Monday, May 21, 2018

Be Selective about Who You Include in Your Tribe

“Your tribe should reflect who you are or who you aspire to become.”
—Nancy Salmeron

“You are the average of the five people you spend most of the time with. If you want to pursue life goals and dreams, surround yourself with people who believe in you and empower you,” I told a young lady who asked me what I thought about tribes. She had shared that she felt her friends were not goal-oriented like she was and wondered if she should find new friends. I reminded her that people who reflect who we desire to become should be part of our tribe.

What is a tribe? The definition of a tribe according to Webster’s New World Dictionary is a group of people or a community with similar values or interests; also, a group with a common ancestor or a common leader. I am very fortunate to have a tribe of beautiful women and a couple of men who inspire me to push harder and believe in myself. These women see something in me that I sometimes forget to see—my sparkle—which shines brightly when I inspire others to dream big and believe in themselves. They remind me that my true gift is to inspire untapped potential in others. They are fuel for my purpose; these souls bring me back to life when my heart breaks due to life and business disappointments. Having a tribe has made me become more vulnerable. Because of these individuals, I have been humbled enough to understand that we are not meant to follow dreams alone. We are all here to support each other. I love my tribe because they reflect my soul. We speak and feel in the same way. We believe in building people up. I am blessed to have met these souls on my journey to my becoming. Who is in your tribe? Today, let’s talk about why it is essential for you to have a tribe when you are pursuing dreams.

We were never meant to do life alone.
It is part of the human experience to seek help and support from others. We need each other to fully thrive. When I was a child growing up in Mexico, I remember my grandmother getting water from the river with her tribe. These women were her comadres, or the godmothers to my dad, uncles, and aunts. They were women that she shared her fears, joys, and concerns with. Your tribe is there to support you with the good, bad, and ugly of life.

Your tribe reflects who you are .
Look around you. Does your tribe reflect your beliefs and ideals? We are energy and we attract who we are. My tribe are individuals who are seekers. They question life and are not afraid to challenge norms. They mirror many of my beliefs. If you are not happy with your tribe, it’s possible that you are not happy with who you are. The people who are in your life resemble who you are. If you are not happy with people who are simply taking up space in your life, work on yourself so that you can be the person you want to be. Then you will attract the people who are right for you.

Your tribe will help you when you are drowning.
Your tribe knows when you are drowning and will not only throw you a life preserver but will teach you how to swim. These individuals are happy to see you soar. They are individuals that let you be who you truly are. They let you be totally vulnerable; they encourage it! Look around you. Do you have these types of people in your life?

Your tribe is honest with you.
In life you need people around you to tell you when your behavior is not reflective of who you truly are. They calm your fears and shake you up a bit when they feel you have lost touch with the reality you desire. They want the best for you and are willing to show you your flaws so that you can fix them. These souls are not afraid to be honest with you and are willing to challenge your beliefs.
In conclusion, the word tribe has become a clichΓ© because many people use it lightly and believe that anybody and everybody should be in your tribe. However, you must be selective of who you include in your tribe. Only the people that truly care about your personal and soul development belong in your tribe. Watch and feel their true intentions. Ask yourself if the people around you reflect who you aspire to be. Do they value what you do and who you are? Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Spend your time wisely. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending many blessings and much love your way!

Monday, May 14, 2018

How to Take Off Your Assumption Blinders

“Your assumptions may be hindering the truth of the world around you. 
Take those blinders off and discover the truth.”
-Nancy Salmeron

We had a couple’s night out last weekend with new friends. We went out to dinner and then headed out to my home for drinks. I always love spending time with other couples because you bond and grow by sharing your past relationship stories. I am always amazed how much alike relationships are than different. Women for the most part have the same concerns about their husband. Their major concerns are that their husbands work too much and that they don’t dedicate much time to them. Men’s concern is that women are never happy. As I shared that in the past I had the same concern. One of the wives in the group mentioned that it was nice to hear that my relationship was not perfect.” Why do you assume that my relationship is perfect?” I asked. “It’s in the way you speak to your husband and the way he speaks to you. You appear to have a great deal of respect for each other.” She said. “We do, I told her, but we also have struggled in our relationship.” Apparently because I don’t like to publicly share my marital concerns she had assumed that my marriage was perfect! I was surprised that she thought that perfection in relationships existed. I assured her that my relationship was not perfect, that my husband Carlos and I are constant work in progress, but that we choose to devote much of our time and energy on what is working on our marriage. We are beyond perfect, but the real journey of our marriage is compromising, with each other’s desires, and supporting each other. That this does not mean we don’t fight or argue, it simply means that we have decided to be more empathetic to our needs. I expanded by telling her that it’s part of the human experience to assume that we know what is happening in other people’s marriages by what we see on the outside, but the truth of a marriage is always understood better by what happens in close doors. I concluded that I am proud of all the work that Carlos and I have done to persevere with our marriage, but perfection will never be something I will strive for because the lack of perfection is what has made our journey more interesting. Today I want to talk about how assumptions can be misguided and to stop assuming.  how many of our assumptions are misguided when you are only focused on what you see and not what you feel. Here are also three tips on how to stop assuming.

