Monday, July 9, 2018

Love the Small Things of Life

“To live, love the small things in your life that will eventually bring you to your dreams.”
—Nancy Salmeron

I am a goal seeker and a dream follower. I work on projects, do presentations, and I am always ready to move on to the next grand event. I teach individuals about being consistent with their goals so that they can make their dreams come true. I believe that our lives need to be filled with passion and purpose; we must work on our dreams every day. Yet, I know that life is found in the small, mundane things that we do daily. Life is not found in a big promotion, a grand business venture, a large house, or an expensive vacation. Life is found in brushing your teeth in the morning, in waking up and feeding your children breakfast, and in drinking your cup of coffee. Life is rediscovered in washing a load of clothes or the dishes. Our life is better experienced when we focus and show appreciation for everyday events that bring us to our warm, cozy beds at the end of the day. Yes, follow your dreams, live a life of passion and purpose, but don’t get lost in pursuing your dreams. Enjoy every step that will take you to your goals but savor those small, everyday things that accumulate and result in your life. I love that I get to pursue my purpose and work on my dreams. But what I love more are the interactions that I have with my children and husband. I love my daughter walking into my bedroom in the mornings asking me to make her waffles for breakfast. I love my son asking me, “What’s for dinner, Mom?” I appreciate it when my husband tells me that he likes my cooking. I enjoy running errands. Indeed, life is about the little things we do every day. These little things will eventually bring you to your big life moments. Today, let’s talk about savoring the small events in your life that will eventually bring you to your life goals and dreams.

Your day, your week, and your month is most likely composed of little things. They could range from waking up, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, and hitting the gym for a workout. These small events can bring a sense of peace and calm if you know how to savor them. You can savor them by immersing yourself in the activity and appreciating the fact that you woke up at all. Your life is happening right know. Your life won’t happen when you reach your life goal or dream. Yes, your goals and dreams will come to fruition, but they will not last forever. They too, will become moments that will evaporate into the sunset. So be very mindful of those small moments because those are the moments that really count!

Wake up with gratitude in your heart.
Every morning I say thank you. I say thank you to God, to my husband, and to my children. I wake up with gratitude in my heart because I get to do what I love and have the honor to have them in my life. I am very fortunate to experience life the way I do. I love that I have a husband and children who love me dearly. They are the best souls who could be part of my journey. Be grateful for everybody and everything in your life no matter how small. Count your blessings and understand that every blessing will multiply when you show appreciation for it.

Don’t stop living while you pursue your dreams.
I used to think I would be happy only when my goals and dreams became a reality. I used to believe that if I put all my attention on achieving my dreams they would manifest faster. Then I realized that I was not living; I was simply existing. I was going through the motions of life but was not fully aware of all the beautiful, little things that were happening all around me. I was not showing appreciation for waking up in the morning or for my friends and family. I was too focused on making my dreams succeed. I forgot to live. Yes, believe and pursue your dreams, but don’t forget that your simple but beautiful life is already here waiting for you to notice it.

To live, love the small things in your life that will eventually bring you to your dreams. You discover a life full of joy and peace when you count your blessings and appreciate waking up, making breakfast, and washing a load of laundry. Life does not only show up when your dreams come true. Life is happening right now in the mundane moments! We live many more simple life experiences than grand life events. Don’t waste your time waiting for that perfect moment in the future; your future is now in the present moment. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.
Sending many blessings and much love your way!

