Monday, February 29, 2016

What Type of Mind Do You Have?

"Before you can master your business or your life,
you must first change your MINDSET!"
-Debi Auger

I reconnected with a long lost friend this weekend at a baby shower. I had not seen her in a few years. We started talking about our lives and she was surprised with all the changes in my life. She asked me I how knew that personal development was my true path, and how did I know I could be successful at it? I told her that something inside of us always knows. I also told her that we needed to shift our mindset from an, I can’t to an I can, and I will attitude! I then texted her a post that I discovered on the web which she loved on having a WEALTH Mindset.
Today I want you to reflect on your WEALTH Mindset, and how it can catapult your dreams and desires! Here are the five steps to having a Wealth Mindset!
Write down what you want.
First step is to write down what you want. This is a very important step because it will make you clarify exactly what want. Don’t be shy about! Write it down! If you are desiring to be a dancer, cook, or author, it’s because you are destined to accomplish that dream! You would not be desiring this if there was not a possibility you would or could ever achieving it. When I explained this to my friend, I told her the same thing, and she agreed by saying that my dreams and goals of being an Inspirational Speaker and Coach, would never be her desires!
Envision your future.
I do this all the time, but also remind myself to stay present and enjoy the journey. I love to see what I will become in ten years. I am excited to meet that woman, but I am very much enjoying who I am right now. In my future I only expect wonderful things. I want you to only have positive results for yourself. Only see joy and fulfillment in your future!  
Affirm your desires.
Affirm that what you are seeking because it is also seeking you. Affirm that you deserve that dream. When you affirm something there is a sense of conviction, a sense that no matter how long it takes, how hard it gets, you will still pursue your dreams and desires. Tell yourself that there is no backing down, no giving in. You will not stop until you make those desires come alive!
Listen to your inner voice.
I have learned to silence myself so that that inner voice can come out. Not until I was able to do this, I also realized that, it’s the REAL voice. It’s your true voice! Listen attentively, because it knows more about your dreams and goals than you do! This voice will remind you of your strength, and what you are destined to become. I use to neglect this voice and would let the chatter and noise of the world dictate my next move, but I no longer seek that noise. Today I only seek silence to be able to hear my true voice.
Take action and transform.
Dreams and desires are never accomplished without work, dedication and commitment. When you take action you are reminding God, your source, your higher power or the universe that you are also working for your desires. That you are not going to live out of, “hope,” but action. When you put action into your dreams,  your commitment and dedication shows. It is also a reminder that you are deserving of everything that you have coming to you.  As I take charge and pursue my desires, I realized that I am truly loving the woman I am becoming. I have developed more confidence and patience with myself and love it!  You need to discover this for yourself!
Hold the vision.
To have a WEALTH mindset you have to be patient and hold the VISION. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight! Enjoy the journey and savor every moment! There will be falls and stumbles to preparing you for your becoming. Things may not always work out the way you expected as you pursue your dreams, but believe me in the end everything works out!
Did I convinced you that you have what it takes to have a WEALTH mindset? I believe in you! You need to believe in yourself, so that your life’s desires come alive. Until next time, BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME!


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