Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Stop Existing and Start Living

“To live is the rarest thing in the world.
 Most people just exist.”
—Oscar Wilde

I celebrated my forty-second birthday this weekend. As I reflect on my life thus far, I feel excited, peaceful, and grateful. I feel excited because I know that I have an amazing future waiting for me. I feel peaceful because I have learned to trust and surrender my life to something greater than myself. I am grateful because I have a beautiful family and friends who love and support me unconditionally and because I am the creator of my life. Yet there are times I feel guilty. I feel guilty because I get to live this life, but many people don’t. I feel guilty because I see the struggle many individuals go through everyday just to exist. As a personal development coach, I always share the secrets for a more joyous life, but I have learned to keep some of my thoughts to myself. I have learned from past experiences that not everyone is ready to believe that their lives have meaning and that their mission in life is to seek that meaning. I have also learned that the teacher will appear when the student is ready to listen. We all have a personal journey to go through; we all have our own meaning of success. For some, success is to follow societal norms—go to college, earn a degree, get married, have kids, and buy a home. For others, success is to seek within to discover why they are here. These individuals who go against worldly expectations may be considered the radicals of our society. There is no right or wrong way to live your life; there is only your way. But I believe that what dictates success is loving the life you live. Here are three tips to loving the life you live, regardless of where you are in your journey to becoming.

Recognize your blessings.
I believe if you want to be successful in your life you must wake up every morning counting your blessings. The fact of being alive is the first blessing you must recognize. Then zero in on the abundance in your life. I am blessed because I am healthy, I wake up every morning to my beautiful family, and I get to do what I love. Many individuals don’t get to experience this, but it’s my mission to empower you to believe that you, too, can wake up loving what you do. Until you do, look around you and count your blessings. Remember, some of the blessings you have at this present moment are dreams for many others.

Find peace within.
At forty-two, I have learned to trust that where I am in this moment is where I need to be. Timing is divine. I now understand that some of my desires, which I have not received yet, have taught me patience and perseverance. As you seek within and find peace, you will realize that what is happening outside of you is not important, but what is happening inside of you is what matters. Stay calm. Everything you are holding in your heart will manifest itself at the right moment. Trust that you are being taken care of, and trust that in the end all will be well.

Be excited about your future.
Are you looking forward to your future with anticipation? Be excited about your future—without forgetting to stay present of course! I am very excited about my future. I know I have lessons to learn, but I am ready. I am ready to grow and reconnect with my true self. I am excited about my future because I am the creator of it. To be the creator of your life you must be willing to take responsibility for your failures, as well as for your successes. When you are excited about your future, you will only manifest a beautiful future. Your future should drive you, but never scare you.

As I look forward to the next forty years of my life, I want to continue to live boldly and with passion. I want to recognize my fears, but I also want to conquer my fears. I want to continue to inspire you to believe that everything is possible for you. I want to remind you that your life has a purpose. As I do that, I am reminded of my purpose. Thank you. Never settle for a life that does not inspire you. May your next forty years be filled with passion, purpose, and joy . Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.


P.S. My book, Believe. Change. Become.: Remembering Who You Were Destined to Be, has been published. Check it out!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Is Your Purpose Trying to Find You?

“Allow your passion to become your purpose,
 and it will one day become your profession.”

Many of you already know that I used to be an educator. I taught school for over a decade. Although I was content with my profession, I did not feel fully alive. After ten years of being a teacher, I began to ask myself, “Is this all there is? Doesn’t there have to be more than this?” I asked these questions constantly. I felt hopeless and lonely because I did not know anybody else who had these questions. In search of an answer to my questions, I enrolled myself in a master’s degree program to become a school principal. This was a common practice among educators who were seeking change in their lives. I thought that getting a master’s degree in education and becoming a school principal was going to take away the empty feeling in my heart. Two years after I enrolled in the master’s program, I graduated with honors and applied to school administrative positions in my county. But as my faith would have it, God had a bigger plan for my life. God’s plan was for me to share the message of living in purpose, of seeking what makes us come alive. If you want to read in more detail about how I transitioned to personal development/inspirational speaking and writing, check out my book, Believe. Change. Become.: Remembering Who You Were Destined to Be.
Today I want to reminisce about my journey to discovering my true purpose—my passion—my mission in life. We all have a purpose for our lives. A gift was given only to you for you to share with the world. Have you thought about what your gift is? Have you asked yourself, “Is my current life all there is for me?” If you have asked this question, you are seeking purpose and meaning for your life. When one starts asking these questions, it is because our soul has awoken. I wrote in my book that for many years my spirit stood silently by, watching me make decisions based on the beliefs of my parents, society, and the outside world. I had a comfortable existence as an educator. I had weekends, holidays, and three months out of the year off, and I had a good salary. I was successful in the eyes of many people. I felt guilty and ungrateful. I come from a very humble family. My parents harvested the crops in the fields of Vernalis, California, and I used to help them out in the summers. I had come a long way from working in the fields with my parents. To add to my guilt, I was a “maestra,” or teacher, which has the status of being a doctor or a lawyer in the Mexican community. I knew many family members and friends who would have loved to have had my position. My problem was that despite being in a noble, respected profession, I was not living in my purpose. How can you know if you are not living in your purpose and are seeking it? I invite you to consider and reflect upon the following points.

