Monday, April 11, 2016

Why I Am Not a Chef

"If you don't build your dreams, 
someone else will hire you to build theirs."

I woke up today wondering about my dreams, and why I was not born desiring being a chef, dancer or computer programmer.  I came to the realization that maybe my dreams were given to me so that I may accomplish them, because I was given talent and ability to make them come true!   I don’t desire to be a computer programmer or chef, because that was not the gift I got from God.  The same observation goes for you!  Unfortunately, many of you never really understand or believe that this is so, because you think your dreams sound so far-fetched, so unrealistic.  Many of you think that your dreams are silly or even crazy and that you could never make a business out of them or simply pursue them.  You keep them hidden because you think others will judge you or make fun of you.  I believe that the bigger the dream the better.  I believe that the more outrageous the more you should seek it!  My dream is to be a dream enabler.  I want to be known for empowering individuals to come alive, by realizing their dreams and desires.  I want to give hope to individuals to always take a leap of faith when they are pursuing their dreams.  Today let’s talk about four reasons you should follow your dreams that can result in your dream job.

You call the shots in your life.
When you decide to follow your dreams of becoming your own boss, you discover that you take charge of your life.  You call your own shots!  In your dream job there are no managers or regulations because you are it!  There is this sense of freedom that comes with that.  You are free to express yourself and in doing this you discover things about yourself you never knew you had in you.  I am always amazed how I stumble on certain strengths that I never knew I had.  I love that I plan my day in a way that always brings me joy!

You develop a new sense of responsibility and accountability.
When you become your own boss you will realize that you have to be more hands on your dream job.  You discover that you may have to budget a bit fiercely.  You will learn how to follow up.  You will take personal pride in making sure that your product is representative of you.  In any job that you have there is a sense of responsibility that is demanded of you.  When you are representing your company, it is never demanded, you are happy to show commitment and responsibility to your cause.

You will become an innovator.
When you decide to pursue your passion you may have to quit your job.  I always say that if you have the emotional and financial support to do it, go for it.  But if you don’t, do a little at a time.  When you pursue your passion, you quickly realize that you become an innovator.  In my case, I had to find ways to budget and making do with what I had.  You may need to do the same.  My desire to be successful in what I do is so great, that at times I am surprised how many people have come out of nowhere to support me in my dreams.  This is how I am reminded that I am in the right path.
Success will come in due time.

Patience is the KEY!
The problem many people have with following their dreams is that they expect instant results.  The truth is that you won’t be successful overnight, but that night will come is you stay up for it!  I am always reminded of my success when I wake up each morning, and do the work I love.  I am successful, because I call my own shots!  I come alive when I see others pursue their passion.  To be successful requires patience and dedication, but while you wait stay optimistic and believe that your dreams and goals were given to you so that they are accomplished!

In conclusion, you will make your dream come true when you believe that your dream was given to you and only YOU to accomplish it!  What you desire is your special thumb print.  It's what makes you unique, it's what makes you special.  Don't forget that you have the ability and intelligence to make it into a business if you desire it.  You also need to understand that it won’t be easy, but if you stick it out it will be worth it!  As a dream enabler, I believe in you and you should too!  Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.


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