Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Celebrate Your Small Triumphs

"Celebrate your small triumphs
 as much as you celebrate your big ones."

-Nancy Salmeron

This weekend I went through a pile of files that I needed to organize two years ago. Have you had this happen to you? It’s all the work you have done. Work you have collected from workshops, seminars presentations, awards or certificates. In these files, I discovered my accomplishments and my failures of the past two years. It was rewarding to see all my major triumphs, but also humbling to see the mistakes and failures I have made. As, I looked back I remember how my failures took so much of my time and energy to get over. But I don’t ever remember celebrating or giving the same amount of time to my triumphs. On your journey to your becoming you will make many mistakes, but you will also have accomplishments that may seem minor, but that need to be celebrated as big triumphs. This weekend I realized that my focus has been so much on my mistakes and setbacks that I rarely celebrated my well-deserved accomplishments. As you pursue your dreams, remember that failures and mistakes are part of the journey to the peak of the mountain, but don’t forget to celebrate the small accomplishments. What I want to talk about today is how to give your triumphs and successes more of the spot light. I want to show you how to celebrate the small steps forward more often and how to learn, but dwell less on the setbacks. Here are three tips on how to celebrate more of your triumphs and how to move past your failures at a faster rate.

Decide that you are worthy of celebrating yourself.

To feel worthy of a celebration comes with the notion that you are worthy. In the past I have felt that I was not worthy of celebrating any major accomplishment, therefore minor accomplishments were never noticed. Today, for example I will watch one hour of TV when I am done with this blog post. I will meet with a friend for coffee to celebrate a “potential” coaching client, or “potential,” speaking engagement. I celebrate even if the reward is, “potential.” As you focus on your grand success, don’t forget that you are worthy of celebrating the big ones, but also the small ones. Remember you work hard and you should reward yourself always.

Let failure take the back seat.

You will fail, but let failure take the back seat. As I look back at these past two years I have failed many times. I have failed and learned, but I have also given failure too much of my time and energy. I am not saying you should not give attention to your failure so that you can learn from it. But please don’t dwell on it. Learn the lesson and move on.

Let success be your copilot.

My biggest mistake has been that I have never let success be my copilot. Failure has been my copilot. Reflecting, I understand what a big mistake that is, because I took away my belief in myself, it made me doubt myself. What I do now is celebrate my success, no matter how small. For example, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to share my Believe. Change. Become. program for girls to a school district. I did not get a definite yes, because the school year will be ending. I got a potential yes for the next school year. The truth is I felt like a winner regardless because I had the opportunity to share my program. This just fueled my passion for my program more. I celebrated myself for taking initiative to share it and was very happy for this small step. In the past I would have looked at my failure of not selling my program, today I celebrated that I have a program that will benefit many young girls in schools.

In conclusion, learn from your mistakes and move on, don’t stay there too long. Dedicate your time to rewarding yourself for your smallest successes and celebrate the big ones too! You are worthy of these celebrations and everything that is coming. Until next Monday Believe. Change. Become.


Monday, April 3, 2017

To BECOME is to Remember

It's never about BECOMING anything.
It's always about remembering who you were
destined to be.

-Nancy Salmeron

Last week I went to a networking event. I was asked about the name of my company Believe. Change. Become. I was asked how clients or individuals BECOME. I clarified that we don’t really become, we remember who we were intended to be by believing and changing. The becoming part we always have inside of us. I was asked to clarify further, so I did. I explained that as children, we have this grand view of what we desire for our lives. But as we grow older we become more skeptical and more practical and never pursue it. We are reminded by our parents and peers that we need to take that path of least resistance. That the less traveled path is less traveled for a reason. We are told that we need to fear the unknown. We lose ourselves, we forget who we are. My program teaches individuals about shifting a doubt mindset into a believe mindset. It validates that everything we need to be successful in this world is always inside of us. But first we must BELIEVE that what we desire is possible. Then we must CHANGE the old way of thinking and behaving to BECOME. Here are four tips to awaken your becoming.

Connect with an inner child.

Do you remember what made you come alive as a child? As a child, I used to be a problem solver. I loved listening to friends, cousins, and family member’s stories and trying to help them solve them. I loved being my friend’s cheerleaders and always being there for them. As a child, I wanted to be a teacher and did that, but what I forgot was that I wanted to be a teacher of life. My becoming had to do with remembering that I loved talking and questioning life. When I connected the dots, and realized that my life’s purpose had to do with personal development I affirmed that I always had what I was seeking.

Believe in what you are seeking.

Once you have connected with that inner child you must believe that what you desire is your purpose. To believe is to change the way the mind works. It’s staying optimistic and having no doubt that what you desire will become a reality. When I first started to believe in my dreams, I had no idea where they would take me. For a long time I lived in fear of failure. When you believe in your dreams you understand that you will fail, yet you do it afraid. When you believe, you may be the only one that sees your dream and that is OK. When you truly believe, you ignite that flame to your inner becoming. Believing is one of the hardest steps, but when you do there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Change, change, change.