You are seeking purpose when you ask: “Is this it?”
During my final years of teaching, I was constantly asking myself this question. I would wonder about my future. I could not talk to my friends or colleagues about my concerns because I felt that they would not understand. I felt strange and out of place. I was unhappy, and all the material things that I had been promised would bring me joy, did not fill the void I felt. If you are asking yourself this question, seek within, quiet the mind, and see what response arises. The response my inner voice gave me was to pursue an awesome career choice, an idea I had had as a young woman. You see, in my twenties, I had great admiration for the inspirational speaker and life coach, Tony Robbins. I loved to empower people to believe in themselves. I did this with great ease. People came to me for advice. Unfortunately, I did not know how to go about being a personal development coach or an inspirational speaker at the time, so, I did not think it could be a possibility for me. Years later, when I finally stopped looking outside to others for the answer to my question, “Is this it?” I got the answer I was seeking, which was a reminder about my dream and passion of inspirational speaking and coaching. If you are feeling that there is a void in your life, let me remind you that you must pause to listen to your soul, and pursue what your soul tells you. And if you are still struggling with what your purpose might be, try answering this question: “What makes you come alive?”

You are seeking purpose when: You’re not waking up excited in the morning.
Do you hate Mondays? Do you wish you had four-day weekends? Heck, do you hate to get up every day! If you are not excited in the morning, then most likely you are not living in your highest purpose. If this is you, you must ask yourself what would make you love to wake up? What excites you? What would you do for free? I love to talk, write, and inspire. I have done it for free on many occasions. Your purpose is something that awakens your soul and inspires others to do the same. When you live in purpose, people can’t stop wanting to be around you. Something magical is in the air. I get chills when I encounter people who are fulfilling their mission of living a passionate life. I love to see how their magic moves others.

You are seeking purpose when: You don’t feel your life is fulfilling anymore.
I had a lot to be grateful for as an educator, yet my life felt empty. If you are feeling empty, you are most likely not connected to the meaning of life. If you are following societal norms, or only doing what others see as success, you are following the herd. I did this for many years; I was part of the herd. Count your blessings, but if you are unhappy, seek more for your life. Don’t let guilt consume you. It’s your human right to meet your life goals and to live your dreams out loud!

You are seeking purpose when: You are working in a career or job that takes away your energy.
If the primary purpose of your job is to get a paycheck, you are probably lacking purpose and meaning in your life. If you are counting the days until Friday and hating Mondays, you need purpose. When I started to ask the question, “Is this it?” I dreaded Mondays and counted the days to Friday. I felt drained of energy. I loved summers and did not look forward to starting the school year. If this is happening to you, take charge of your life and move in the direction of your purpose. I did, and it put me on an unexpected, sometimes-roller-coaster path, which I have learned to love.

If any of the above resonates with you, your purpose may be trying to find you. Quiet your mind and listen to your soul. Your soul knows your purpose. Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.
Sending many blessings and love your way!

P.S. My book, Believe. Change. Become.: Remembering Who You Were Destined to Be, has been published. Check it out! purpose.

