Monday, February 29, 2016

What Type of Mind Do You Have?

"Before you can master your business or your life,
you must first change your MINDSET!"
-Debi Auger

I reconnected with a long lost friend this weekend at a baby shower. I had not seen her in a few years. We started talking about our lives and she was surprised with all the changes in my life. She asked me I how knew that personal development was my true path, and how did I know I could be successful at it? I told her that something inside of us always knows. I also told her that we needed to shift our mindset from an, I can’t to an I can, and I will attitude! I then texted her a post that I discovered on the web which she loved on having a WEALTH Mindset.
Today I want you to reflect on your WEALTH Mindset, and how it can catapult your dreams and desires! Here are the five steps to having a Wealth Mindset!
Write down what you want.
First step is to write down what you want. This is a very important step because it will make you clarify exactly what want. Don’t be shy about! Write it down! If you are desiring to be a dancer, cook, or author, it’s because you are destined to accomplish that dream! You would not be desiring this if there was not a possibility you would or could ever achieving it. When I explained this to my friend, I told her the same thing, and she agreed by saying that my dreams and goals of being an Inspirational Speaker and Coach, would never be her desires!
Envision your future.
I do this all the time, but also remind myself to stay present and enjoy the journey. I love to see what I will become in ten years. I am excited to meet that woman, but I am very much enjoying who I am right now. In my future I only expect wonderful things. I want you to only have positive results for yourself. Only see joy and fulfillment in your future!  
Affirm your desires.
Affirm that what you are seeking because it is also seeking you. Affirm that you deserve that dream. When you affirm something there is a sense of conviction, a sense that no matter how long it takes, how hard it gets, you will still pursue your dreams and desires. Tell yourself that there is no backing down, no giving in. You will not stop until you make those desires come alive!
Listen to your inner voice.
I have learned to silence myself so that that inner voice can come out. Not until I was able to do this, I also realized that, it’s the REAL voice. It’s your true voice! Listen attentively, because it knows more about your dreams and goals than you do! This voice will remind you of your strength, and what you are destined to become. I use to neglect this voice and would let the chatter and noise of the world dictate my next move, but I no longer seek that noise. Today I only seek silence to be able to hear my true voice.
Take action and transform.
Dreams and desires are never accomplished without work, dedication and commitment. When you take action you are reminding God, your source, your higher power or the universe that you are also working for your desires. That you are not going to live out of, “hope,” but action. When you put action into your dreams,  your commitment and dedication shows. It is also a reminder that you are deserving of everything that you have coming to you.  As I take charge and pursue my desires, I realized that I am truly loving the woman I am becoming. I have developed more confidence and patience with myself and love it!  You need to discover this for yourself!
Hold the vision.
To have a WEALTH mindset you have to be patient and hold the VISION. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight! Enjoy the journey and savor every moment! There will be falls and stumbles to preparing you for your becoming. Things may not always work out the way you expected as you pursue your dreams, but believe me in the end everything works out!
Did I convinced you that you have what it takes to have a WEALTH mindset? I believe in you! You need to believe in yourself, so that your life’s desires come alive. Until next time, BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME!


Monday, February 22, 2016

You Pursued Your Passion, Now What?

"I create. Take risks. Live my passion. I am an entrepreneur."
-Author Unknown
Last week I attended a meeting for new entrepreneurs. I saw passion, drive, but I also felt the fears and doubts that many had about their business. As I mingled around the room, I had wonderful conversations with extremely intelligent individuals, yet when I asked if they ever had any doubts about their business some not all replied, “Every day.” This made me think about the fears I had, when I decided to pursue my passion of Personal Developing Coaching.  Today I want to talk about how to silence your inner doubts and fears when starting a new business. Know that you are not alone, everyone who has followed their passion (which may result pursuing your own business) has had these doubts.
Many people don’t follow their passion that could result in their own business, because they don’t know where to start.  They don’t believe they are good enough. They think they will fail because they won’t find any customers. These are legitimate reasons why you may be on the fence about pursuing your passion. Yet, I want to remind you that you are not alone. We have all felt that way!  I also want to assure you that if you believe in your passion it will change the way you view yourself. When you pursue your passion and believe that what you have to offer is of value to the world, the universe gets out of your way! Let’s look at these legitimate doubts and fears more closely and let’s talk about how to silence them!