Monday, June 25, 2018

How to Tame the Ego Voice so The Soul Voice Can Guide You

“Embrace the voice of the soul to live a life where fear takes a back seat and love and confidence becomes your true compass.”
-Nancy Salmeron
In my field of work, I teach individuals about the voice of the ego. I define the ego voice as the practical, rational and scared voice inside of you that believes it protects you from harm. The ego is the voice that compares yourself to others. It is what separates you from others. The ego is made up of past thoughts and negative experiences. The ego enjoys dwelling on things that have gone wrong in your life and enjoys putting fear to your future. I believe the intentions of the ego were not always bad. In the past the purpose of the ego was to ensure security and survival. It has been said that our ego protected us from the saber tooth tiger, back when we lived in caves. Fortunately, we don’t run into these types of dangers anymore. The ego is stuck in past mistakes and is fearful of the future failures. The ego is the pessimistic voice that wants to stop you from joy, because it’s essence is not happiness its essence is fear, the ego is what keeps you away from truly experiencing life. It does this by awakening your fears and inspiring self judgement on yourself and others. I believe that it is our life mission to tame our ego, emphasis on taming the ego, so that we can pursue dreams our purpose and live authentic life’s. In understanding what part, the ego plays in our life and silencing this voice we discover the voice of our soul. There are many people who have focused their full attention on the ego voice that never recognize the other voice that lingers on the background the voice of the soul. This is the voice of truth and confidence. It is also the voice the voice of love, patience and happiness. This subtle voice is a small whisper that gets lost in the loudness of the voice of the ego. The voice of the soul is always there wanting to guide you, encourage you and love you. It has watched you live in fear of what could go wrong in your life. It has whispered, “Believe in yourself,” “You got this!” But you did not hear it, because you were focused on the voice ego. Today let’s go deep to awaken the voice of the soul so that it can be your compass in this journey of life.

Understand the two voices.
Again, the initial purpose of the ego voice is to protect you from harm. It is fueled by negative thoughts it is fear based. This voice tells you that you can’t be a business owner. That you are not smart enough to apply for that new job. It will remind you of past failures and predict a dim future. The purpose of the soul voice is to bring love and peace into your life. The soul voice will never tell you how stupid or silly you are to believe in dreams. This voice reminds you that you have succeeded in the past. The voice of the soul assures that if you fail you have what it takes to get up. This voice brings comfort, confidence and joy to your present moment. Why not choose the voice of the soul?

The ego voice separates, but the voice of the soul unites.
When the ego takes lead, you separate yourself from others. It’s you against the world! Others are your enemies. You compete with them. You never feel good enough. Your ego voice if filled with judgment, holds grudges and never forgives. Again, it’s trying to protect you. When you listen to the voice of the soul you become more patient with others and yourself. Empathy is your guide to trying to understand other people’s actions. This voice reminds you that you are connected to others and that love, and patience is the link. The voice of the soul is speaking lightly but when you mute the voice of the ego it becomes music to your ears, and the feelings of confidence, trust and surrender appear.

The soul voice brings you to the here and now.
The voice of the soul wants to keep you in the present moment because the present moment is where life is. The ego voice is adamant about focusing your attention to your sad past or your dreadful future. It will remind you that you will fail again if you try, so why try at all? It will ask, “Who do you think you are?” Acknowledge the ego voice for wanting to keep you safe, but let it go. Listen to the voice of the soul, but don’t be fooled into believing that you can’t pursue dreams because you will fail. You may fail, but that does not make you a failure. You are only a failure when you don’t try. The voice of the soul is that confident voice that has no doubt that you will succeed. This voice tells you how amazing, intelligent and successful you are. Mute the voice of the ego and listen to the voice of the soul!

If you want to fulfil your true potential and live a life of passion and purpose you must tame and silence the voice of the ego so that the voice of the soul may lead. No, it’s not easy to ignore a voice that has dominated your thoughts with fear, pain, and agony for your whole life, but it’s possible. It starts with becoming aware of the voice of the ego. Looking at where the fear is coming from. Then you must assure the voice of the ego, you heard it, but it must go! To listen to the voice of the soul, you must get quiet and remember that you are amazing and that love, not fear should always be your guide in life. Embrace the voice of the soul to live a life where fear takes a back seat and love and confidence becomes your true compass. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become!

Sending many blessing and much love your way!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Don’t Let Your Fearful Thoughts Take You Away from Joy

“Don’t let your ego-driven thoughts take you away from what is happening in the moment.”
—Nancy Salmeron