Monday, November 27, 2017

How to Stop Doing and Start Being

“The ego wants you to believe you missed opportunities.
 The spirit knows that each present moment is a new opportunity.”
—Dean Jackson
In the United States it is believed that to be successful you must be on the go all the time. Success is determined by the way you hustle every day. “There are not enough hours in the day to finish everything I must do,” is a common expression. We pride ourselves because we have full agendas. It makes us feel important. In the past, if my calendar was not full, I felt that I was not working hard enough. I did not look forward to the holidays because I slowed down, and then I developed a sense of guilt. I felt guilty because I was not on the go. I was not in motion when it came to my business.  I would see my kids’ and husband’s life moving at a fast pace while mine slowed down, and eventually stopped, during the holidays. I felt restless. “You should be doing more! You are wasting time!” my ego voice would tell me. Then the voice of my spirit appeared and said, “It’s time to stop doing, and start being.” And that is what I have put into practice today. Just because you are not in motion does not mean you are failing. You are not failing; you are growing. You are not missing opportunities if you stop moving. You are reconnecting with your essence—with your source—so that you may be better prepared when those opportunities happen. We live in a culture that celebrates and encourages the everyday hustle. This view makes us feel uncomfortable when we slow down and become quiet. We need to realize that it’s okay to not be busy all the time. We should be grateful when things slow down for us, not guilty. The following ideas are how I got over the need to be constantly in motion and to appreciate the act of being .

Be proud of the moments that make you restless.
The moments that make you restless are the moments that remind you of your soul. Silence the outside world so that you can hear the soul’s message. This time is precious because it makes you grow. It puts things into perspective. The sad truth is that many people who hustle their way to success never get to connect with their inner selves. They are so worried about missing an opportunity that they ignore the voice of their soul. When these restless moments appear, embrace them, and take time to get to know the real you.

Success without the hustle exists.
If you can dream it and believe it, it’s yours. Work toward your dreams, but devote time to living your life. Take it easy. Relax. Everything that is supposed to be yours will be. Some people who hustle all the time believe that you should put fifteen hours or more daily into your passion or else you won’t succeed. I believe that you need to work hard toward your goals and dreams, but you also need to take a break from  the hustle and busyness. You need to allow space for your goals to flow. Be determined to invest time everyday to your passions, but also learn to surrender it all and relax.

Listen to your intuition.
When you are on the go all the time, you ignore your inner voice—your intuition. As I learn to meditate more often and listen to my intuition, my spirit voice whispers to me and tells me what I need to do next. This voice, which I have learned to focus on, guides me to my next move. Listen to your intuition. Your intuition will always show you the fastest path to peace and prosperity. The inner voice already knows the way. Be in alignment with your dreams by connecting to the voice of the spirit. Let go of the hustle and settle into the present moment so that you can hear this voice.
To stop doing and start being, you must be willing to relinquish your need to control outcomes, and trust that you are fully supported. I know it’s hard to do. Yet, I want to remind you that you don’t have to struggle so hard to make your dreams come true. Do your part everyday to move in the direction of your dreams, but enjoy where you are now. Trust your intuition, time, and the universe. Know with certainty that they have your back. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become. See you next week!
Sending many blessings and love your way!


P.S. My book, Believe. Change. Become.: Remembering Who You Were Destined to Be, has been published. Check it out!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Follow Your Dreams, but Remember to Value Your Present Life

“As we pursue our dreams, we must not forget to live our present life.” 
—Nancy Salmeron

Sorry I missed posting my blog last Monday. I had a very difficult week. A lot has been going on with my home, my siblings, and my finances. I live on a ranch, and recently the pump to my well went out. We were without water for a couple of days. It’s amazing how your perspective on the small details of life changes when basic, human necessities such as water are eliminated. All of a sudden you become paralyzed because you can’t wash your hands. The expense of fixing the water situation put a drain on our finances. These minor setbacks, along with other family issues, caused me so much stress that eventually my body gave out. I got sick and was in bed for a couple of days. Bed rest was a good remedy for my current life situation. We fixed the water well problem and got water back on the ranch, but fears and doubts started to creep into my soul. As I tried to connect with my soul, I realized that my ego voice had started to ask questions, such as, “What if you don’t accomplish all of your dreams? What if where you are now is as far as you will go?” My eternally optimistic views disappeared. Doubts appeared. I started to wonder if I had been wrong. What if dreams don’t really come true? What if where I am now is all there is? This made me sad for a moment, but then I realized that my life was not bad. I have a pretty authentic life. I have a husband and family who love me, friends who support and guide me, and a quaint home that I have learned to love. I have water (I am very grateful for water!) and food that sustains me and a business that inspires me. What else could I ask for? As I answered these fear-based questions, I concluded that as we pursue our dreams, we must not forget to value and live our present lives. We must act as if the life we are living in this moment is preparing us for the life of our dreams. We must be grateful for all the good, bad, and ugly of life. Here three tips on how to love all parts of your life despite it not yet being the life you are dreaming about.

