Monday, February 22, 2016

You Pursued Your Passion, Now What?

"I create. Take risks. Live my passion. I am an entrepreneur."
-Author Unknown
Last week I attended a meeting for new entrepreneurs. I saw passion, drive, but I also felt the fears and doubts that many had about their business. As I mingled around the room, I had wonderful conversations with extremely intelligent individuals, yet when I asked if they ever had any doubts about their business some not all replied, “Every day.” This made me think about the fears I had, when I decided to pursue my passion of Personal Developing Coaching.  Today I want to talk about how to silence your inner doubts and fears when starting a new business. Know that you are not alone, everyone who has followed their passion (which may result pursuing your own business) has had these doubts.
Many people don’t follow their passion that could result in their own business, because they don’t know where to start.  They don’t believe they are good enough. They think they will fail because they won’t find any customers. These are legitimate reasons why you may be on the fence about pursuing your passion. Yet, I want to remind you that you are not alone. We have all felt that way!  I also want to assure you that if you believe in your passion it will change the way you view yourself. When you pursue your passion and believe that what you have to offer is of value to the world, the universe gets out of your way! Let’s look at these legitimate doubts and fears more closely and let’s talk about how to silence them!

You discovered your passion and now what?
One way to figure out what comes next is to find a role model for yourself. What I did, was zero in on who I aspired to be like. Having a good mentors can become your role models. Do your research. Find out how they started! Reach out ask for advice or information. Take that step! You will be surprise how many people are willing to help you and support you in your journey.

I don’t think I have what it takes!
I have been there! I have self-doubted what I have to offer. The fear of not being good enough can derail what you have to offer. Just like me, you may feel like your offer isn’t competitive. Remember that your beginning will not be perfect but your product or services will get better. The key is to be confident and to believe in yourself, believe in your passion! What has helped me get rid of the silly idea that I don’t have what it takes, is that I believe in my passion. I understand that it’s my purpose, I see the value I bring to individuals. Can you say that about your passion?

I now I am going to fail!
Now if your attitude is that you are going to fail, most likely will fail! Yes taking that risk of faith to follow your passion will bring obstacles, but you can actually succeed if you believe in yourself. The key hear is to, “BELIEVE,” first and put the work so that you may persevere next!

Who are my customers?
This is the more rational fear. “Patience,” is the key to answering this question. Most new businesses won’t have people in a buying frenzy at first, but they will come. You just have to be patient! The way your customers come is by your hard work, diligence, delivery to a quality product. You customers will come because you invest your time refining your product. Within time you will even see yourself with more business than you can handle.
Following your passion may result in pursuing your own business and this is not for the weak of heart.   Actually, it requires a very strong heart, and YOU have it! Don’t forget your progress may be halted because of inner doubts and fears. Address them as they come, and don’t let your passion be at stake because of these doubts or fears. Believe you are capable, and don’t ever compare your beginning to someone’s ending! Be proud that you have pursued your passion and go after it like your life depended on it! Until next time, Believe in yourself more than your fears, Change those doubts for success stories to Become who you were intended to be!




  1. Thanks Nancy! I needed the reminders about passion and patience tonight. I also needed the boost of confidence to keep pursuing my passion, even though I have been struggling with doubts again recently.

    1. Diana, it's not easy to stay on the path to your passion, but you must never give up on your life's purpose. When fears appear and doubts appear, acknowledge them and send them on their way. We are anxiously waiting for your gift, for your passion!