Monday, November 30, 2015

Be The Change YOU Want To See in Your World!

When you stop trying to change others
 and work on changing yourself,
your world changes for the better.
There is a saying that goes, “You can choose your friends, but not your family.” This time of year it is important that you try to make your family your, “friends,” so that it can be,” The most wonderful time of the year!” Today I want to talk about the power you have to be the change how you view others.  I also want to discuss how the power and control you may impose in others, causes conflict and hurt in ourselves and others and why it’s important that we let this go!
As you may know we celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday in the United States. I adore being with my family now, but many years back this time of year was very stressful for me. I had a tough time dealing with drama, I wanted to be the fixer of every ones problems.  I thought I knew what was best for everyone! I made suggestions where I was not asked to give one. I was critical of some of some of my family member’s lives, because I felt I knew what was best for them. Fortunately, I came to my senses and discovered that change is within and I could not impose change of anybody but myself. Thanks to this epiphany I can now enjoy this wonderful time of the year, despite the drama that is part of having a family!

When you find yourself with people you wish you could change here are three suggestions for you, so that you can find peace in your heart.
1.       Realize that the only person you can change is yourself.
2.       Accept the person for who they are and where they are.
3.       Understand that everyone has a journey to take.
Realize that the only person you can change is yourself.
Yes! It’s the cliché! But it is true. We can’t change anybody that is not seeking that change. As a Personal Development Coach I understand this one hundred percent. I have neglected to work with people in the element of change, when I see that they are not fully committed to truly changing. I can’t make anybody change who is not ready for change. What makes you think you can impose change by nagging or complaining? Change starts with YOU! If you don’t approve of someone’s behavior or life you have the power to not be part of their lives. During the holiday’s you can be kind and respectful around them, but limit your interactions if they don’t contribute to your well-being. You may not have power over their world, but you definitely can change and control your world


Accept the person for who they are and where they are.

Wanting to change someone is about power and control. Accept that every person is where they need to be. Accept that your priorities may not match theirs, and let go of that control! Don’t forget that you can never change anybody from an outsider view because change happens within. For some of us life is harder than it should be because we have not learned the lesson. They have made choices in their lives that should teach them something, but the teacher will appear when the student is ready to learn.  So, understand that those people that are in your life that you wish to change will eventually get there. If they have not learned the lesson they will have to repeat it in due time. As an outsider all you can do is offer your support and give your suggestions if they are asking for them. Always wish them well and never judge who they are or where they are!
Understand that everyone has a journey to take. 
It is imperative to understand that we all have a journey to accomplish. For some of us that journey is less painful because we have remembered our spirit. Others have forgotten who they are, thus the struggles in our lives. When dealing with people who you want to change, realize that their journey is not yours. Realize, that life is not supposed to be easy but if you play it well it will be worth it. When you understand that their journey is different than yours, you won’t want to impose your views. As, a mother I understand that I have to educate my children to be loving, caring, respectful adults, but I have to understand that their journey will not be like mine. I have to hope for the best and let them stumble and fall. I know I will be there when they seek my help, but always remember that it’s their journey. See the journey in those loved ones you wish to change, and be there when they seek for you!
So what is it going to be? To seek control or to let it go? My wish for you this holiday season is for you to find peace and joy, and peace and joy starts with in. Be the change you want to see so that your world may change. Influence others by your actions. Understand that everyone has a journey show your love and support, but never impose your views on others. Until next Monday!
Believe. Change. Become,
Nancy Salmeron


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Show Gratitude for Those Who Have Lighted Your Path


“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”
-Albert Schweitzer

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. I believe Thanksgiving should be more than turkey and pumpkin pie! It should be a day filled with reflection and gratitude for the people who have lighted your path in the difficult times of your life. Look around you who has been there for you unconditionally? Who are you truly grateful for? Show your gratitude not only today, but for the days to follow! Count your blessings because many people around the world are not so lucky. Remember, only in letting your light shine will you give permission for others to do the same, and our world needs to conquer the darkness where fear looms. So light your candle bright not only tomorrow but every day of your life. Sending my love and blessings to you this Thanksgiving Day and every day!


Believe. Change. Become,

Nancy Salmeron

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Risk it All, To be it All!

