Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Four P's Needed for Your Dreams

I hope you all had an awesome holiday! As you can see I had a great one, thus not posting my Monday blog yesterday. Now let’s get right to it!
Have you zeroed in on your dream yet? Do you know exactly what you want for your life? Have you asked yourself what is it going to take you to make your dreams come true? In today’s blog I will discuss what type of character is required to acquire goals and dreams.

So, what is required to make your dreams come true? In my opinion you need The Four P’s of Life to make any dream come true. You need to be positive, persistent, perseverant and patient.
To be positive is to see your dreams happening before they actually do! It is to find the good in the struggles and the smiles in the failures that you will encounter. When you practice positivity with your life dreams and goals there is never a doubt that it will happen. The question is not, “why me?” But, “why not me?” You must train your mind to be positive because positivity will fuel your dreams not crush them.

What does it mean to be persistent to persevere? To be persistant is to understand that life can happen when you have planned your dreams. I have had many stumps on the road when pursuing my life mission. Yet, these stumbles have been that, "stumbles." I may be down for a bit, but give me a minute to get up and be back at it!  Keep on, keep on, and know that with persistence your brilliance will expand. Remember things may not always go according to plan, but you must continue to persist to persevere.

Patience is one of the most important virtues you may have. To be patient is to understand that things may not happen in your time but in the right time! To be patient is to not complain when things don’t work out! It is to be wise and to understand that things may not be happening for you right now, but that they will happen. To be patient is to wait with a smile on your face even when there is nothing to smile about. Remember if you are patient with your goals and dreams nothing is impossible!

Now that you know that it takes positivity, persistence, perseverance and patience to be successful with your dreams get to them! Remember that those big dreamers had to stay positive, be persistent and practiced patience to make their dreams come true.  Be strong and hold on when you feel you can’t no more. Believe that the struggles you may encounter are making you worthy of those dreams, and be patient for what is meant to be yours will come in due time!
Until, next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!



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