Monday, April 27, 2015


Can you have change without doubt? I don't think so.

"When in doubt, choose change." Lily Leung
never doubt yourself

With life changes come many doubts. I hear voices  in my head that tell me that I am going to regret these changes. "What is wrong with your life?" I am reminded.

The truth is I have a good life. I have a wonderful husband, great kids, a respected job, but I can't help feeling displaced with my profession. It is necessary for me to say goodbye to my career as an educator, so that I can grow in other forms. I am very grateful for the wonderful experiences that I have had with my students throughout the years! I hope that I taught and inspired them well, because they have definitely
 impacted and inspired me.

I want to assure you, that I know exactly what you may be feeling. I am fearful of my future and have many doubts, yet I can't help but be excited for this new chapter in my life. I may not know with certainty my destiny, but something inside my soul knows it's going to be in exceptional! If we stay still and quiet down, we all know. Yes, there will be challenges that I will face, but I know they are necessary for me to grow. My dreams of inspiring doubting souls will not be deferred, and yours should not be either! Deep inside me, I know this change is necessary and that I will I persevere. I can not I stay where I am, because if I do I will regret it for ever! It is time to live our dreams and kill all doubt, so we may become. It is natural to have doubts but necessary to IGNORE them. I hope you have doubt free week that will result in a doubt free life! See you next Monday bright and early! Take care and remember Believe. Change. Become.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Joel Osteen

“God didn't create you to be average. You were created to excel. You have everything.” Joel Osteen

In my past blogs I have touched on believing and changing. To recap believing is essential to any major goal or dream you may have. Changing old habits for new ones is required for you to move into acquiring those goals and becoming. In today's blog I hope you have a better idea why becoming is necessary!

Who are you becoming? Have you thought about this question? Have you planned who you will be or want to be?  If not, don't be surprised the person you end up being. Becoming is your birthright. We need the contribution of your talents and gifts to this world to make it a better place. Imagine a world without Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs?  It was because of Abraham Lincoln that we abolished slavery. What if he had not believed on such a noble cause? Albert Einstein changed the world. Steve Jobs revolutionized technology. What if these human beings had not become the individuals they did? I am very confident this world would be a different place. We needed such souls for their contributions, just like we are waiting for yours!

As I think about the woman that I am becoming, I am reminded of this quote,
"Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire.
Become what you respect.
Mirror what you admire."
In becoming myself,  I am currently working on changing my career. I have been struggling with this for a while now. My struggle is the fact that I have a great life, yet my spirit feels displaced. I am taking baby steps in that direction but they are sure and steady! As I purse my new journey the universe appears to be getting out of the way so that I may pursue my true calling.  It may be my optimism and determination talking, either way here I come world! I have started to feel more open about my desires with my friends and family. I will move forward with or without their support. My biggest mission in life is not to worry about other people's doubts or fears, but to conquer my fears so that I may become. I respect and admire inspiring people to become their best!  Therefore I will become an inspiration to those who are seeking something better for their lives. When I do this, I am following my bliss and fulfilling my destiny!

Don't forget to follow me next Monday at 8:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. Until then remember to Believe. Change. Become!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Believe. Change. Become.

My name is Nancy Salmeron. I am a devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and educator.  I have been in education for over a decade.  One of my greatest joys as an educator is to build character in students. Because of this I pursued a Master of Arts in Education. My Masters Thesis is in School Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB), which is the study of character development in schools. In teaching such virtues as respect, responsibility, compassion and perseverance, I realized that children become better students and even better human beings.  I believe that as students cultivate character they can develop feeling great about themselves. In my opinion one of the downfalls of education is the lack of focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual and social or what is called the Whole Child. Unfortunately our education system priorities academics. I struggle with this view because I saw first hand many of my students lack social I.Q. These students lack virtues such as respect and responsibility. The foundations for a contributing member of our society. In my observations only few had parents taught such virtues and motivated them to aim for the stars! Many of my students were not as lucky.

The reason for this blog is to inspire my readers to have a bigger dream! This blog is for those adults who were never encouraged to be bold and aim for the moon! To those who were unsure of their true calling. To those who played it safe and settled! I hope that my followers get inspired to Believe, you can do anything.  To Change, your life in the process and Become the person you were destined to be! Remember we all have special gifts to offer to this wonderful planet. Our special talents are needed to make this world a better place.  As Eleanor Roosevelt so appropriately put it. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." So take charge of your future, look deep within your soul and find your true north!