I’ve been dealing with a great deal of uncertainty, fear, and jealousy in my relationship with my husband,” my friend told me as we sat together for breakfast last week.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“I don’t like how he becomes very attentive with one of my closest girlfriends when she’s around. He becomes very friendly, and it’s making me uncomfortable,” she responded.  
“Have you told him how you are feeling?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said “and he has apologized for his actions which make me feel uncomfortable. I believe him when he tells me that he has no motive except to be welcoming to my friend. I know he loves me and that I should not feel this way, yet the fear of him being unfaithful or falling in love with someone else has consumed me. How should I handle this? What should I do?” she asked me.
“Understanding jealousy is the first step,” I answered. “Jealousy is a reaction to external circumstances that make you feel threatened. If your husband continues to pay attention to your friend, you fear that you might lose him. You’re feeling that you are not good enough, and you’re insecure in your relationship. Perhaps you’re lacking a close connection with your husband. I believe you took a positive step when you shared your fears with your husband. Now he’s aware of your feelings, and he’ll be more cautious about the way he interacts with your friend. I know he loves you, and I believe that he never intended to make you feel fearful or jealous on purpose. Our ego gets fuel from our fearful thoughts. Our thoughts fueled by fear make us see things that aren’t really there. You’ve been through a great deal of stress. Currently, you’re feeling emotionally drained with thoughts of low self-worth. So, you are very sensitive to everything he says or does. Work on communicating your doubts and fears to him. Tell him that you’re very sensitive right now and need extra assurance that he loves you until you can fully see your self-worth. Tell him that you trust him and know that you must work on the negative thoughts that are bringing you down. In the end, you can’t control what he does, but you can control how you react to his behavior. To overcome the negative thoughts, you must not be afraid of loss. You’re fearful of something that exists only in your head; nothing is lost in this current moment. Remember, we must be mindful of our thoughts and fears because you may be seeing things that don’t exist now but could become real if you continue to focus on them. You have the power to create anything in your life. Why don’t you focus on creating more love, peace, and harmony in your relationship? I know your husband loves you deeply, and he would never do anything to hurt you.”
Today, let’s talk about how fear-based thoughts can destroy relationships and how to identify thoughts based on fear and shut them down in their tracks!

What is causing these fear-based thoughts?
What is making you feel fearful? In my friend’s case it was the idea that she could lose her husband. She was feeling insecure about her relationship with her husband. Do thoughts of not being good enough or rejection come to mind. Are you afraid that you are not smart enough to be a business owner? Are wondering if you are worthy of a relationship you are in? These are fear-based thoughts. These thoughts exist because you believe you are unworthy of success or happiness.These thoughts should be ignored because they only exist in your head, they are not real. You are smart enough to be a business owner and anybody would be lucky to have you! What fearful thoughts are consuming you and why? Go deep and identify the why .

Who would you be without these fear-based thoughts?
When I asked my friend this question, she told me that she would be at peace. Fearful thoughts take away from joy, and the ego mind is addicted to negative thoughts. These thoughts fuel and elevate the ego’s purpose. They make the ego feel important. When you try to kill these thoughts in their tracks, your ego fights back by showing you what might happen in the future if you don’t take action on the negative thoughts. Notice negative thoughts, say thank you to them for showing up, and send them away. Realize who you would be without these fearful thoughts.

Everything is happening in your head.
Nothing is happening outside of you. When fearful thoughts show up, realize that they are just thoughts. What you fear is not happening outside of your mind. You are a creator of your future, and the future happens moment by moment. Stay optimistic and find true joy in every moment. What will be will be, and you are strong enough to handle anything that life throws at you.
We are in a constant war within ourselves. The war is the fight between the ego and our soul. We can control the ego by listening to it but not being consumed by it. The ego’s intentions are to protect us from all the bad things that could happen to us. The ego is unaware that fear is not a good source to follow. When you are dealing with fear or jealousy, ask yourself: “How do I really know this is true? Is this event I fear happening right know? And who would I be without these fearful thoughts?” Accept yourself as you are, and never feel that you are not enough. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending blessings and love your way!

