Monday, December 14, 2015

You Need Change for The Adventure of Your Life

"We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are."
-Max De Pree

I have a seven year old daughter name Miranda, who will be turning eight next month. Last week I told her that we needed to start to focus on her birthday celebration. It has become a tradition that right after the holidays, we have a big birthday party with fifty plus guest. It’s a very elaborate celebration. For the last seven years the theme for her birthday parties have been Disney Princesses. It’s a great time with family and friends, something that we all looked forward to every year after the holidays! But this year the tradition will end because she asked if she could have a spa birthday party with her best friends instead. I tried to convince her to not change the tradition, but I quickly realized that I was fearing change. I wanted for my little girl to still want Disney Princess theme parties, but she is growing up. She is seeking change and change is inevitable. I was surprised at my resistance to her growing up. Me, someone who advocates change and who understands that we must seek change if we want to grow. But I understood fear appeared in my heart because change and fear go hand in hand! I was reminded that it was understandable to fear change but was also reminded to embrace it and not fight it.

As I mentioned before change is inevitable and can be scary. Want it or not change is coming. Today I want to talk about the necessary change for a better you. Change for a Daring Adventure! What changes will you embark on this New Year? What changes are you struggling with? Here are three things you should consider when seeking change.

Seek change when you are seeking self-improvements.
Are you doing something that is compromising you true potential? There is true awesomeness in you and you need to discover it! Are you seeking to move up in your career? Are you seeking a different career? Do you want to get healthier? Then you must seek change. In some cases such as these change is a whisper it does not barge through the door and tells you it’s time to do go. Change will not happen because you need it. Change will happen when you go after it!  Change should not only be sought after but it should be a requirement in these situations! Yes, change can be uncomfortable, because we are creatures of habit. But you have to be ok with being uncomfortable to be the person you were destined to be!

Change for a better life.
Are you happy, I mean HAPPY not just content with your relationship with your children, partner or family? If you said yes! Skip this section. If not then you must seek change. I believe that in the area of personal relationships you should never be content. In these areas you should seek happiness. The trick to being happy with your relationships is to be the change. Remember, a couple of weeks ago I talked about being the change you want to see. Well you must apply that same principle here. Don’t seek to change others seek to change yourself.

Change for new beginnings.
Change is inevitable. You don’t need to seek change all the time because it will find you, and this is not a bad thing. Again, I know it’s scary but at the end you will see it was necessary for that new begging. In my case my little girl is growing up. She is calling the shots about what she wants for her life. This is her new beginning and mine. I have to embrace who she is becoming and continue to support her in her growth. There is something positive to that will develop from that new beginning, sometimes you see it right away other times it slowly appears. Change is opening doors to more wonderful things if you decide to open that door graciously.

Embrace change don’t fear it for a daring adventure. When you do, you will see that change is here to push you to other wonderful things for your life. Change is here to show you what you are made of. Change is here to remind you that there is more for you than you ever imagined. Until next Monday!

Believe. Change. Become,

Nancy Salmeron

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