Monday, June 1, 2015

Let go of What Others Think

Why do we need to be the prisoner of others to feel validated?

To be someones prisoner is to seek validation from them, because you have not accepted how great and wonderful you are!

I have recognize that just like you, I am also influenced by others opinions. Fortunately, I'm getting better at letting go of this! I have accepted that this is still part of who I am and I gave myself permission to use the key and walk out of the prison to live a full life not a half one! With this post I hope you can do the same.

Why do we become the prisoners of others?

We get stuck on the end result
It is human nature for us to want to feel safe. We wan to make sure that our choices are going to be right. We want to save face. We don't want to take full responsibility for end results. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed, but that every good or bad experience will eventually pass.
We want to please others
The only person you should worry about pleasing is yourself. That is whom will be with you until you leave this world. In doing this you will see that this will make you free to make the right choice.
You are the oddball
Have you ever thought that something must be wrong with you because you are the only one going against the current? I would wonder if something was wrong with me because I wanted to get out of my safe little box. The truth is that being the oddball is a sign that you are on the right path. It's your spirit calling you to take the lead!
You lack self validation
You have not learned to fully love and accept yourself. You believe that you are not perfect. You have decided that someone other than yourself is better suited to tell you what is best for you! They know what is best for you because they older, and wiser than you. Sounds silly right? Yet we buy this nonsense. We seek their validation because we lack our own.

Reasons why seeking validation is hazardous to your spirit

It will keep you from your True North
Being a prisoner of others will keep you from your mission, your purpose your true north! Your soul is the source of your life's plan. Not your mother, father, family or friends. Don't let people that don't fully understand who you are or destined to be stop your journey.
Someone else's right may be wrong for your self development
We are all given special talents that make us unique. What may be good for your parents or friends is not necessarily good for you. Only you know what is the right thing for you.
Others don't really care as much as you may think so don't even stress
Shocking but you are not the center of everyones world! Others have their own stresses or problems to wake up thinking about you. People don't generally, unless who you are or what you do affects them, necessarily care about the choices you make.
Life is simply to short
I hate to break it to you but the sad truth is we are all going to die! So why would you spend your time worrying about others opinion? I can guarantee you that in your death bed you wont be thinking about those that have kept you a prisoner. You will be thinking if you lived your life to the fullest by bringing joy, loving others and living with purpose.

Remember what ever people think of you is a reflection of who they are. This view does not have to be yours. I hope I gave you a key to get out of this prison, and that the only opinion you care of is that of your soul. Until next Monday at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.  Don't forget to Believe. Change. Become.

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