Monday, June 11, 2018

How to Find the Beauty of Life in the Present Moment

“The beauty of life is not found in the past or future.
The beauty of life is found in the present moment.”
—Nancy Salmeron
In a serendipitous encounter, I ran into a friend who is running for office in the June elections. To protect our conversation, we shall call him “Bob.” As he shared stories about the November 2016 elections, I realized how committed he was to his community. He grew up in the Central Valley and has always wanted to make a difference. As he spoke, I realized that he was very passionate about what he was doing. I assured him that he had my vote and that I would be rooting for him. As we concluded our conversation, I asked him what he felt he needed to implement more of during his election campaign that would help him win. He responded that he felt he needed to learn to be more present. He believed that he lacked presence because he had so many deadlines and people to account to. As I listened to him speak, I tried to model being  present in our conversation.
As a result of our conversation, I became aware that many individuals do not fully understand what it means to be present. The phrase “stay in the present moment” has been overused by many people like myself who want to be more connected to our surroundings. What does being present mean? Why are so many individuals seeking it? Are we becoming more present? In this encounter, I became aware that true understanding of what it means to be present is required to actually be present. To be present is to not have an agenda or a purpose; it is to just be. When we are truly immersed in the present moment, we don’t tell ourselves that we are in the present moment; we simply are.
“Bob,” I told him, “to be present, you must remember that you should not have an outcome for your interactions with people. You must simply listen attentively. Yes, you may have the intention for the person you are speaking with to give you their vote, but in that present moment you surrender all expectations and let it go. In the present moment, you accept the moment as it is. You are not desiring anything else.”
“Wow,” Bob said. “Being present is not as easy as I thought.”
“Hey, I can coach you!” I told him.
“Maybe you should,” Bob answered.  
Today, let’s talk about how life is truly found in the present moment and not in the past or future. Here are some tips on how to immerse yourself in the present moment.

Let go of multitasking.
We take pride in saying that we can multitask. The truth is that human beings are not able to multitask. We stop one activity to do the next activity. To be present you must stay focused on one thing at the time. If you are speaking to someone, focus on what they are saying. To be fully engaged and to stay in the present moment you must be able to not do two things at the same time. The present moment is found in doing one task at a time.

The past is gone.
The present moment is not found in the past. Stay here; nothing else matters. Pay attention to the details of your environment. Look at the sunset, flower, or butterfly. See the details that encompass the beauty of the world as if it was the first time. Whatever happened in the past can not be re-done. It’s done, and you must move on. Focusing on what is gone, keeps you away from the present moment and keeps you a prisoner to the past.

The future is now.
Goals and dreams are important, and we should all have them. Yet, nothing is ever promised. The only moment that we have is now. Yes, work toward your goals every day, but remind yourself that everything is perfect as it is. You don’t need anything from the future to be happy. Find joy in waking up in a cozy bed. Be at peace with the chaos of the busy mornings, and don’t desire to be anywhere else but where you are. Your present is found in your breath. Breathe deeply by inhaling presence and exhaling any anxiety about your future.

When you embrace the present moment, you receive a series of gifts throughout the day. Everything happens in the present moment. Nothing is happening in the past or will happen in the future. Your future is here; your future is now. Embrace the present moment by not desiring to be anywhere else but here. Embrace the present moment by taking deep breaths and reminding yourself that everything is perfect. Witness the beauty around you by attending to everything you see as if it was the first time. Let go of the past and future by realizing that your life is only happening in the present moment. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become!

Sending many blessing and much love your way,


Monday, June 4, 2018

How to Observe and Control Your Mind

“Your mind can be your best ally or your worst enemy.
 The thoughts that you feed your mind will determine which it becomes.”
—Nancy Salmeron
“You can either build or destroy anything in your life with your mind. Our mind can make up stories and scenarios that are not true. If you don’t watch your thoughts, you will bring to life many of your fears. Listen to and acknowledge your fears, but don’t believe everything you hear in your head,” I told a potential coaching client as we talked on the phone about her fears of leaving her current position to pursue a business in the food industry. She had mentioned that she had many fears in her head about all the things that could go wrong if she decided to pursue her dream of being a restaurant owner.
“I would love a guarantee that I am not making a mistake by quitting a secure job that has health benefits and a great retirement plan. I have a lot to lose. What are the odds of me being a success in the restaurant business?” she asked.
I answered her as follows, “I don’t believe that dreams or desires are mistakes. To succeed you must fail. There will be times when you will want to quit. There will be times when you may wonder and even have regrets about pursuing your dreams. As you fail, you will have people tell you that they ‘told you so.’ Being the captain of your own ship and going against the world’s expectations is not for the weak of heart; it takes courage. Fear is the reason why so many people conform. If you decide to accept the challenge of following your dreams, you will discover that something inside of you changes. If you stick around to see your dreams come true, you will become unrecognizable to yourself and those around you. Some will admire your new self; some will resent you. Making dreams come true is not about acquiring a certain life goal; the real prize is about who you become. No, I cannot guarantee instant success if you decide to pursue your dreams, but I can guarantee fulfillment, joy, and growth if you decide to take the challenge. You will need determination. I believe you have what it takes to make this life goal a reality, but in the end, you have to believe it is possible. So think about it and let me know how you would like to proceed.” As we ended the phone conversation, she promised to get back to me before the end of the week.
Today, let’s talk about how sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head and how to change that. Here are three tips on controlling limiting beliefs that stop you from living a life of your creation.

