Monday, July 13, 2015

BECOMING to Fulfill Your Mission

Who Are You Becoming?


The quote above is a perfect start for this blog, because we all have a purpose or mission. It's up to us to decide if we accept it.

Who is influencing you? Are you planning who you want to be or are you ready for an unwelcome surprise at the end of the road?
In today’s blog I will address these questions and will guide you into becoming or what I like to call,“remembering,” why you are here!
Scientists estimate that probability of being born is one in 400 million.  Can you see you that you are a walking miracle? There is more than we will ever understand, but one thing I know for sure, we all have a mission. Many of us have discovered our mission or purpose and have applied changes to our lives so we may become who we are destined to be. While others, may be wondering about life’s purpose. My goal today is to focus your direction into a path of becoming the best you, and for you to go forward so you can act like the miracle that you are!
This morning I will apply my BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME, program to get you to fully understand what it means to become.

We have all been there. Young and reckless, when we said we were going to change the world! Then life happened. We got married, had children and acquired a monthly mortgage. We stopped believing in the power of our dreams and became more practical. We had to do it because it’s really not bad, it's actually wonderful. I know I love my children and husband, they are blessings in my life. I was overall, “happy.” Yet, I could not help but recall the promise I had made to myself many years ago.
The promise was not only to provide love and happiness to my family and friends, but there was much more. I believed in the power of my dreams, which is empowering individuals to fulfill their mission. The problem with life happening is that you get caught up in the norms of our society. So you forget about those dreams. Then ten years later you realize you are out of alignment with your true self. You wonder if you are in the right path. You question your existence.
So, ask yourself these two questions:

·         What do you believe would bring joy to your life?

·         Who do you believe you can be?

In addressing these two questions, you are able to get a glimpse at the different possibilities of why you are here.

The power of believing is crucial in becoming and don’t you ever doubt that! We become what or who we believe. When you believe you bring the better future into the present and it propels anything you will ever want, oh yeah and it brings joy and happiness! If you believe you will change the world you may start with minor changes at home and you will! Without believing there is no becoming. There is no becoming  because there was no believing.


Why should you change when you seek becoming? You should seek change because you won't become who you are destined to be if you stay the same. You won't fulfill your destiny!

Change is necessary because without it you can’t grow. I know it may be painful sometimes, but it is necessary for you to become. It’s those little habit forming changes that will make the difference. If you are not willing to go full throttle to change your life, take small incremental steps in pursuing your purpose or mission. It is not necessary to take dramatic steps it's in the single step, but remember you must make the choice to make a small or drastic change in order to become.

What is becoming?  Albert Einstein, could have not said it better. It is more than the material things, the power, or the wealth it is what or how you are contributing to others. How is your existence making a difference in the life of others. Albert Einstein, talked about giving value to your life. In becoming you chose value over success. Success is the cherry on top, but not the full dessert.

I agree with Albert Einstein, it's not about the material things, power or fame, it's about your life's purpose.


Paulo Coelho, reminds us that to identify our gifts should be our only obligation. I call your," your gifts," your passion. 

Remember, “We are all born with a mission, to be happy and bring love and joy to others. It our life’s goal to search for our life’s mission by finding our passion. When we do this we will find true happiness because you are living your soul’s purpose.” That is a quote from me! That is what I believe your becoming is all about. It’s about finding what makes you happy, what brings joy to others and what you can apply passion to. Once you do this, you will see that your life has purpose and meaning.
So, do you have an idea if you are becoming or how to become? I hope so. If not don't you worry don't you fear, we will revisit this topic in future blogs.
Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!


  1. It took me a very long time to realize that CHANGE was a good thing and not the boogie man! If I want to be successful at life I know now that change is necessary. You need to be willing to see your flaws and make those changes to become who you were truly meant to be!

    1. I like that,"boogie man," analogy ! That is pretty clever, Yesenia! Good for you for embracing change.