Never assume you know.
It is part of our human nature to assume we know what other people feel or going through because of what we see on the outside. If someone is being disrespectful or rude we classify them as rude or disrespectful. We never stop to think that they may be going through some difficult times. That we caught them on a tough day! Sometimes you may think you know someone because of rumors you have heard. Ignore those rumors never assume you truly know how others are. Make up your own conclusions as you develop relationships with others and get to truly know them before you assume.

If you care to know, ask.
When in doubt and you truly care to understand someone, ask. If you see someone with a frown on their face when they show up to your party, before you assume it’s because of you, ask them what is wrong. Be aware of what is being said and see how you can make that person feel better by using encouraging words. Remember it’s never about you.

It’s never what you see, it’s about what you feel.
So, one of my super powers is that I am very in tune with people’s energy. I feel deeply. I feel when people are open and receptive to who I am, and when they are not. I can recognize and read body language, but I never come to conclusions about a person until they show me who they truly are. Feel the energy of the people that make you uncomfortable, ask for clarification if their energy or what they do is not clear. And if it feels wrong, don’t pursue that relationship. Trust your gut.

When you make assumptions on people or the way events should be you are doing them and yourself a great disservice. To assume you know someone from what you see on the outside is like buying a car without opening the hood or taking it for a test drive simply because it looks good on the outside. When you assume that you know how others are by the way they appear, you may lose the opportunity to make a new friend or discover new love. Only make the assumptions of others when you have given time to know them. To learn about them. Develop conclusions of others only when you have clarified concerns by asking them questions. But never discard your gut feeling. If something feels off, or wrong it’s ok to not pursue a relationship or friendship. Until next time Believe. Change. Become.

Sending blessing and love your way!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Fear Is the Culprit Behind Controlling Behavior

“If you seek control, you are submerged in fear.”
—Nancy Salmeron

A few days ago, my husband Carlos and I got into a very passionate argument about how controlling I can be. He mentioned that I get angry when things don’t go my way. I tried to convince him that I do not get angry when things don’t go my way. I simply have expectations and when my expectations are not being met, I feel it’s important to express my concerns. I yelled, “This is not controlling!” This heated argument made me think about the illusion of control. How much control do we really have over others? And why do we need to control others? I have high standards for what I desire in my life, and he is right that I have an issue when things don’t go my way in our relationship. I feel it’s important to address issues that disappoint me, and he feels that I want to control him. Maybe it is the illusion of control that has stumped me in our relationship. He is correct. I have strong expectations for what I want and can forget to ask him what his desires are. I am used to calling all the shots in our family, because he has given me that responsibility. I believe control is connected to fear. I feel the need to control aspects in my relationship with my husband, because I am under the illusion that everything will fall apart if I don’t. Fear is the culprit behind the illusion of control. Carlos is my best friend and at times my worst critic, yet I love my husband because he is wise and somehow always makes me reflect upon myself. He has seen me at my best and loves me at my worst. I am grateful to have him in my life, because he will always challenge me to grow. Today, let’s talk about how to be less controlling in our relationships.

Let go of fear and controlling behavior will disappear.
We fear that if we do not control every aspect of our lives we will somehow lose that false sense of security. When I feel that I must control my children or my husband, I am not trusting them. I must trust that they will do what is right and surrender all my expectations. Yes, it’s important to be clear on your desires but you only have control of what you personally do. I have no real power on how other people want to live. I can only influence others.

