Monday, April 18, 2016

How Your Belief System Shapes Your Relationships

"Surround yourself with people 
that are going to lift your higher!"

Every week, I get an opportunity to attend a couple of wonderful networking events.  I have learned to appreciate them more, but I have to admit that it was not my favorite thing to do, at first.  My reason for feeling this way was that I have always felt that some of the interactions you had with others were very rehearsed, and very one sided. I felt that we all had an agenda and the agenda was to sell.   I also believed that these interactions were not truly sincere.  But I have concluded that your interactions are dependent on your belief system, and you attract what you believe.   When I shifted my belief system into a more positive approach, I discovered that I attracted more true, honest entrepreneurs, that were not only looking for my business, but also cared about their clients, or customers.  When I became the type of entrepreneur I wanted to attract, they found me!  Yes, there are still some that only care about selling, and not necessarily their customers, but those don’t come very often!  My topic for today is on belief and how what you believe is true, you will attract.  We will talk about how you are more powerful than you think and, I will give you three tips to attracting the right people not only for your business, friendships, but also lovers.  The rules apply the same to all three!

Be clear on who you are and who you want in your life and your business.
Who are you?  What are your values?  When you can answer these questions without hesitation, you will discover that you can now dictate who you want into your life.  So many times our desires may be aligned with what is expected of us. Are you a person that beliefs that respect and integrity are your most important core beliefs?  In my case, I value commitment and integrity.  If I say I will do something rain or shine, I will show up.  How about in love?  What do you value?  In my case, I honor respect, commitment, and again integrity.  See how my core values stay the same?  If these core beliefs are not evident in all my relationship, I walk away. Can you say the same for yourself?

Be specific with your ideal relationships.
When I decided that my ideal business clients needed to reflect my values.  It was not hard for me to find them in my life.  I discovered that the energy of commitment and dedication that I was transpiring to the world, pulled the same type of people to my life.  As, I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the net working world, I discovered that I called people that had my same standards into my life.  Look around you.  Are you happy with the people that you have called to your romantic, friendship and business relationships?  Remember these people in your life in some way reflect who you are.  Family, we no control who we got, but you can limit your interactions if they are not contributing to your well-being!

Let your positive energy attract more positive energy!
As, I shifted my view of networking into a more positive view I attracted the right people to my business and to my life.  When you decide to focus on the positive you create more positivity.  Many of you have heard my moving into a ranch story, and how remodeling my home was such chaos.  Well, in the beginning all I would see what was wrong with the house.  I would see everything that needed to be fixed, and this created more fear and anxiety.  Which resulted in more things requiring to fixed.  Finally, when I decided to focus on all the wonderful things my home had, when I focused more on the positive, things did not break as much, and I was happier.  In your case, only think that you will attract people like you, with your morals, and your values!  But when someone filters in that does not reflect who you are, also remember that they are here to teach you something valuable.  Stay, positive and be open to the possibility that you can influence someone to see the world through your eyes!
To recap, to attract the right people in your business, love and relationships you need to be the change you are seeking to see or be what you are desiring to attract.  It starts with knowing who you truly are and what your desire are.  Focus on your values, discover what your core beliefs are.  This will also require some positivity and flexibility.  Stay true to who you are and never compromise who you want to be!  Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!


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