Embrace—don’t fight—the situation you are in.
When bad situations show up, don’t fight them—embrace them! Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? How can I grow from this situation? What is the lesson that I must learn?” With my water situation, I learned to value the small things in life. Not having running water put my dreams and life goals into perspective. It humbled me into realizing how blessed I am to live in a part of the world where water is not a luxury, but is readily available. It made me think about those parts of the world where water is part of the dream. My dreams are valid, but so is the life I am living right now. This life is transforming me into the woman that I must become to see my dreams become a reality. The only thing I must remember is that as I embark on my journey, I must not forget to live and embrace the good, bad, and ugly of life. Because the good, bad and ugly of life make for fascinating stories to someday tell your grandchildren. Embrace and love where you are right now. I promise you that within time you will be where you always wanted to be in your life.

Practice gratitude for the good and the bad.
We all know about practicing gratitude for the good in our lives, but do we ever practice gratitude for the bad? When setbacks appear in my life, I am reminded of all my blessings. So, I have concluded that maybe the bad things in our lives remind us of how good we actually have it. For example, I became grateful for getting sick because it reminded me to value my health. As we encounter death in our lives, don’t we value life more? Let’s not give the negative events of our life a bad rap. Let’s put a positive light on these events so that we can see how great life is.

Work toward your dreams, but don’t get lost in them.
The biggest problem I see with following our dreams is that we can get lost in our dreams and forget to live our lives. To follow our dreams is a lofty ideal. We exist to execute and live our dreams, yet we must remember that life is but a dream. As I imagine my future self, I am reminded that my present self is alive and well. I am reminded that the woman I am now is amazing. Yes, I have a lot of learning and growing to do before I fulfill my destiny, but I love who I am and where I am now. This life I am living right now could be the dream life for many others. I am in love with my dreams, but I am also in love with the life I have right now. Love where you are because one day this, too, will become but a dream.

As we work toward our life dreams and goals, please remember to love and live your present life. Dedicate time and effort to your purpose and passion, but don’t forget to find gratitude where you are now. As my life changes and realizing my dreams gets closer, I am reminded that life is what is happening right now! Life is not what will happen five or ten years from now. Be dedicated to and believe in your dreams, but immerse yourself in the present moment. Enjoy your life by celebrating the fact that you are alive and thriving. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.
Sending many blessings and love your way!
P.S. My book, Believe. Change. Become.: Remembering Who You Were Destined to Be, is out. Check it out!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

What Does a Life Without Regrets Look Like?

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."
—Abraham Lincoln

I have shared on a few occasions that my aging father has been in and out of the hospital a couple of times this year. A few days ago, I went to visit him at my parents’ home. As we caught up on his health, I shared that he must stay positive and keep on believing that he will get better. We also talked about his regrets in life. He shared that he wished he had given me and his other children more of his time. He wished he had followed his passion for singing. He mentioned that his biggest regret was that he let fear control his life. This very insightful conversation made me think about today’s topic, a life without regrets.
Let’s talk about what it means to live life without regrets. It is my belief that we make life harder than it really is. The older I get the more I understand that certain beliefs and principles can simplify life. These beliefs include: Love should always be our compass: staying in the moment will guide our future; staying close to the ones we love makes us happier; going with the flow does not mean that we can’t express our mind; and we have not lived unless we have pursued our dreams. I believe these principles are essential for living a life of joy. They are all equally important. What matters to me is that if I am asked at the end if I lived a happy life, I want to be able to say, without a doubt, that I chose my life and never settled for it. I did it my way!
Read on to learn more about what I view is essential for a happy life.

Pursue your dreams and not the dreams of others.
To live a life that truly matters you must pursue your dreams and not what your parents, family, or friends desire for you. Some dreams may involve the material world; others come from the heart and seek purpose and significance in your life. Your purpose is as unique as your thumbprint. Your true calling or purpose was given to you for you to follow. Following your purpose makes you come alive. What makes you come alive? For me, it’s empowering individuals to believe in their dreams and follow their purpose. We all have different callings. For some, it’s to be an educator, doctor, scientist, or mother. Your purpose does not have to be grand in a way that society defines as being successful. To be successful in life you just need to follow your heart and your bliss. Do what you want to do because you love it. If you want to be a mother and love that role, pursue it with passion, and be the best mother possible.  Your purpose should bring you joy and contribute positively to others’ lives. How many people you impact does not matter. What matters is that you make someone else’s life better because you were born.

