Thursday, April 9, 2015


"The more you believe in your own ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will." — Shawn Achor

Belief is defined by Google as, "acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists."" It is also defined as trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something." In today's blog I will discuss the power of BELIEF, and the importance for a life of ultimate joy and success.

When we believe,"We trust, have faith or confidence that something will be so." In thinking of this definition, I realize that something in our souls knows our true north.

As I write this blog. I believe that it will be successful. As I think about my new life journey, I see myself empowering people to be their best! I have no doubt in my abilities to do this. Therefore, it empowers me to work hard to become the best! I know of the challenges that will come with my new path, yet I fully expect all things will turn out well. The true believer, only has positive expectations. The true believer knows that he or she has the power to change his/her life. To believe is to not worry of what will be, because in their mind what "is,"  is positive. Now when setbacks happen the true believer understands that this is a moment in time and it wont be here for long! The true believer, quickly shakes it off and moves forward!

Why should you believe that anything is possible? Because of the power of attraction! There are many studies that have discovered that people who believe have a better success rate in accomplishing their goals than those who don't. In one study they had two groups of people, one group that went to the gym and the other who went to the gym but in their mind. They discovered that the people that were working out in their mind got 13% stronger the other group got 30%. As you can see it takes doing to get better results, but everything is possible with the mind! By no means am I suggesting that believing without action is the way you get to your goals, but is the start! There is no success without dedication and hard work! I will go deeper in to that topic another day.

So, it starts with the belief that anything is possible, to believe that anything is possible you can attract positive results! In my next post. I will delve deeper on how change is essential for  positive growth. I hope you join me! Please leave me a comment to let me know if something inside resonated with you! Expect my posts Monday mornings bright and early!

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  1. Your words are filled with inspiration and action! Love it!
    Look forward to reading your posts!