You can influence but never change another person.
When I met my husband, I believed that I was going to mold and change him into who I wanted him to be. But very quickly I realized that I needed to accept who he was and let him be free. There were more virtues that I loved about him than deal breakers, and this is why we are still together. As I discovered who I wanted to be in our relationship, I noticed that he was influenced by some of my ideas and I was influenced by some of his. When you understand who you are and are clear on what you believe, it’s important to express your beliefs. Let others know what you stand for and be of influence, but never force your beliefs on anybody. If you are in a relationship and honesty is something you value, you must demonstrate honesty and expect your partner to be honest. If they aren’t and this is deal breaker, why should you stick around?

When others control you, be willing to let them go.
Sometimes I may appear to be an insensitive person by suggesting that you need to eliminate those that cause you pain from your life, but I disagree. It is my belief that to be the best you can be you must first take care of yourself. You must love yourself first! In relationships your partner should complement you and never complete you. You are whole. You must be who you are, and they must be who they are. But if in the process they are hurting you, emotionally or physically, you must let them know, and never conform to who they want you to be. Letting others control us is as unhealthy as when we try to control others. Express yourself. If your partner loves you, they will be influenced to change whatever is causing you pain. If they don’t, you must be willing to let them go. Expressing what you desire and what virtues you hold dear is not being controlling. Find someone who speaks your language. Love people for who they are, but never justify negative behavior.

The only person you can control is yourself.
I can’t control what my husband thinks, says, or does; I must be okay with it. I have learned that I love him even if he is not perfect. In our most recent argument, he mentioned that there were a few things that he did not like about me, but he never wanted to change me. I told him that I felt the same way. I promised myself to be the change I want to see in my relationship. If there is something that is damaging in my relationship, I must first take control of my thoughts and views. I can recognize and let go of the fear that comes to my mind when things are not working my way, instead of acting in a controlling manner. I can control my negative thoughts and let them go. The good news is that you have the power to control everything that is happening within you. And it is not your responsibility to fix or control others.

In conclusion, control and fear are best friends. You can’t have one without the other. When I feel I must control someone or something in my life I ask myself, “What am I fearing?”  I figure out what I am afraid of, I can let my fear go and then I no longer feel the need to control. As I continue to grow and evolve in my relationship with my husband, I have implemented the act of trusting. I trust that his intentions are good. I trust that he only desires the best for me and our family. He is free to be and do what he desires. I must trust that if I let go of the wheel we will make it to our destination okay.  Let go of control and become who you want to be. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending many blessings your way!


Monday, April 30, 2018

Who Wins in the Game of Life?

“To win in the game of life you must be proactive about who you desire to become.”
—Nancy Salmeron

Have you heard the expression, “Life is a game and you have to learn to play it?” I have been reflecting on this expression lately. If life is a game and you must learn to play it, are you the protagonist? Is the journey the setting and the destination the prize? How do we win in life? I believe that we win in life by understanding that we are the protagonist or creator of our life. We win by knowing that we have a journey or mission to complete, but I don’t feel the destination is the prize. The destination is our target, but the prize is found in living our lives with dedication, passion, and purpose. I also believe that the players that win make up their own rules. The best players learn what the societal rules are but have no problem questioning or challenging those rules. The winners of the game of life are not influenced by others and are proactive about becoming who they want to be. In this game of life, your most important mission is to live with purpose and to help, rather than harm, others. Today, let’s talk about five key elements that will help you win in life.

Go deep within to discover who your protagonist should be.
Who do you need to become? Seek within to discover your true essence. In the game of life, you must discover what your vision for your life is. What dreams do you want to embark upon? Silence all the outside noise, and this will bring clarity to the protagonist you need to become. Be influenced by the voice of your soul and not the voices of others. In my experience, when I had the courage to listen and to trust the voice of my soul, I discovered who my protagonist should be. Have courage and trust.

Know the societal rules, but don’t be afraid to question and challenge them.
To win in life you must know what the societal rules are. You must also know how to challenge and influence changing world views that don’t resonate with your spirit. The rules put on us by society were once someone’s idea. If a rule is unjust, hurts, or takes away from your inner peace, fight for change. Be a change agent for what you believe is right; this may be part of your life’s mission. You may stand alone and stand proud. Some of the biggest change agents that have ever lived were not afraid to stand alone fighting for a cause worthy of their values and ideals. I had the honor of meeting Dolores Huerta a few weeks ago and see her as a winner in the game of life. Dolores is an American labor leader and civil rights activist who co-founded the National Farm workers Association with Cesar Chavez. Chavez and Huerta challenged the working conditions, use of child labor, and low wages of migrant farm workers. This was their cause, their mission. What is yours?

