important that we understand that it’s OK to disagree with others, but it’s never OK to impose or make fun of someone else’s views.  We never change anybody that is not seeking change.  In my profession I have discovered that many individuals are not always ready for change even when they think they are.  So, what has worked for me is to give them time and let them seek me out when they are ready.  Learn to accept others and let go of any expectation that they should be doing things like you.

Focus on your intentions.
When you are interacting with others, understand your intentions.  Know your purpose.  Many people forget that we are energy beings.  It’s never about what you say to someone, but the energy that you are transpiring.  In my case, if I asked my friend her reasons for saying what she said, she would say to be funny.  Yet, the energy or feeling I received was that she was making fun of what I truly believe in.  Be clear of what you say and the energy you put out, because we speak without using our words.  Maya Angelou once said, “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” That is the truth!

Be courteous, concerned and considerate.
In business and life people need to feel that you care.  When you show them that you genuinely care about them, you will get to sell your product with less effort.  An example about this is to be focused on what they are saying and be present.  Another suggestion it to treat others with courtesy and respect.  When you treat others with courtesy and respect they will value you more.  If individuals understand that you honestly are concerned with their self being, they will trust you more.  Remember it has to genuine, so that people believe you!

To close I want you remind you to treat everyone you encounter with honor and respect.  Let’s make people feel important because they are!  Know the power of intention and understand what your real purpose is.  Which I hope is to make others feel great because you are GREAT!  See you next Monday and remember, to Believe. Change. Become!

Nancy J


  1. Haters gonna hate... Let them sell their eggs and you keep on keeping on =)

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