In order to get the life of your dreams you have to risk giving up the known for the unknown. It's ok to risk it all because it's a win, win. Even if you lose you win because you will discover your true strength. So go for it! Risk it all, to be it all:)

Believe. Change. Become,

Nancy Salmeron

Monday, November 23, 2015

Develop Your Courage by Falling Forward!


"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

-Victor Kiam

It is my mission to encourage you to follow your passion. I know personally how fear can stop you from living your dreams, but I also know that it is necessary for you to go after your dreams because they are part of your life’s purpose! It is going to take courage and falling forward to follow your passion, but I promise you it will be worth it! 
Being and doing what I am doing today was not done in the absence of fear. It was not easy to leave a comfortable life style as an educator to pursue my Personal Development Coaching Business. My ego tried to convince me many times that I should continue on the well-known path. That there was nothing wrong with my life. That I was stupid for giving up a modest secure income, for something that had no real guaranties. Yes, there where sleepless nights conquered by fear of the, “what if’s.” I had no idea what it took to run a coaching business or how much work was required, but if I was going to tell my students to live their passion and I was not doing that for myself I was being a hypocrite. So I decided to take the plunge all at once and sink or swim! Like I said it is not easy, but something inside of me has always found my true strength!
Today I want to focus on courage and how courage can conquer your fears if you can answer these three questions.
1.      What are the fear(s) that are stopping you from pursuing your passion?

2.      What is the worst that could happen?

3.      Can you handle it?

What are the fear(s) that are stopping you from pursuing your passion?  
For me it was going into an unknown territory, the uncertainty and the belief that I was not good enough to do this. I know that we can’t control what happens in our lives, but I truly had it all planned out in my passed life as an educator. I knew what curriculum I had to teach, how my students would learn it all because it was given to me. In many instances I felt like a robot, but knowing what to expect in staff developments every year was security. That felt good! My other fear was that I would not be good at coaching people about life. Even though I had been told by my friends and family that, “personal advising was my thing!” Never in a million years did I think that I could make a living out of it. You see Personal Development Coaching was too enjoyable for me. I thought you had to get paid for your time not your services. What is stopping you? What fears roam your mind? You have it in you to go after what you are passionate about. You have that special talent because you have to share it with the world. Don’t lose faith and get started. You will be glad you did, I promise.

What is the worst that could happen? 
Anything that is worthwhile requires some risk! In my mind the worst that could happen when I pursued my passion was that I would fail. That was scary! It was scary until I heard the Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. If you have not heard this recording you should look him up. Earl Nightingale reminded me that I was falling if I was not doing what I was passionate about, also that one fails if we I stop pursuing our dreams. So in essence if I failed once, and went back to something that was not my passion. I had failed twice by default.  My worst thing would be to fail many times, but I concluded that would get up and try it one hundred times more. I believe it’s important to understand that you will fall, you will stumble, but you will continue to succeed if you keep on falling forward, and keep on moving!

You can handle it!
Do you know how amazing you are? Look at your life. How have you handled setbacks? If you are reading this you have survived many trials and tribulations and there you stand. Don’t doubt the power of your soul. To go after your passion will develop the courage and strength you will need to get there. Fight and believe in your life’s purpose! Never doubt that you have what it takes to go after your dreams, because if you didn’t you would not have those desires.  It will not be easy, you will fail many times, but you will also fail everyday if you are not doing what you love. So keep your head up, follow your passion and persevere you hear!

Remember when you go after your passion you will learn how strong and courageous you will become by falling forward.

 Until next Monday, don’t forget to BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME!

Nancy Salmeron

Friday, November 20, 2015

Better Days Are Coming!

Have a wonderful weekend. Do something pointless because that is what the weekend is for! 
Till Monday, Believe. Change. Become.
Nancy Salmeron

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Inspiration!


Are you the lion or the sheep? When a lion decides to pursue it's dreams it will not be concern with the views of others. Be a lion! Go after what you know is yours, and let the opinion of the sheep roll!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quote of the Day!

You have two choices on how you react to LIFE.  You chose to fight with faith and optimism. Or you stay down for another hit with faith lost.
The choice is yours.
Chose wisely!

