Monday, May 2, 2016

Conquer Your Fears to Acquire Your Dreams!

"All your dreams can come true,
 if we have the courage to pursue them."
-Walt Disney

I have been asked to come to speak to a group of women on the topic of dreams and pursuing passion.  These are women that have forgotten about their dreams and may also have a hard time identifying their passion.  Yet, I am up for the challenge!  The reason is because I do believe that we are all born with dreams and passion, but then life happens!  Life asks us to be practical and reasonable.  Life asks us to conform to it not to challenge it!  I believe that it is in our nature to be passionate dreamers, but we should be dreamers with objectives.  I believe that it is our responsibility to recall what we were meant to do, how we were supposed to contribute to our world!  My passion is to help people come alive.  I do this by helping people identify their passion.  I was awaken from my slumber, when I remembered my reason for being here.  I became alive, when I rediscovered my dream of helping others with their dreams.

It sounds like an easy job right?   I have discovered that many would agree that following your passion and making your dreams come true is important, but not everyone is up to the challenge.  Why not?  The reason is that life happens.  Reality like kids, bills, jobs, and other responsibilities get in the way.  But what if I told you that following your dreams and living your passion is actually good for your health!  Why not try?  Why not recall why you are here?  Today we will discuss the four reasons why you should be a dreamer.

Your dreams make you unique.
In one of my talks I tell my audience that my dreams were given to me to accomplish them.  I also ask my audience, “Who has a dreams of being an inspirational speaker?” maybe one or two hands go up.  I remind my audience that we were not all given the same dream.   Even if it sounds like the same dream we all will do it differently because there are no two souls that are the same.  You are unique!  You have your own thumbprint.  You have to discover what you love to do, “what you are passionate about.”  So that you can uncover your uniqueness. 

Dreams will encourage action.
When you give your dreams a chance you discover that action is needed. Your dreams will make you move!  A dream without a plan will stay a dream.  Set goals for your dreams.  Make a habit to devote an hour a day to your dreams.  Your goals will direct you to your dreams.  Your goals will ensure that you give your dreams a chance.  You are going to need a plan a road map and most importantly the courage to persevere with your dreams.  Remember, every action takes you closer to your dreams.  Keep on moving!

You will practice courage.
When decide to follow your dreams you discover your strength!  To be have dreams is not for the weak of heart.  You will stumble, you will fall and you will get up again.  Dreamers know that when fear overtakes them, they don’t stop.  They keep going!  You will also discover the incredible things you are able to accomplish.  You will see how many negative situations you will plow yourself through.  And that my friends will develop your strength and courage!

You become the light for others.
What makes me come alive is inspiring others to follow their dreams.  When you pursue your dreams you give the permission for others to do the same.  When you decide to not settle, not give in, you discover that your true essence.   We need you to inspire us to be dreamers.  When you succeed you let others know that anything is possible.  So, become the light to others, point others to their destiny!

Every day that I wake up I am grateful for my life.  I am full of joy!  I am in admiration where my dreams have taken me.  I am optimistic and very happy with what my future holds for me.  I desire this for you!  I want you to someday say that you lived your dreams and not your fears.  I want you to be the light for others.  I want you to believe that your desires were given to you to be accomplished!  What are you dreams?  Ignore your fears and go after them!  Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.


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  1. Yes ! you are right ! we must conquer our fears and embrace them. Because we have to start to be great. :)