Take a moment to acknowledge your negative mind.
It is important that you listen to your disgruntled thoughts that have legitimate concerns of failure when you are seeking to make a life goal or dream a reality. The thoughts that show up are there because your mind wants to keep you safe. Our minds don’t appreciate change. The negative thoughts will remind you that you have failed before and ask you why you would you want to take a risk again. Take the time to acknowledge these thoughts and assure your mind that you are capable of overcoming failure. Let the thoughts know that you see them, thank them for their concern, and send them off.

Your thoughts change dependent on your mood.
Let optimism and gratitude guide your life and influence your thoughts. When you focus on positivity and your blessings, your mind can’t help but bring you positive thoughts. Stay in gratitude, practice being patient, and push all fearful thoughts out of your mind.

You become what you repeatedly think.
What thoughts are taking space in your mind? Are you telling yourself that you are not worthy of your dreams or of a loving relationship? Are you thinking that you are not smart enough for your dream job? Retrain your mind by telling it only positive things that lift you up. Remind your mind that you are worthy of your dreams. Tell yourself how intelligent you are and why you are worthy of that amazing relationship that is waiting for you!

To be successful in life you must make your mind your ally. You do this by acknowledging your fears and negative thoughts, but then letting them go. You also must practice optimism, and invite gratitude in. Be aware of what thoughts are taking space in your head. Are they negative or positive? If you need guidance, feel more and think less. Check your emotions and change your state of negativity to positivity to transform your life. Believe only in the thoughts that fuel your happiness and joy. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become!

Sending blessings and love your way!


Monday, May 21, 2018

Be Selective about Who You Include in Your Tribe

“Your tribe should reflect who you are or who you aspire to become.”
—Nancy Salmeron

“You are the average of the five people you spend most of the time with. If you want to pursue life goals and dreams, surround yourself with people who believe in you and empower you,” I told a young lady who asked me what I thought about tribes. She had shared that she felt her friends were not goal-oriented like she was and wondered if she should find new friends. I reminded her that people who reflect who we desire to become should be part of our tribe.

What is a tribe? The definition of a tribe according to Webster’s New World Dictionary is a group of people or a community with similar values or interests; also, a group with a common ancestor or a common leader. I am very fortunate to have a tribe of beautiful women and a couple of men who inspire me to push harder and believe in myself. These women see something in me that I sometimes forget to see—my sparkle—which shines brightly when I inspire others to dream big and believe in themselves. They remind me that my true gift is to inspire untapped potential in others. They are fuel for my purpose; these souls bring me back to life when my heart breaks due to life and business disappointments. Having a tribe has made me become more vulnerable. Because of these individuals, I have been humbled enough to understand that we are not meant to follow dreams alone. We are all here to support each other. I love my tribe because they reflect my soul. We speak and feel in the same way. We believe in building people up. I am blessed to have met these souls on my journey to my becoming. Who is in your tribe? Today, let’s talk about why it is essential for you to have a tribe when you are pursuing dreams.

We were never meant to do life alone.
It is part of the human experience to seek help and support from others. We need each other to fully thrive. When I was a child growing up in Mexico, I remember my grandmother getting water from the river with her tribe. These women were her comadres, or the godmothers to my dad, uncles, and aunts. They were women that she shared her fears, joys, and concerns with. Your tribe is there to support you with the good, bad, and ugly of life.

Your tribe reflects who you are .
Look around you. Does your tribe reflect your beliefs and ideals? We are energy and we attract who we are. My tribe are individuals who are seekers. They question life and are not afraid to challenge norms. They mirror many of my beliefs. If you are not happy with your tribe, it’s possible that you are not happy with who you are. The people who are in your life resemble who you are. If you are not happy with people who are simply taking up space in your life, work on yourself so that you can be the person you want to be. Then you will attract the people who are right for you.

Your tribe will help you when you are drowning.
Your tribe knows when you are drowning and will not only throw you a life preserver but will teach you how to swim. These individuals are happy to see you soar. They are individuals that let you be who you truly are. They let you be totally vulnerable; they encourage it! Look around you. Do you have these types of people in your life?