Tuesday Quote!

My interpretation of this quote is that your passion should dictate your life. Your passion whispers your reason for being here. So listen up and fulfill that mission you hear! Have a great Tuesday. See you tomorrow:)

Three Things to do When You Are Feeling Hopeless and Defeated

"Be strong because things will get better.
 It may be stormy now,
 but it never rains for ever."

I am amazed at the resilience of our human spirit. A few days ago as I walked in to my favorite coffee shop, and I met a stranger who became a friend. I normally don’t stay to drink my coffee, but something propelled me to stay this time. There on the table next to me was a woman with a gentle smile who said hello. I introduced myself and we started to get to know each other.

Her name was Sandy. Her husband had just passed away due to cancer and since she was a stay at home mom and had no formal income coming in she was in the process of losing her home. Her plans were to move in with her two children to her brother’s home and his family of five. I asked her how she was handling this very difficult situation, and she said, “I take it a day at a time, and count my blessings every day.” This made me think about the topic for today’s blog which is how to deal with hopeless times.

If you are going through difficult times this post is especially for you. There are three things that will carry you on when you are feeling hopeless and defeated.  They are to embrace change, to change your perspective and to always count your blessings.

Embrace or at least accept change.
Yup, accepting change is crucial in dealing with difficult times. It is my belief that one reason that we struggle with tragedies such as death, losing a job, separation or divorce in our lives is because we can’t accept that your life will never be the same. We are creatures of habit, we want to know what to expect and who to expect in our lives. So when that changes, we fight it and dwell on a past.  In my case most recently the death of my beloved cousin Sam. That was hard to comprehend or accept. I could not accept that she would not be part of my life. But I finally embraced it when I realized that she may not be part of my future, but will always be in my memories. I have great stories to tell about Sam, yet I understood that in accepting that she would not be in future made me move into a better place. Remember life is constant change and things always get better if you give it a chance!

Change your lens or perspective.
Zoom into a better lens! Some of the problems or tragedies in your life are a subset of all the other things that may be going on in your life. I know it’s difficult to change your lens when there is a death of a loved one, but with other problems you need to focus on the grand scheme of things. Fear of the unknown may pop up because of change, yet understand that unless you face fear you will not change your perspective to it. In my case with the death of Sam, I understood that cancer had made her body weak, and we had to let her go. It was no longer about us and how much we would miss her it was about her pain. By changing the lens on why she needed to give up to the fight, my perspective shifted into contentment and surrender. Sometimes it’s OK to surrender the fight in order to shift that perspective.

Remember to count your blessings.
This may sound like a cliché, yet it’s always best practice when dealing with difficult times. I don’t know where I heard this, “It could have been worse,” saying but it’s true. If you look around there are blessing to count. In the case of Sandy it could have been worst if she did not have her brother, she could have been homeless with her two children. Sandy told me that she was also grateful for the support of her friends.  In Sam’s case, it could have been worse if she had suffered longer than she did with chemo. I miss her, but I am happy she is no longer in pain. Count your blessings if you are going through tough times and don’t forget that in due time this too shall pass, because remember nothing is forever and you have the spirit of a lion!

In conclusion, your problems or your life’s difficulties come to you to teach you something and to remind you of your strength. Whatever you are going through or will go through is given to you because you can handle it! Have faith in yourself to find the strength by accepting change, changing your lens, and counting your blessings! Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.

P.S. I am very excited to tell you that my Website is up and running! The problem is that all my past blogs have disappeared on my domain. So I am on until I figure out the glitch. Thank you for your patience and for taking time to read my blog. J

Friday, November 13, 2015

Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, or fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You’re playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

I am not a football fan, but a few days ago I saw this YouTube video that totally moved me. It inspired my post this morning take a moment to check this You Tube video before I continue.

Were you moved like I was? This video, “When Kids Meet Their Football Idols,” made me think about the effects idols have on others.  I realized that when we shine with our passion and our life purpose, we give permission for others to do the same. Don’t misunderstand me, there is a difference in being an obsessed fan seeking fame and fortune, and having admiration for someone's true life's purpose. The difference is that by others shining bright, it will give you permission to also seek greatness within yourself. They are a reminder that you have what it takes to be phenomenal, that you too can be exceptional, and shine as bright as lighthouse! It is through their light that they light up the path for others. I don't aspire to be a football player, but I am always inspired to continue to be on my life purpose when I see other on theirs! They remind me that I can also be great!