Be mindful of what your protagonist thinks, says, or does.
“Watch your thoughts, words, and actions,” I remind my audiences when I speak. I understand positivity has become a clichΓ©, yet it is essential to always use positivity as your armor when playing the game of life. Remember, everything bad that happens to you will always have a solution, but the solution is more visible when you put your optimistic glasses on. Stay positive and enjoy your journey. Give your undivided attention to your blessings, rather than to your hardships. Let positivity be the light in your darkest days.

Enjoy the game and relax.
Oh, be gentle with yourself. Don’t take things so seriously. Pursue your life dreams and goals, but don’t lose sight of the present moment. Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them. Remind yourself that in the end what matters is that you fully enjoyed and loved this game. Mark my words—all the money, titles, and material things mean nothing if you don’t love the life that you create.

Implement love, respect, and empathy when playing with others.
In the game of life, we all want to win. Everyone is doing the best that they can. Be loving, respectful, and empathetic to the other players. Let love be your compass. Do everything with love, respect, and empathy. Learn to see other people’s pain through their eyes. Remember, for some individuals the game of life has been a confusing and challenging experience. When possible, be an individual that helps others persevere in this game. Be sunshine for those that have only experienced the cold.

The trick to winning the game of life is to choose the role your protagonist wants to play. You win by being the creator of your life, not by following the herd. Decide what values hold true for yourself and have a vision of who you want to be. Life is more complicated for those who do not decide to use positivity as their armor. Follow societal rules, but don’t be afraid to question or challenge them. Enjoy this game of life by deciding that you will be proactive and not reactive to unforeseen, tricky events life throws at you.  Treat everyone you encounter with love, respect, and empathy. Relax and enjoy the game!
 Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending blessings and love your way!


Monday, April 16, 2018

What My Little Brother Taught Me About Perseverance

“To persevere is to make a decision that you will not stop until you win.”
—Nancy Salmeron

In my family I am regarded as someone who accomplishes goals and follows dreams. I am blessed that I get to do what I love and love what I do. I am humbled when I am told that I have inspired someone to believe in themselves. But there is someone very close to my heart who has inspired me to keep on pushing my dreams forward. This person has told me that I make him proud. He has been one of my biggest supporters, yet I don’t think he knows how much he has inspired me to believe in my dreams. His name is Luis Fernando; he is my little brother.
Luis Fernando, also known as Furny in our family, has taught me how to persevere and never give up when things get hard. He has also taught me the true meaning of commitment and dedication. Currently, my little brother is stationed in the Middle East fulfilling his duties as a soldier for the National Guard. Ever since he was a young boy he spoke about being a soldier. My parents, wanting to protect their son from this hard and strenuous lifestyle, reminded him of the dangers that come with being a soldier. They did everything in their power to stop him from joining the Marines when he was in high school. They even bribed him with a new car! The new car and the fact that my mother could not bear that something could happen to her little boy convinced him to hold off on his dream.
He held off for a while but not permanently. We thought he was through with his dream of being a soldier because he never spoke about it after high school. But as an individual who believes that dreams should always be pursued and accomplished, I knew that his dream would never fully go away. Dreams stand aside patiently and wait until you are ready to embrace them again. My parents thought they had convinced him to not pursue his dream, but they could not fully kill his desire to become a soldier. His journey to becoming a soldier was not easy. He was rejected from joining the Marines due to some prior life setbacks, yet he never gave up. Where there is a will, there will always be a way. I believe that his sense of humor, the fact that he does not take life too seriously, and that he never complains helped him persevere.
I admire that even when he was told that he would never be part of the United States Marines, he continued to knock on doors until the National Guard opened the door for him. He defied all odds because he believed and never gave up on his dream. He has been very gracious and respectful on his journey to becoming a soldier. He loves and takes pride in serving his country. I know that it was hard for him to leave his family for a year to fulfill his mission in the National Guard, but he shows up to what he has signed up for with great honor.
My little brother does not know that whenever I am rejected or fail to accomplish something in my life, I think about him and I keep on pushing forward. He will tell you that I have inspired him, but he does not know how much he has inspired me to believe in what I do and to persevere. I am very proud to be his big sister. I love and miss him very much. I can’t wait to hug him and tell him personally how proud he has made me. Today, I want to honor him by dedicating this blog post to him and sharing four lessons he taught me about perseverance.