Your tribe is honest with you.
In life you need people around you to tell you when your behavior is not reflective of who you truly are. They calm your fears and shake you up a bit when they feel you have lost touch with the reality you desire. They want the best for you and are willing to show you your flaws so that you can fix them. These souls are not afraid to be honest with you and are willing to challenge your beliefs.
In conclusion, the word tribe has become a clichΓ© because many people use it lightly and believe that anybody and everybody should be in your tribe. However, you must be selective of who you include in your tribe. Only the people that truly care about your personal and soul development belong in your tribe. Watch and feel their true intentions. Ask yourself if the people around you reflect who you aspire to be. Do they value what you do and who you are? Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Spend your time wisely. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become.

Sending many blessings and much love your way!

Monday, May 14, 2018

How to Take Off Your Assumption Blinders

“Your assumptions may be hindering the truth of the world around you. 
Take those blinders off and discover the truth.”
-Nancy Salmeron

We had a couple’s night out last weekend with new friends. We went out to dinner and then headed out to my home for drinks. I always love spending time with other couples because you bond and grow by sharing your past relationship stories. I am always amazed how much alike relationships are than different. Women for the most part have the same concerns about their husband. Their major concerns are that their husbands work too much and that they don’t dedicate much time to them. Men’s concern is that women are never happy. As I shared that in the past I had the same concern. One of the wives in the group mentioned that it was nice to hear that my relationship was not perfect.” Why do you assume that my relationship is perfect?” I asked. “It’s in the way you speak to your husband and the way he speaks to you. You appear to have a great deal of respect for each other.” She said. “We do, I told her, but we also have struggled in our relationship.” Apparently because I don’t like to publicly share my marital concerns she had assumed that my marriage was perfect! I was surprised that she thought that perfection in relationships existed. I assured her that my relationship was not perfect, that my husband Carlos and I are constant work in progress, but that we choose to devote much of our time and energy on what is working on our marriage. We are beyond perfect, but the real journey of our marriage is compromising, with each other’s desires, and supporting each other. That this does not mean we don’t fight or argue, it simply means that we have decided to be more empathetic to our needs. I expanded by telling her that it’s part of the human experience to assume that we know what is happening in other people’s marriages by what we see on the outside, but the truth of a marriage is always understood better by what happens in close doors. I concluded that I am proud of all the work that Carlos and I have done to persevere with our marriage, but perfection will never be something I will strive for because the lack of perfection is what has made our journey more interesting. Today I want to talk about how assumptions can be misguided and to stop assuming.  how many of our assumptions are misguided when you are only focused on what you see and not what you feel. Here are also three tips on how to stop assuming.

Never assume you know.
It is part of our human nature to assume we know what other people feel or going through because of what we see on the outside. If someone is being disrespectful or rude we classify them as rude or disrespectful. We never stop to think that they may be going through some difficult times. That we caught them on a tough day! Sometimes you may think you know someone because of rumors you have heard. Ignore those rumors never assume you truly know how others are. Make up your own conclusions as you develop relationships with others and get to truly know them before you assume.

If you care to know, ask.
When in doubt and you truly care to understand someone, ask. If you see someone with a frown on their face when they show up to your party, before you assume it’s because of you, ask them what is wrong. Be aware of what is being said and see how you can make that person feel better by using encouraging words. Remember it’s never about you.

It’s never what you see, it’s about what you feel.
So, one of my super powers is that I am very in tune with people’s energy. I feel deeply. I feel when people are open and receptive to who I am, and when they are not. I can recognize and read body language, but I never come to conclusions about a person until they show me who they truly are. Feel the energy of the people that make you uncomfortable, ask for clarification if their energy or what they do is not clear. And if it feels wrong, don’t pursue that relationship. Trust your gut.

When you make assumptions on people or the way events should be you are doing them and yourself a great disservice. To assume you know someone from what you see on the outside is like buying a car without opening the hood or taking it for a test drive simply because it looks good on the outside. When you assume that you know how others are by the way they appear, you may lose the opportunity to make a new friend or discover new love. Only make the assumptions of others when you have given time to know them. To learn about them. Develop conclusions of others only when you have clarified concerns by asking them questions. But never discard your gut feeling. If something feels off, or wrong it’s ok to not pursue a relationship or friendship. Until next time Believe. Change. Become.

Sending blessing and love your way!