Monday, May 18, 2015

The Act of Being Grateful

"Trade your expectations for appreciation and your
whole world changes in an instant."
-Tony Robins

As we struggle in our lives we forget gratitude. It is understandable because all our positive energy is consumed by negative energy. The challenge this morning is to focus on your blessings despite life's difficulties.
Difficulties are a fact of life. Difficulties you must learn to embrace. When we do this we change the lens which we see our lives. Being grateful let's you focus on how blessed you  are to be alive! Gratitude brings you joy. It makes you thankful for the things you have instead of paying attention to the things you don't have. Gratitude let's you be in the moment. It is the simple things that matter. It's putting your children to sleep and waking them up. It's taking a walk at the crack of dawn. It's having a cup of tea!
To be truly grateful you must make the choice to do so. A grateful attitude should be a daily practice.  It's done with dedication and the belief that you are, "Blessed and highly favored." Even, when things are horribly bad, try to remind yourself that you are alive and that, "This too shall pass." Look around you count your blessings. If you are still not convinced just remember that there are positive things behind all bad experiences,  but only if you decide to see it that way! I always remind myself that no matter what situation I am in, I will make the best of it. I have no choice! When life gives you lemons don't just make lemonade, grab tequila and salt and make MARGARITAS!
It is believed that gratitude is the great multiplier of life. So if you are grateful for a job you may not like, better opportunities will come your way. Showing appreciation for a difficult situation that you may be going through with your partner or spouse, will make you grow. Being grateful for this moment, will make you value the next even more. I am a true believer that difficult moments make you value those wonderful moments in greater depths. In dealing with difficult situations, always ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?"
Not yet convinced? To help you here is a short list of blessings to consider.
  •  Having a family
  •  Having good friends
  •  Having a place to call home
  •  Being healthy
  •  Nourishing your being with food
  •  Enjoying blue skies
  •  Getting wet in the rain
  •  Feeling the warmth of the sunshine
  •  Enjoying the breeze of cool air
I am also grateful for this blog, because I can impact my readers in a positive way. What are you grateful for? Let me know. Until next Monday! Don't forget Believe. Change. Become.


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