Monday, May 4, 2015

Ego or Spirit

What is leading your life?

We are all driven by our ego or spirit. When we are in the search of growth and change we must take a look deep within.
  • The ego works on self-image
  • The spirit works on true self.
  • The ego is irrational.
  • The spirit is rash.
  • The spirit is humble.
  • The ego seeks power. 
  • The spirit uses your talents to serve others. 
  • The ego uses it's talents so others may serve it!
  • The ego tells you to play it safe because you don't want to fail.
  • Your spirit tells you not to fear of failing, because you can fly.
  • The ego seeks wisdom.
  • The spirit is wisdom.

We become restless with ourselves because we are out of sink with the spirit. I recall the many restless nights as I struggled to connect with my spirit. My ego would tell me to play it safe, stay with what I know to not become a fool and fail. But my spirit did not settle and pushed me to continue to grow in other areas. Thus this blog! As my spirit takes lead I feel alive. I feel I can conquer anything that comes my way. That I am unstoppable! The ego puts limits on my dreams and reminds me how many times I have failed. The ego gives me fear, but spirit gives me hope for new dreams! As I confront the ego and the spirit I clearly see who should lead. It's the spirit of course so I may soar!

When you decide to finally choose between your ego and spirit, please pick your spirit.  Doubts may arise, but focus on the journey that is to come. Look inward, take a leap of faith and trust that your spirit knows how it all ends. So don't be afraid and let your spirit take the lead!  Have a wonderful week and may you be on the path of greatness. Don't forget to join me next Monday at 8:00 Pacific Standard Time. Until then Believe. Change. Become.

I will close with this wonderful quote by Deepak Chopra. In this quote Deepak reinforces my views of connecting with your true self or your spirit, not the ego!

Everybody makes mistakes. Learn to forgive and love unconditionally! We are bound to always encounter hurt. It is the most intimate way to learn appreciation & value. No matter what steps we take in life. We will always know pain. Pain is the best teacher! Lower your standards, and just go with the flow. Be free and take chances. After all, they are usually the best memories! M.C


  1. Ego don't you be calling because I won't be answering!

    1. What a great saying Yesdabest! With your permission
      will have to use it in my speeches;) Thank you for your input.