Use humor to keep on pushing.
Furny is the clown of the family. Now I understand that every time that he failed he used humor to help him keep on pushing. He never complained about his rejections and he made fun of himself for doing silly things as a young kid that cost him the opportunity to be part of the Marines. He showed me that you must simply keep on pushing forward. When you feel like you can’t keep on pushing forward, remember that your dream is waiting on the other side. Tell yourself that you will get there and laugh yourself through the nonsense of life. Use humor to motivate you to persevere and don’t take your failure too seriously.

Don’t stop. Persevere.
To fulfill your dreams, you must never stop.  It is only when you stop that you have failed. I know my brother knew that if he stopped he would have failed. To persevere you must keep on going. When a door closed on my brother, he found a different door to knock on. He reminded me that sometimes in life we knock on the wrong door, but the right door will always open for us.

Practice optimism as you fail your way to the top.
Things don’t always go exactly as you planned. Challenges show up to test how serious you are or how much you want that dream. My little brother used a positive attitude to get to his destination of being a member of the armed forces. He always believed and was optimistic that someday he would get to represent his country as an American soldier. And now he does.

You are always right where you need to be.
A few weeks ago, my brother posted on Facebook that he was right where he needed to be. And he is. When we are pursuing our dreams and life goals, remember that everything is perfect. There are no accidents; you are always where you need to be. As I look at my journey and compare it to my little brother’s journey, I have concluded that everything that happens in our life is happening for our benefit.  The true lesson is found in deciphering what rejection and failure have to teach us. Be grateful for what is and be hopeful and optimistic for what is coming.

My little brother has been a great teacher to me. He continues to inspire me to persevere with my life goals because he never gave up on his. I am very proud of him. I know great things are coming to him,  because he is a creator, not a bystander in his life. I love him dearly and can’t wait to see him safe and sound back home. Remember, your dreams were given to you to be accomplished. Never give up and persevere just like Furny did! Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending blessings and love your way!

Monday, April 9, 2018

How to Love Life When It Has Become Unlovable

“Sometimes life can become unlovable.
Love it anyway!”
—Nancy Salmeron

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? These two questions have been lingering in my mind for some time now. As a personal development coach, writer, and inspirational speaker, I talk about living a life of passion and purpose. I speak about letting go of fear and taking leaps of faith into sometimes very unclear and muddy waters. I believe that part of our life’s purpose is to seek what makes us come alive. I also believe that our purpose is our reason for being here. We must stay present and savor not only the good, but also the bad and ugly in life because it’s from the combination of good, bad, and ugly that we will learn why we truly are here. As I contemplate where my journey of self-discovery is taking me, I understand that I will stumble not only into the bliss and beauty of life, but also into the scary and horrible of life. We must savor and immerse ourselves in these unpleasant moments because these moments illuminate our strengths and make us treasure the simple, mundane moments in our lives. How could you truly appreciate the beautiful, blooming spring, if you did not experience the bitter, cold winter? Why do we curse life when things fall apart? Sometimes when our life is falling apart it’s for the betterment of our life experience, therefore we should value these moments. Remember, these challenging moments have come to your life so that you can appreciate the ordinary moments. The day-to-day moments will always bring peace and calm to the storm. And what about those moments of true ecstasy and joy? Treasure those too, but remember they are short-lived. Yes, our mission in life is to discover our purpose, yet while seeking our purpose life happens and it’s not always pretty. Today, let’s talk about how to love life when it’s not being kind and lovable to you.

Welcome the situation you are in.
When the bad and ugly of life comes knocking on my door, I peek out, brace myself, and welcome it in. Don’t hide from the bad and ugly of life. Welcome it in and offer it a cup of coffee. As you befriend the bad and ugly of life, you may realize that it has something to teach you. Remember that tough teacher you hated, but learned to appreciate by the end of the school year? You can transform the bad and ugly of life in the same way.

Appreciate the bad as you do the good in life.
Love the bad as you love the good in your life. Be grateful for the experience of feeling pain so that you can better appreciate joy. Cherish and understand that the bad and ugly in your life is not permanent and the same goes for the joy and good in your life. Live a truly abundant life by staying in the moment and not wanting to be anywhere else. Your life will never be defined by those epic moments of joy or tragic moments of pain but will be defined by your everyday moments. Enjoy and treasure these simple, but beautiful moments.

