Monday, June 22, 2015

Passion Trumps Talent

I know I will get many eye rolls on this post, but I have to stand my ground and say that passion is the key to your to your life's mission! You can be very talented in something, but if you have no real passion for it you will not pursue it. Your talents can only take you so far. Without passion and the character you develop in the process you can not succeed. It is that conviction that drives all major desires.
The quote above reminds us that talent can only take you so far, but passion and the pursue of it can give you the courage you may need when you have failed time and time again. The skills that may come naturally to some may not continue to develop if you do not practice that skill.

On the other hand if you are passionate about something, but are not talented or skillful just yet you can get better. As, Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers, explained, "10,000 hour rule." or the idea is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any particular field of study. If someone is passionate about a life goal over a period of time they will do the task well. In my opinion a person who has passion demonstrates the determination that a person with natural talent may not have.

Those who would believe that, "talent trumps passion," would argue that some contestants on American Idol don't have talent and that all the passion in the world could not make them singers!
They don't understand that many of those contestants are driven by, "ego." They don't care about being singers, their goal is to be, "famous." Being famous is not a mission or a purpose. Your mission should be to give or contribute something that will enhance our world. People who simply seek fame for the sake of fame don't and can't contribute in a positive way.

The quote above is very appropriate to end this post. You have talents that were given to you.
Yet, if you don't invest your time to improve these talents nothing will come out of them. Success is not dependent on talent alone. There are skills that you need to develop to enhance your talents. Passion will give you the strength to keep on and never back down!
In conclusion skill, talent, and passion need to dance together, but passion can lead in the dance floor! I know that my passion for life coaching has pushed me to develop my talents and skills in this field. I hope I have reminded you of your passion, skills and talents. See you next Monday. Until then BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME.


  1. I would interpret these statements as a respite for developing a solid foundation for your success in what ever u are good at .
    Great food for the individuals that are striving to be successful in life.

    George O.

  2. Thank you for your comment George. My goal for this blog is to encourage my readers to find what they are good at, and let passion take over! Anything is possible with determination and passion.

  3. A great read Nancy! How does one find their passion? Thank you :)