Work less, and stay close to the ones you love.
My father’s biggest regret was that he did not spend a lot of time with his children. He spent much of his time working. Work less and spend time with the ones you love. Life tends to move quickly. When you have children, you notice how the years fly by. Be careful with your time. Dedicate time to the ones you love. Make a conscious choice to spend quality time with them. Yes, we get busy, but let go of the things that take away from bonding with and loving the special people in your life. It is said that on our death beds we will regret the time we spent working but never the time we spent with the ones we love. Have no regrets! Spend time with the ones that fill your heart now.

Go with the flow.
When you go with the flow you understand that you are being guided toward what is best for you. Work for what you desire, but be wise enough to know when to surrender and go with the flow. As you go with the flow, you will discover that there is a better plan for your life than you ever imagined. When you trust in God—in the Universe—you discover that life is not so complicated. When you let go and trust, life becomes effortless and more rewarding.

Express your mind.
If you express your mind, then you will not die with unshared ideas or thoughts that could have changed our world. Be mindful of your thoughts, and express only those thoughts that empower and uplift others. Express thoughts that support love, empathy, and compassion. When you do, you give the opportunity for others to do the same. Even if you have negative or fearful feelings, know that you have the right to express them. Don’t hold onto anger or resentment; express it. Be open with your thoughts and world views, but never impose them.

Enjoy each moment.
Savor every moment. Both good and bad moments should be cherished because they are fleeting. Stay present and focused. As you live consciously every moment, you realize that life is beautiful. Even when pain and suffering make a visit, they too, will transcend into something better. Stay in the moment by reminding yourself that the present moment is all you have. The past is gone. The future is never guaranteed. We can only count on the present.

Let love, not fear, lead the way.
When you decide to be led by love, you will bring prosperity and joy to your life. If you choose to follow fear, you will bring uncertainty and hardship into your life. My father let fear stop him from pursuing a singing career, and now he regrets his choice. Fear is what society and the world teach us, but love is the emotion we are born with. Let go of fear and embrace love. It feels better, and it’s better for your health.

There is a reason for your life. It is to live in joy and purpose!  You will find joy when you choose love and enjoy each moment. You will discover your purpose when you decide to believe in your gift. Express your mind, but also learn to go with the flow of life. Last, but not least, remember to live in purpose because that is why you are here. Your purpose is the gift given to you to share with the world. Make sure you discover your gift, and give it to others.  Until next week, Believe. Change. Become.
Sending many blessings and love your way!

P.S. My book Believe. Change. Become.: Remembering Who You Were Destined to Be is now available.  Check it out at!

Monday, October 30, 2017

What the World Needs Now

Compassion and Gratitude Equal Peace and Love.
 Look back in forgiveness, forward in hope,
down in compassion, and up with gratitude.
—Zig Ziglar

A few days ago, a friend and I drove by a homeless person who looked very sad, tired, and hopeless. My friend mentioned that she felt badly for her; she wished homelessness didn’t exist. I told her that there was a difference between feeling sorry for someone who was living in these circumstances and having compassion and empathy for them. I shared my belief that the three most powerful emotions that should guide our lives are gratitude, empathy, and compassion. These three emotions are needed if you want to live a life of abundance and success.  With gratitude you see your blessings, which will result in more blessings in your life. With compassion and empathy, you get to experience the passion that exists in your heart for others. Compassion and empathy give you the opportunity to share your love with those in need of love. Today, let’s talk about these three emotions, which the world needs more people to experience to help make it a better place.

Why gratitude?
Gratitude is the gift you should seek because it magnifies the blessings in your life. With gratitude you get to notice how blessed you really are. Counting your blessings ignites your joy. The emotion of gratitude also reminds you of all the wonderful people, circumstances, and experiences that occupy your life.  If you practice gratitude, you feel abundance. You need nothing else, so anything extra you receive is just a cherry on top! I find that when I don’t focus on my blessings, my pain, sorrow, and disappointments deepen. Without gratitude you see only the negative aspects of your life. If you exclude gratitude, you go through life feeling a sense of lack. People who have happy lives practice gratitude and feel a sense of completeness. They seek more blessings by being in the moment and noticing all the wonderful elements in their lives. With this attitude, they attract more wonderful experiences to their lives.

