Monday, June 20, 2016

How Your Negative Mind Can Keep You Confined And What to Do About It!

"Imagine with all your mind.
Believe with all your heart.
Achieve with all your might."

I am super excited!  Next week, I have a very powerful “Make Your Dreams Come True,” workshop.  I love doing this workshop, but I have been having nightmares these last couple of days.  I dreamed that I am being called to come to the stage, but I am not ready!  I am missing my shoes, and as I start looking for them, I can’t seem to find a matching pair.  Finally, I find two shoes, that are not a pair but are the same color, they are bright yellow, one is a sandal and the other is a high heel!  I decide that the audience won’t notice, because they are the same color!  I wake up in a panic and try to analyze my dream!  I have concluded that the bright yellow color of the shoes promises my presentation to be bright and fun.  And the not being ready part are the negative thoughts in my head that is taking away from any positive energy that may be seeking me!  To remind you and myself about the power of positive and negative thoughts, let’s talk about the topic of, “attracting what you desire or believe should be yours.”  I want to help you understand that you, “don’t attract what you want, you attract what you believe!”  Here are five tips to getting what you want!

Know What You Desire
Step one, to attracting what you desire is to be ridiculous with your desires or dreams!  What I mean is to not limit yourself.  Dream big and make it bigger.  Do you desire a new job?  How about a job where you get to showcase what you are passionate about?  Don’t just settle for a, “new job,” go crazy big, and be specific.  Sometimes this task can be a difficult one because when we are young we are told to, “Stop dreaming,” “to get down from that cloud!”  Today I want to tell you it’s ok to dream, and even better if your dream seems out of reach!

Feel It
It is important to set a time a day to day dream.  Give yourself a few minutes a day!  Feel what it feels like to have a job or career that you are passionate about?  Are you looking forward to Monday’s like you look forward to Friday’s.  Are you waking yourself without an alarm clock?  Feel what it is like to live in a home that will rise to great you.  Feel what it’s like to be in a loving relationship with your family.  It is when we get in the, “feel stage,” that we activate positive energy for our desires.

Believe It Is Yours
I read somewhere that the universe is like a super store.  That everything you desire is waiting for you to go and get it.  The price you have to pay is the price of, “believing.”  Believe that if you desire something you were destined to have it.  Your desires were given to you for a reason.  Don’t be modest with your desires and, “believe,” you are worth it! 

Take Action and Be Grateful
One of the hardest things about teaching the power of believing, is that many people think that if they, “believe,” with all their might things will just appear.  And, yes somethings can appear effortlessly.  Yet, for the most part action has to be part of making dreams come true.  The way I describe this to my clients is by telling them that the universe is energy, and so are we.  When we put action or energy into our dreams, it matches the energy of the universe and it becomes more powerful. To believe is a step required to get what you desire, yet action gives fuel to goals and dreams.  Also, by practicing gratitude your energy frequency is more positive and you will attract more positive things to your life! 

Be Happy and Be Patient
Patience and happiness may seem like a contradictory, but you can make them work in harmony.  I have said before that patience is knowing without a doubt that what you are desiring will be yours.  Be patient enjoy where you are at this moment, be happy!  Believe that everything will come to you in the right moment.  If you do this anything and everything is possible!

In conclusion to attract what you desire, change your energy.  Believe that everything you desire will be yours take action, practice patience and always be grateful for what you have already!  Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!

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  1. Veronica GonzalesJune 21, 2016 at 11:43 PM

    This is such a powerful tool. Thank you for sharing.