What is life trying to teach you?
The painful moments that bring you to your knees have a lesson for you. What is the lesson? Some of the toughest situations in my life have taught me that nothing is forever. Those moments reminded me of my strength. I have grown as an individual, and my soul has benefited from those experiences immensely. Every negative experience has something to teach you. The trick is to learn the lesson quickly, so that you can move on to bigger and more important lessons.

Difficult, painful moments in life have gotten a bad rap. Yes, they are hard to deal with. Yes, they hurt. But remember they don’t last forever. Appreciate these moments when they come into your life. Embrace them by welcoming them into your existence. Know that they have a lesson to teach you. Learn the lesson and move on. Be grateful for the simple moments of your life so that you can enjoy the peak of the mountain more intensely. Remember, you have a purpose for your life—a reason for being here—and part of that purpose is found in the good, bad, and ugly of life. Embrace and love them all! Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending blessings and love your way!
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Monday, April 2, 2018

Is Pursuing Your Passion Overrated?

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

Last week, at a networking event, someone asked me what I did for a living. I responded, “I help people come alive.” “How do you do that?” they then asked. “I help individuals identify their passion, so that they can pursue their life’s purpose,” I said. “Don’t you think passion is overrated?” they asked next. “No, I don’t think so,” I answered. “I believe that if people pursue their passion and live in purpose, they will find more meaning in their lives and be happier. According to a Gallup poll, seventy percent of people hate their jobs or are disengaged at work. I believe that when people do what they love, they give their best work and will never feel disengaged. These people understand that they are the creators of their lives. They have discovered the connection that their passion has with their life’s purpose, and they are always ready to give their gift to the world. I am passionate about empowering individuals, women specifically to believe that they can pursue their passion. Therefore, I don’t think living passionately is overrated.” The person asked me no more questions after that. Today, I want to talk about passion and how it is the gateway to a life of joy. Here are three tips for letting passion take the lead in your life.

Identify what brings you joy.
What brings me joy is empowering the human potential. I love seeing people pursuing what makes them come alive. I get chills when I see someone doing what they love for a living. I see the creativity in individuals when they are using their unique talents to help others. One person’s talent might be making jewelry. In making jewelry, they bring beauty and joy to others.  Another person’s talent might be nursing and assisting in saving people’s lives. Again, using their gifts, they make this world a better place. What are your gifts? What brings you joy?

Put fear aside and pursue your passion.
I was afraid when I began pursuing my passion of personal development. I found it hard to leave a wonderful career as an educator to follow my purpose of personal development. My fearful ego voice tried to convince me many times that I should continue on my well-known path of teaching. It told me that there was nothing wrong with my life and that I was stupid for giving up a modest, but secure, income for something that had no real guarantees. Yes, I experienced sleepless nights when fear of the “what ifs” conquered me. I had no idea what it took to run a coaching business or how much work it required. However, if I was going to advise others to live their passion and I was not doing that myself, then I was being a hypocrite. So, I decided to take the plunge, leave my teaching position, and sink or swim! Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you do what I did. I am suggesting that you take whatever step fits for you in pursing your passion.

Ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?”
Anything that is worthwhile requires some risk. In my mind, the worst that could happen when I decided to pursue my passion was that I would fail. That was scary! I continued to feel scared until I heard “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. If you have not heard this recording, I recommend that you look it up. Earl Nightingale reminded me that I was failing if I was not doing what I was passionate about. He also says that one fails if we stop pursuing our dreams. It’s important to understand that you will stumble and fall, but you will succeed if you fall forward and keep on moving. Also, you must remember that sometimes your worst failure only happens in your mind.

To conclude, I want to remind you that you are amazing, and you should never settle for a dull life. Seek passion, not only in your romantic relationships, but in every aspect of your life. Look at your life. How have you handled setbacks? If you are reading this, you have survived many trials and tribulations, and here you stand. Don’t doubt the power of your soul. When you go after your passion, you will develop courage and strength. Fight to believe in your life’s purpose! Never doubt that you have what it takes to go after your dreams, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have these desires to begin with. It will not be easy. Failure and pursuing your passion go hand in hand. However, you fail everyday if you are not doing what you love. So, keep your head up, Buttercup, and follow your passion. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending many blessings and love your way!