You discovered your passion and now what?
One way to figure out what comes next is to find a role model for yourself. What I did, was zero in on who I aspired to be like. Having a good mentors can become your role models. Do your research. Find out how they started! Reach out ask for advice or information. Take that step! You will be surprise how many people are willing to help you and support you in your journey.

I don’t think I have what it takes!
I have been there! I have self-doubted what I have to offer. The fear of not being good enough can derail what you have to offer. Just like me, you may feel like your offer isn’t competitive. Remember that your beginning will not be perfect but your product or services will get better. The key is to be confident and to believe in yourself, believe in your passion! What has helped me get rid of the silly idea that I don’t have what it takes, is that I believe in my passion. I understand that it’s my purpose, I see the value I bring to individuals. Can you say that about your passion?

I now I am going to fail!
Now if your attitude is that you are going to fail, most likely will fail! Yes taking that risk of faith to follow your passion will bring obstacles, but you can actually succeed if you believe in yourself. The key hear is to, “BELIEVE,” first and put the work so that you may persevere next!

Who are my customers?
This is the more rational fear. “Patience,” is the key to answering this question. Most new businesses won’t have people in a buying frenzy at first, but they will come. You just have to be patient! The way your customers come is by your hard work, diligence, delivery to a quality product. You customers will come because you invest your time refining your product. Within time you will even see yourself with more business than you can handle.
Following your passion may result in pursuing your own business and this is not for the weak of heart.   Actually, it requires a very strong heart, and YOU have it! Don’t forget your progress may be halted because of inner doubts and fears. Address them as they come, and don’t let your passion be at stake because of these doubts or fears. Believe you are capable, and don’t ever compare your beginning to someone’s ending! Be proud that you have pursued your passion and go after it like your life depended on it! Until next time, Believe in yourself more than your fears, Change those doubts for success stories to Become who you were intended to be!



Monday, February 8, 2016

Failure The Gift in Disguise

"Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success."
Many people don’t follow their passion, don’t fulfill their dreams because they are afraid of failure.  Failure is part of life it teaches you about survival and it reinvents yourself.  Failure and success go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other! Take Thomas Edison as an example, he tried over 9,000 designs before he created the working light bulb. When he was asked by a reporter how he felt after having failed 9,000 times. Edison replied, “I did not fail, I just learned 9,000 ways not to make the light bulb." What have you failed at? What did it teach you? Let’s talk about failure and how to approach it with open arms.
Failure redirects our efforts in a different direction. Think about the times you have failed in your life. A series of failures can lead us to open our minds into new knowledge or information if you are willing to learn the lesson! Think of failure as the lesson and you as the student. If you learn the lesson you don’t have to repeat the lesson. With a lesson learned you will be willing to try new things to get to your destination. Here are some suggestions on how to embrace failure.
Don’t Fear Failure Learn From It
As I already mentioned, many people don’t pursue their passions because of fear of failure. I was guilty of that for many years. I worried about all the things that could go wrong and some of them did! I talked myself out of my dreams many times. I wished someone would have told me that I would fail in my attempts to pursuing my dreams, but I would also LEARN from my mistakes. If I had truly confronted my fears I would have had so many lessons learned by now! I laugh now, but a few years ago the idea of living only on my husband’s income until my business got up and running, truly scared me. I made mistakes in managing my finances in the beginning, but quickly learned how to budget after our electricity got cut because I had neglected to budget!  Yup, the lesson was taught and I decided that I was going to learn the lesson quickly so that I did not have to repeat it! Yes, you will fail but you will also learn and that my friend is priceless!

There is Always a Second Chance
You can’t fail until you stop trying. One thing I really want you to remember about failure is that is not final there is always a second chance, but only if you decide to make it so! When I started pursuing my new career in Personal Development, I would have people tell me, “Well if it does not work out, you can always come back to teaching.” This really made me upset because I felt they were projecting who they were on me. They did know who I really was! If they did they would know that I was not going to give up! I had to remind some of those nonbelievers that, “I did not come this far, to only come this far!” I told them that,” I knew I would continue to fail, but that I would also continue to grow and when we are growing we are growing up never down!” It took a while for some people to stop projecting their fears on me, but eventually they did. It’s going to be up to you to decide if you want to take that second chance or not. I say never back down on your dreams, never give in.  You have what it takes to give it 9000 chances just like Edison.