I was so moved by the video that I showed you, it led me to think about of Marianne Williamson’s fine words. Today, I want you to truly believe that you are powerful beyond measures. That your passion is an indicator of what your purpose is. Once you are on your purpose and shine,  you will light others true potential. In the video you see the admiration of the children to their idols. This gave me chills because I was able to see that these children saw themselves in their idols. The love and admiration for their idols can give the children permission to dream big and believe that they could be become them. We are all connected, we all should help each other shine and fulfill our lives purpose.

What makes you, YOU?
How do you shine? What is something that you are amazing at? Do you poses talents in the arts, cooking, or singing? By answering these questions you can discover what makes you special and how you can inspire others. It is by doing what you were born to do and you absolutely love that you will be happy and bring shine to others. What makes you shine, is the message to others that they too have something special.

Why we play it small?
I believe we play it small because we want to be liked. Have you ever been given a complement and you down played it? I used to have a difficult time if someone gave me a complement. If someone said did something well, I would doubt them. I believed that if I played small, I would be better accepted. Finally, I had a friend tell me that I should just take the complement, say thank you and believe it! It’s because we don’t want to seem vain or overly confident that we do this. I want to urge you to stop this! It is ok to be wonderful, amazing or incredible. It is this that makes others want to also be the same. Yes, you may have the haters, but it is ok, because believe it or not they too, want some of your greatness. You are the main actor in your movie play your part BIG!

Don’t keep the music inside you!
Your passion will guide you to your life’s purpose. Please don’t let the music die inside of you. You were given something special. You should seek it! If you have idols that inspire you like in the video don't forget, they are shining their light so that you may shine yours. It is the people that inspire us that are whispering," You too can do this!" It is possible for you to be or do anything if you dream big and believe bigger! That music that you have to share with the world needs to be shared. Today is a good day to start shining it's not just for you but also to light the path to others.

I hope my light has shined through your darkness today. I also hope for you to be the light to others. Please don’t ever forget, you are something special because you were born, don’t play it small! Seek to be inspired by those who you aspire to be like and seek to inspire those who are seeking  inspiration with your essence of greatness.  It is our moral responsibility to help and inspire greatness in others, by first being great ourselves! Also, remember that we are interconnected  when you shine my light gets brighter. So let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.



Monday, November 9, 2015

The Life You Want Starts With Your Thoughts


"Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent
basis is exactly what you experience in your life."
-Anthony Robbins

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a negative vibration? A couple of days ago I experienced this feeling at an old friends house. This made me think of our energy and the, “Law of Attraction.” I believe in the fundamentals of this law. Today I want to talk about the power of your thoughts because I believe the secret to your life’s success is dependent on your thoughts. Stick with me, because by the time we are done here you will discover how to shift your negative thoughts for positive thoughts that will result in more prosperity to your life.

According to Wikipedia, The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim "like attracts like" which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.
Look around you. Do you like what you see in your life? If you do, congratulations you have done well for yourself. You have attracted all those wonderful things to your life. Yes, you were the creator to your surroundings! If not, you have only one person to blame yourself. You have created it!
We are the creators of our lives, and it starts with our thoughts. To take charge of your destiny you must learn to control the nature of your thoughts. By doing so, you will be able to attract abundance to your life. Sound simple right? But why are we not doing it?
Why is it so difficult to change our thoughts?
If the video in your head has been negative all your life, you have grown used to this. You seek negative energy and you have attracted that negative energy. Remember, in accordance to the law of attraction, “like attracts like.” You have conditioned yourself to not only think negative thoughts but the universe has supported your thinking by giving you exactly what you put out there. It has mirrored your thoughts and beliefs! According to Success Consciousness, “The power of your mind is part of the creative power of the Universe, which means that your thoughts work together with it. You are a manifestation of the universal mind.”

