Monday, May 25, 2015

How Discover Your Mission


When thinking about the next topic for this post, I was compelled with the image on the right. The nurse in this picture is contributing to a cause bigger than herself. A true life's mission uses your gifts and talents to be in service of others.
But how do you know what your purpose is? By the end of this post I hope you have a better idea of your life's mission!
To help you answer this deep question. I did research on what contributes to success and passion. Needles to say, I rediscovered that there is more to life than just the material world. When you are on your mission or life's purpose, you get more out of your life than just the material things.
You get to,
Here are three questions to answer when searching for your life's mission.
1. What are your gifts?
We are all given certain talents or natural skills. Your talents may be artistic, mental, technical, physical, personal or social. Look inside yourself to find out what you were given? Still not sure? A suggestion may be to focus on your obsessions. Your obsessions may lead to what you truly enjoy and may point to your gifts. Another suggestion is to make a list of things you enjoy doing. Also, ask people around you what they feel your strengths are. In my case I was always sought after for words of wisdom. As a young adult my mother would ask me to talk to family members in distress. I enjoyed listening to others and finding words of encouragement to make them overcome what ever obstacle they were facing.
2. How do your talents help or contribute to the well being of others?
One of the greatest joys of finding your purpose is to realize why you were born. It has nothing to do with what you get but what you give. I had a mentor once tell me that everything she did for others was done because she was selfish. I was confused, "What do you mean I asked?" She said, "When I give it gives me more." Her life's purpose was to mentor and guide souls like myself. She is an inspiration to follow.  As I am inspired  from my mentor I reminded that my purpose drives me to help others be on their way to their mission.
3. How do you let the world know about your talents?

Once you have insight of your life's purpose, be passionate about it and go after it. Then you
must start your mission! My suggestion is to take small firm steps. Start with minor changes that will result in long term changes. For example if you discover you want to be an interior decorator. Start by volunteering to decorate friends homes. This will make you practice your found mission. The point to this is to let the universe know that you are open and willing to go after what you were destined to be.  It all starts with one step that you take today that will result in the 1000 step journey. Have the tenacity to believe that you will get to your destination.
According to Les Brown, "The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, to determined to carry out their dream."

I urge you not to let your dreams to die with you. Find your life's mission and go after it! Never give in to the challenges you may encounter. Believe it is necessary for you to find your purpose, Change old habits for new ones and Become who you were destined to be.

I hope to see you next Monday 8:00 Pacific Standard Time!


Monday, May 18, 2015

The Act of Being Grateful

"Trade your expectations for appreciation and your
whole world changes in an instant."
-Tony Robins

As we struggle in our lives we forget gratitude. It is understandable because all our positive energy is consumed by negative energy. The challenge this morning is to focus on your blessings despite life's difficulties.
Difficulties are a fact of life. Difficulties you must learn to embrace. When we do this we change the lens which we see our lives. Being grateful let's you focus on how blessed you  are to be alive! Gratitude brings you joy. It makes you thankful for the things you have instead of paying attention to the things you don't have. Gratitude let's you be in the moment. It is the simple things that matter. It's putting your children to sleep and waking them up. It's taking a walk at the crack of dawn. It's having a cup of tea!
To be truly grateful you must make the choice to do so. A grateful attitude should be a daily practice.  It's done with dedication and the belief that you are, "Blessed and highly favored." Even, when things are horribly bad, try to remind yourself that you are alive and that, "This too shall pass." Look around you count your blessings. If you are still not convinced just remember that there are positive things behind all bad experiences,  but only if you decide to see it that way! I always remind myself that no matter what situation I am in, I will make the best of it. I have no choice! When life gives you lemons don't just make lemonade, grab tequila and salt and make MARGARITAS!
It is believed that gratitude is the great multiplier of life. So if you are grateful for a job you may not like, better opportunities will come your way. Showing appreciation for a difficult situation that you may be going through with your partner or spouse, will make you grow. Being grateful for this moment, will make you value the next even more. I am a true believer that difficult moments make you value those wonderful moments in greater depths. In dealing with difficult situations, always ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?"
Not yet convinced? To help you here is a short list of blessings to consider.
  •  Having a family
  •  Having good friends
  •  Having a place to call home
  •  Being healthy
  •  Nourishing your being with food
  •  Enjoying blue skies
  •  Getting wet in the rain
  •  Feeling the warmth of the sunshine
  •  Enjoying the breeze of cool air
I am also grateful for this blog, because I can impact my readers in a positive way. What are you grateful for? Let me know. Until next Monday! Don't forget Believe. Change. Become.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Fake it Until You BECOME it!