In my commitment with this new journey, I will post my blogs Mondays by 8:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. I hope you join me in this journey and most off all I hope to guide you to a more fulfilled life.


Our Mission

We were all born with a mission, the mission to be happy and bring love and joy to others. It is our life's goal to search for our life mission by finding our passion. When we do this we will find true happiness, because you are living your soul's purpose. With this blog I hope to inspire you to keep on searching if you have not found your true north, and persevere with your passion if you have!  May you find joy in this journey of life!

The Importance of Change

"Great things never came from comfort zones."

 In my topic of change I will discuss how change is necessary to unleash the true you. If you stay the same for the sake of comfort zone, what potential stays with you?
In my research of why people resist change I discovered that it was the result of fear. The fear to lose control. We want to make sure we are in control of our lives at every moment and when we lose control we lose ourselves. To know what is going to happen is to feel safe. We may not enjoy surprises, which keep us from changing! It may make you vulnerable. It may make you feel incompetent. Not smart enough. Change may result in more work, work you may not want.
The fear of loss. We have wonderful things that give us joy and if we change, this may be taken away. The fear of upsetting others. We don't want to make enemies as we move up to bigger and better things. What will our friends say or think? Will we have any friends after this grand change? These are all valid questions that can stop us from changing, but change is necessary! On the positive side, it may challenge your mind, make you go where you have never been before. I can almost guarantee you that you will not regret it. I can also guarantee that you will regret it more if you don't. So don't resist change.

How do I deal with change? Badly, but getting better each day! I am dealing with many changes in my life that I will share in future posts, but the most evident one is moving. This was change that I did not need, but it was necessary so that I would fulfill my dream of having a little ranch. A dream that I thought I would do, "someday." To acquire this dream I am going to have to sell my very beautiful home that I have adored for many years. This is the home where my children have grown up. When I bought this home it was only two years old. I love the community, schools and the parks, yet it is time to move. It is time to get a little uncomfortable with the unknown. The home on this ranch was built over fifty years ago! So you can imagine it is not like my home right now, but it will become my new project. I have been criticized by family and friends on why I would leave my beautiful home to move to a home that requires a lot of work and is much smaller. I simply tell them it is, "the metaphor of life." Yes, in deed I could continue on the safe, comfortable path the I live, or I can challenge myself to pursue something better. It is not guaranteed that everything will be sunshine and rainbows, but I am willing to risk losing what I am comfortable with to find out. The idea of being fearful of this new chapter suffocates me! Deep in my soul I know that this will be great for my family and I! This morning I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and believe that a change is necessary, for you to truly BECOME who you are destined to be! I heard somewhere that when it feels scary to jump, it is exactly when you do, otherwise you get stuck.

Check out my new post on BECOMING next Monday at 8:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


"The more you believe in your own ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will." — Shawn Achor

Belief is defined by Google as, "acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists."" It is also defined as trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something." In today's blog I will discuss the power of BELIEF, and the importance for a life of ultimate joy and success.

When we believe,"We trust, have faith or confidence that something will be so." In thinking of this definition, I realize that something in our souls knows our true north.

As I write this blog. I believe that it will be successful. As I think about my new life journey, I see myself empowering people to be their best! I have no doubt in my abilities to do this. Therefore, it empowers me to work hard to become the best! I know of the challenges that will come with my new path, yet I fully expect all things will turn out well. The true believer, only has positive expectations. The true believer knows that he or she has the power to change his/her life. To believe is to not worry of what will be, because in their mind what "is,"  is positive. Now when setbacks happen the true believer understands that this is a moment in time and it wont be here for long! The true believer, quickly shakes it off and moves forward!

Why should you believe that anything is possible? Because of the power of attraction! There are many studies that have discovered that people who believe have a better success rate in accomplishing their goals than those who don't. In one study they had two groups of people, one group that went to the gym and the other who went to the gym but in their mind. They discovered that the people that were working out in their mind got 13% stronger the other group got 30%. As you can see it takes doing to get better results, but everything is possible with the mind! By no means am I suggesting that believing without action is the way you get to your goals, but is the start! There is no success without dedication and hard work! I will go deeper in to that topic another day.

So, it starts with the belief that anything is possible, to believe that anything is possible you can attract positive results! In my next post. I will delve deeper on how change is essential for  positive growth. I hope you join me! Please leave me a comment to let me know if something inside resonated with you! Expect my posts Monday mornings bright and early!