What Failures Teaches us
One of the gifts of failure is that it highlights our values. It has helped me identified what is important in my life now. I have discovered that even as I fail and stumble with my business I will not give up on it. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur but I have discovered my mission and that makes it worth it. What I value the most now is empowering individuals just like me to embrace failure so that they can pursue their passion. Failure has taught me that I am strong and that I can take anything that comes my way. Failure will teach you what you are made of when you get up and not give in. Have the courage to fight for your dreams, but most importantly have the courage to embrace failure because it will build your character!

I hope I have convinced you that to embrace failure is to be on your path to success! If you are not failing you are not living and if you are not living why are you here? Until next time, Believe that your passion is your reason for being here, Change those fear thoughts to Become your greatest self!



Monday, February 1, 2016

Can You Build People Up, Can You Be a Mentor?

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see hope inside yourself.”
Oprah Winfrey
I am very blessed to have wonderful mentors in my life. I believe that a mentor can be anybody that wants you to succeed. They have wonderful words of encouragement. They are people that have come out of nowhere to help and support you! They truly are blessings from above!  Some of my mentors I have known for a very long time, and some I have never met. If you are reading this you know who you are! One more time, I thank you. As I reflect on these wonderful souls that are sent our way to continue to push us with their love. I want you to reflect on the angels in your life. Who are you grateful for? What have these kind, caring spirits done for you? Every time I think of these gentle souls, I am reminded that you are never alone, and that help is always on the way when you need it!
On your path to your greatness you need to remember that you are never alone. Believe that there are many wonderful people that are ready to support and help you up when you are down! You need these people, and they need you too. These cheerleaders in your life, your mentors, teachers and coaches want to be used. They love to be of service! They love to remind you of your natural talents, they are ready to push you to your greatness! These people could be friends, family members or people you have not met. You need to learn from someone who has walked the walk, so you could avoid unnecessary stumbles.  Here are some suggestions to finding great mentors.
Mentors Will Build Your Confidence
When I decided to follow my true path to follow my passion, I was afraid, uncertain about what I was doing. I felt that I was put on a dark forest with no light, no direction. Until, I met my first mentor Gary. He took me under his wing and gave me confidence. He believed in me when I didn't believe in my self. Mentors like Gary, are essential to your personal growth in your business and with your self esteem. They encourage with their words and build your confidence. They have lived your struggle, they can identify with you. Every time I meet with Gary, he is my biggest cheerleader. He is truly happy for my accomplishments, and builds me up when I am in doubt. He was put on my path to bring more light, to show me the way. Your mentors should light your path, they should lead the way. As they do this not only do the support and guide you, this also brings value to their existence.
Learn From Someone Who Has Been There
Learn from a mentor that has already been there, knows your struggle and can direct you in the right path. Ideally you need to find one mentor that is on your same journey, and has discovered success. Learn from individuals that have already arrived to your desired destination. They will tell you about their mistakes, struggles to help you avoid them.  Their experience is an invaluable tool. But don’t discard people in your life that could be your cheerleaders. Even if not all my mentors are in self-development, they know the struggles of starting their own business. My mentor Jorge, is in a different business than I am, but understands what it will take to continue to build my business. What I truly appreciate about him, is that he believes in me. You need people that simply believe in you!

Mentors Are Resources for Life
I believe in showing appreciation and giving credit to people that never give up on you! These people become part of your family they become your resource for life. Even when you, “make it,” there will never be a point when you don’t need them anymore. I just connected with a lost friend, who I feel will be my mentor for life. Olga, has pointed out all the work I still need to do for my business, but has also demonstrated her belief in me. Reconnecting with her and making her my mentor gives me sense that all will end well, and that is the feeling you should get from your mentors.
In conclusion, appreciate the people that support, encourage, and teach you. Mentors are everywhere! Know how to find them and go after them. Again, some of my readers have become my mentors. Their words of encouragement have empowered me to keep on blogging! You know who you are! You too have mentored me! We need each other to lift each other when we are down, and encourage one another to go the distance. Be someone’s mentor by being their cheerleader. Search for a mentor that will push you to your greatness! Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!