"If you feel like you shouldn't be somewhere: Fake It. Do it not until you make it-but until you become it." Amy Cuddy
Ted Global 2012

Today's blog will require you to be fake and unreal. In the process of believing, changing and becoming you have to, "fake it, 'til you make it!" When I interpret this saying, I am reminded to have confidence even when I don't feel so confident. I may feel as feeble as a little cat, but will act like a lion if I need to! As I do this it gives me the assurance that I can do anything! I,"faked it," by telling myself, "I got this!" In doing this I actually start to believe, "I can" therefore, "I do!"
There are many studies, that have demonstrated that confidence has a large affect on performance. I agree with these studies because as I tell myself how awesome I am, I become more amazing! (It's ok if I am the only one that believes it, at the end it starts with what we tell ourselves.) Don't be modest build yourself up don't bring yourself down! Believe me this really works!  I developed this type of confidence as a new teacher. I used to play the part very well as a new teacher. I struggled with curriculum, objectives and engagement all the time, but things got better when I mirrored the educator I wanted to be. I decided I would breath, not panic and take it all in stride. "Nancy, you got this!" "You are very smart and talented." Lies echoed in my mind, sweet lies that cheered me on to believe in myself. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would become a great teacher!
From the beginning of this blog I have said that all goals and dreams start with a belief that anything is possible.Yes, this concept is hard to believe at first, but before long that idea becomes part of you. I used to believe that if I did this people would discover that I was an impostor or a fraud, but I realized this is simply a positive way of thinking. I am simply practicing optimism and developing confidence along the way. This way of thinking makes me truly believe that I will reach my goals in no time! What is wrong with this type of belief? I believe we need to use all our tools in our tool box to be successful, and if we have to, "fake it to make it," let it be!
Thank you for checking out my blog! I hope to see you next Monday 8:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. Until then BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ego or Spirit

What is leading your life?

We are all driven by our ego or spirit. When we are in the search of growth and change we must take a look deep within.
  • The ego works on self-image
  • The spirit works on true self.
  • The ego is irrational.
  • The spirit is rash.
  • The spirit is humble.
  • The ego seeks power. 
  • The spirit uses your talents to serve others. 
  • The ego uses it's talents so others may serve it!
  • The ego tells you to play it safe because you don't want to fail.
  • Your spirit tells you not to fear of failing, because you can fly.
  • The ego seeks wisdom.
  • The spirit is wisdom.

We become restless with ourselves because we are out of sink with the spirit. I recall the many restless nights as I struggled to connect with my spirit. My ego would tell me to play it safe, stay with what I know to not become a fool and fail. But my spirit did not settle and pushed me to continue to grow in other areas. Thus this blog! As my spirit takes lead I feel alive. I feel I can conquer anything that comes my way. That I am unstoppable! The ego puts limits on my dreams and reminds me how many times I have failed. The ego gives me fear, but spirit gives me hope for new dreams! As I confront the ego and the spirit I clearly see who should lead. It's the spirit of course so I may soar!

When you decide to finally choose between your ego and spirit, please pick your spirit.  Doubts may arise, but focus on the journey that is to come. Look inward, take a leap of faith and trust that your spirit knows how it all ends. So don't be afraid and let your spirit take the lead!  Have a wonderful week and may you be on the path of greatness. Don't forget to join me next Monday at 8:00 Pacific Standard Time. Until then Believe. Change. Become.

I will close with this wonderful quote by Deepak Chopra. In this quote Deepak reinforces my views of connecting with your true self or your spirit, not the ego!

Everybody makes mistakes. Learn to forgive and love unconditionally! We are bound to always encounter hurt. It is the most intimate way to learn appreciation & value. No matter what steps we take in life. We will always know pain. Pain is the best teacher! Lower your standards, and just go with the flow. Be free and take chances. After all, they are usually the best memories! M.C