How do shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts?
I define the law of attraction as being in the in good vibrations, being present in the present moment, practicing gratitude, loving your surroundings and your life. In my most humble opinion, it is when you do these simple acts that the universe responds with greater love and bigger gifts for your life. It’s sending those positive vibrations to the universe that will reflect back abundance to you. Sometimes, I am amazed at how my visualizations have been improved by universe reflected energy! So, don’t be surprised if what you end up getting is even better than what you had in your head! I would also suggest to practice visualization 5-10 minutes a day. Yes, I want you to be a dreamer! Imagine with great detail, be very clear, what your life would be like if you had that job, the car, home but always be grateful for what you already have because it’s about your, “vibrations.” Your positive vibrations will attract more positive thought.
In essence it is very important to be cognizant of your thoughts. Your thoughts and beliefs are the secret to your success. To get the life you want, it takes awareness and responsibility of those thoughts. Change those negative vibrations so that your life can go from OK to WOW! Until next Monday watch your thoughts and don’t forget to Believe. Change. Become!


Monday, November 2, 2015

LOVE is Why You Are Here

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learned here.”
-Marianne Williamson

This Halloween weekend was filled with candy, laughter and FEAR!  This made me think off the two motivating forces that lead our lives, LOVE and FEAR.

In the past FEAR called all the shots in my life, “uncertainty,” was my poison. I feared not knowing what was coming. The funny thing was, I actually thought I had control of every event in my life. Not until I unveiled the illusion of FEAR that my life shifted to LOVE. It is because of LOVE that I am doing what I love to do, and not fearing my future. It’s because I have remembered my true essence, my purpose, that I am able to write this blog and hopefully inspire you. Today I want you to reflect on what force is leading your life. Is it LOVE or FEAR?

As human beings we are led by two emotions. Yes only TWO emotions! LOVE or FEAR. All the other emotions are subcategories of these two emotions. For example where there is LOVE, we may have peace, joy, content, or forgiveness. On the other hand where there is FEAR we will have sadness, depression, fatigue, judgment, anxiety, guilt and so on. Where there is LOVE, FEAR does not have a chance. These two emotions can’t live together because LOVE is real and FEAR is an illusion. We think FEAR is real, but it’s all in your head. It’s up to us to choose FEAR or LOVE, today I will show you how to choose LOVE every time!

How do you let LOVE lead your life not FEAR?

When we have to make a decision of what emotion we want to be in LOVE or FEAR, I always ask,“Which one feels better?” Does joy, peace and love feel better than fear, judgment or anxiety? LOVE will lead your life by acknowledging that LOVE is the only thing that is real. Love is our true nature. Love is what always feels right! It is by choosing this emotion that your life will be filled with joy, contentment and peace. It is human nature for us to not want the unknown, to feel anxiety or fear. FEAR is part of our human creation, it is part of the ego. It’s that negative voice that tells you lies about who you are not! FEAR is a liar, it thinks it’s protecting you, but it’s not because it’s an illusion! You need to understand that you are the creator of your life. So, if you are living in pain, anxiety or depression FEAR is controlling your life on the other hand if you are living in peace, joy and harmony you are living in LOVE. You have decided what emotions we want to feel. Yes, you are that powerful and you need to realize that!

What should I do when FEAR pop’s up?
Whenever fear lingers in your mind you should realize it’s there, take responsibility for what you feel. Ask yourself, “Is it legitimate fear?” Is it a vital response to physical or emotional danger?” Often we fear situations that are far from life-or-death.  We FEAR change because of the unknown. We won’t change a job we hate because FEAR has convinced us that we could not do any better! We stay in stagnant relationships for the same reasons. I am asking you to do it afraid! Don’t let fear control your hopes and dreams! FEAR may think it’s protecting you but it is harming your true potential it’s stopping your life’s purpose. Trust LOVE, feel the joy, peace and contentment. Go for that feeling! Let LOVE or your true essence lead your life. LOVE is the reason we are here!
The Dalai Lama said, “The more you are motivated by LOVE, the more fearless and free your actions will be.” With all my LOVE, I want to push you to be fearless so that you are free from all doubt and fear. I want to assure you that if you let LOVE in, FEAR will eventually go! Trust yourself, trust your true essence. Remember your strength is LOVE so let it conquer FEAR!
Until next Monday! BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME!