Monday, September 28, 2015

Something Inside of You Knows More Than You Think!

We all have that inner voice that is guiding us to our life’s purpose. But only a few will decide to listen to it to fulfill life's purpose. Today we will look into the power of intuition and how it is your eternal guide to some of your deepest questions. We all have this beautiful gift and I want to encourage you to use it so that you may live the life that you were intended to live!

Intuition is your daily compass. We have all felt that uncomfortable sensation when we were asked to do something that just did not feel right. You felt that sick feeling in your gut. When I am going to embark in something that my intuition is telling me is wrong for me, I lose sleep. It’s a way of my unconscious mind waking me up from my slumber or what I also call, “my practical side.”
A year ago as I was waking up in a panic at 2:00 AM for several weeks. There was something that was taking my sleep away. The reason being was that I had to make my decision about returning the following school year as a teacher or to pursue my Life Coaching Practice.  “Practical Nancy,” argued that I was in a very comfortable place in my career. That I was a respected teacher, who enjoyed her students and colleagues very much. I was reminded that this wonderful profession gave me the opportunity to have summers off to be with my family and had provided nicely financially.  “Intuitive Nancy,” would wake me up to tell me that I was intended to do more and not to settle!  Finally on one of those restless nights I was out of my slumber! My intuition told me loud and clear to pursue my life goal of becoming a Life Coach/Inspirational Speaker, because that is what my life purpose is! It is because I followed my intuition that I am here. It is because of that inner voice that tells me that it will all work out that I am blogging. It is because of my intuition that I am in the National Speakers Academy. It was not, “Practical Nancy,” calling the shots it was, “Intuitive Nancy,” taking the lead. It is my intuition that is currently giving me the greatest joys of my life.
Intuition is truly your life compass when pursuing your life’s purpose or mission. Some of the most intuitive people that ever lived have had great success. Souls such as, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson were not being practical when they embarked in their life’s purpose. Even when the odds were against them they followed that inner voice that told them to, “Go for it!”  I believe that success is about being in tune with your intuition. Your intuition knows more than your practical side about pursuing dreams and reaching goals. Your intuition gives you the courage to continue and persevere. Your practical side may only see what your five senses can tell you but your intuition gives you more.
We were all given the wonderful gift of intuition. Many of us have opened the gift and are using it to fulfill your life’s purpose. For those of you who have not opened your, “gift of intuition,” you need to do it now! Believe me when I tell you that something inside of you knows how to guide you into your life’s mission. You just have to listen to your body, listen to your gut, don’t conform, and don’t be polite! If you are losing sleep over something that you should or should not be doing, practice meditation, take a walk to nature, go to the ocean, escape your daily routine but seek that inner voice! The inner voice that you may have silenced because it is not very, “practical,” knows more than you think.
I hope this morning I have enticed you to be more mindful of the inner compass that you were given, it is there to serve you.  You just have to know how to seek it so it can support you in the journey of life. Have a wonderful week filled with intuition and success!

Until next Monday, Believe in your gift, Change your views about intuition to Become, whom you were destined to be!


  1. I so believe this, Nancy! I needed re-confirmation of it today, so thank you! Your story is very inspiring too.

    1. Diana! Thank you for your wonderful words. I am glad that I was able to re-confirm what you already know. Follow that, "gut feeling," even if it's scary! Blessings to you!