Why compassion?
Do you want love in your heart? Then practice compassion for yourself and others. What do I mean by this? When you have compassion for yourself, you love yourself. You do things for yourself that benefit the growth of your spirit. You never compromise your mission. You know you are valuable. With compassion, you can love yourself and others because you have an open heart. If you have an open heart, the energy of love you send out will reflect back to you in abundance. With compassion in your heart you get to feel the joy of helping others. You identify with others because we are interconnected; we are one. With compassion, you find love and peace in your soul and get to share that with others.

Seek empathy.
If you struggle with feeling empathy toward others, here is a way to practice it using
Just Like Me steps :
Step 1: "Just like me, this person is seeking happiness in his/her life."
Step 2: "Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life."
Step 3: "Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness, and despair."
Step 4: "Just like me, this person is seeking to fill his/her needs."
Step 5: "Just like me, this person is learning about life."

As I reflected on why I will continue to seek empathy, compassion, and gratitude in my life, I concluded that my reason is so that I can feel more peace and love within myself. I wish that you, too, can feel more peace and love. Give yourself the gifts of empathy, compassion, and gratitude. And see other people’s suffering with empathy and compassion. This is your gift to the world.
Until next Monday! Remember to Believe. Change. Become!

Sending many blessings and love your way!


Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Attract What You Desire to Your Life

"Imagine with all your mind.
Believe with all your heart.
   Achieve with all your might."


I am super excited!  Next week I will present a Make Your Dreams Come True workshop.  I love sharing this powerful workshop, but I have been experiencing nightmares these last couple of days. 
I dream that I am called to the stage to speak, but I am not ready!  I am missing my shoes. As I start looking for them, I can’t find a matching pair.  Finally, I find two shoes that are not a pair but are the same color— bright yellow. One is a sandal and the other is a high heel. I decide that the audience won’t notice, because the shoes are the same color.
I wake up in a panic and try to analyze my dream.  I have concluded that the bright, yellow color of the shoes promises that my presentation will be bright and fun.  The feeling of not being ready is a negative thought that is taking away from my positive energy.  To remind you, and myself, about the power of positive vs. negative thoughts, let’s talk about attracting what you desire or believe should be yours.  Today I want to help you understand, “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you believe!”  Here are five tips for attracting what you desire:
Know What You Desire.
As a first step in attracting what you desire,  be ridiculous with your desires and dreams. Do not limit yourself.  Dream big, and then make the dream bigger. Do you desire a new job?  Yes? Then dream about a job where you showcase what you are passionate about.  Don’t settle for just any new job. Go crazy, go big, and be specific.  Sometimes this task can be difficult because as children we were told to “Stop dreaming!” or to “Get down from that cloud!”  Today I want to tell you it’s okay to dream, and it’s even better if your dream seems out of reach!

Feel Your Dreams. 
It is important to set a time to daydream.  Give yourself a few minutes every day!  Feel what it would be like to have a job or career that you are passionate about. Imagine looking forward to Mondays like you look forward to Fridays. Imagine waking yourself without an alarm clock.  Feel the joy of living in a home that rises to greet you.  Feel the happiness of a more loving relationship with your family.  It is when we get in the feel stage that we activate positive energy for our desires.

Believe Your Desires Are Yours .
I read somewhere that the universe is like a super store.  Everything you desire is waiting there for you.  The price you must pay is the price of believing.  Believe that if you desire something you were destined to have it.  Your desires were given to you for a reason.  Don’t be modest with your desires. Believe you are worth it!

Take Action and Be Grateful.
One of the hardest challenges about teaching the power of believing is that many people think that if they believe with all their might their desires will simply appear.  And, yes, some dreams can appear effortlessly.  Yet, for the most part, action makes dreams come true.  The way I describe this to my clients is by telling them that the universe is energy, and so are we.  When we put action or energy into our dreams, it matches the energy of the universe and becomes more powerful. Believing is a required step to get what you desire, but  action fuels goals and dreams.  In addition, practicing gratitude increases your positive energy frequency, and you will attract more positive results to  your life!

Be Happy and Be Patient.
Patience and happiness may seem contradictory, but you can make them work in harmony.  I have said before that patience is knowing without a doubt that what you are desiring will be yours.  Be patient, enjoy where you are at this moment, and be happy.  Believe that everything you desire will come to you at the right moment.  If you do this, anything and everything you dream is possible!

In conclusion, to attract what you desire start with changing your energy.  Believe that everything you desire will be yours, take action toward your goals, practice patience, and always be grateful for what you already have!  Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become!
Sending many blessings and love your way,