The next step to awakening your becoming is to change not only your mind, but you may also need to change the people and things around you. Change is essential to conquering your dreams because they put action into believing. You can believe in your dreams all you want but if you don’t put action into them it will not matter. I was very drastic in my changes. I resigned from my teaching career and took that full leap into personal development, inspirational speaking. It was not easy, but it worked for me. Would I recommend for you to quit your job and take that grand leap? Only you know how to embrace change. I have discovered that for some people going all in works. But for others it requires baby steps. Change is change not matter how big or small. Embrace it and just do it!

To BECOME is to remember.

When I first founded my company, I believed that to BECOME was something that happened to you in the process, and in a way, it does. But, now I understand that you become the moment you decide to give your desires life. I also believe that when you remember the pack you had with your soul you also become. So, remember who you wanted to be because that is where it’s all at. You have it in you to fully change yourself and the world.

Do you remember who you were always destined to be? If you said yes to this question good for you. If you don’t know let me help you on your journey to your becoming. Feel free to contact me at with any questions. Until next time, BELIEVE anything is possible for you, understand that you will CHANGE in the process to BECOME or remember who you were destined to be.

Monday, March 27, 2017

How Failures Move You Forward

"Giving up is the only sure way to fail."

-Gena Showalter

Robert F. Kennedy once said that, “That only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Do you believe this to be so? What is failure? Failure to me signifies growth. Failure to me shows me another way. Failure reminds me that nothing is constant and that we shall always keep moving forward. As I fail forward, I am reminded of my strength. As I fail forward, I am reminded of my conviction. Let’s talk about your failures and how you can learn from failure so that you too can fail forward. Here are three tips to conquering failure so that you are not off track with your life dreams and goals.

When you give up, you fail.

When going after a dream or life goal one thing I can guarantee you is that you will fail your way to it. Are you willing? If you answered yes, then you are one step closer to getting what you desire. If you are not willing to fail, you have failed without getting started. The truth about failing is that you only fail when you give up. Don’t give up, but most importantly don’t give up before you start.

Let failure be your teacher.

When I fail, I let failure become my teacher. Learn from your mistakes and try a different approach to getting what you desire. As I reflect on what I want for my life there are many lessons learned. I have learned to be patient with myself and that in the end I know the right way. I also learned I that must not drop my goals or dreams when I fail. That I simply have to change my approach. Remember, learn the lesson and move on!

Failure teaches you who your true friends are.

As I continue to fail forward you will see some friends go. When you fail, you will lose friends but you will also gain new ones. Don’t be afraid to let go of those anchors that don’t believe and hold you back. Keep the ones that support you and let go of the ones that were never real friends in the first place. Failure in the end will be the gift to your present and future relationships. All you must do is keep the friends that hold you tight as you fail and let go of the ones that walk away when you fail.

When you fail, you must surrender it to the past and move toward the future. Yes, like I mentioned before you must learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Remember, that nothing is forever and that this too shall pass. Move into your amazing future with open arms.
I have learned that with failure also comes opportunity. I see and understand that if I had not failed forward my life would be very different. I needed to stumble and fall to learn to better move forward. When you fail be grateful for the experience shake it off and move on. Treat failure as a blessing in disguise and understand that without failure we would not ever reach that peak of the mountain. I hope you have a fabulous week and that your failures make you strong and push you to your destiny. Until next time Believe. Change. Become.


Monday, March 6, 2017

How Positive Thinking Evokes More Happiness

"The energy of the mind is the
essence of life."


“Why do these things always happen to me?” A potential client asked me. “Things never work out for me.” She continued.
“Stop and be mindful of your words.” I told her.

“My life changed when I started to be more conscious about my thoughts, words and actions. I am a believer that we are magnets of positive and negative energy. When we emit positive energy, we attract more positive energy. When we dwell on negative energy we attract more of it. Why don’t we focus on what is going right in your life to see if we can move into a more positive vibration? I promise you it feels better and you will be glad you did.” She agreed and the conversation ended in a very positive note.

Today I want to talk about how to attract positive energy in to your life. Here are some tips on how to stop circulating toxic negative thoughts and start circulating positive thoughts, that in return will reward you with a more positive life.

Self- love is key.
Some of the things you tell yourself you would not tell your worst enemy. Love and accept yourself as you are. When I coach clients about self- love I remind them of the many obstacles that they have overcome. What about you? What obstacles have you overcome? Be proud of all that you have done. Be proud of all your accomplishments.

Let love take lead.
There are two emotions that guide our lives love and fear. When love guides your life your energy flow is positive. When fear rules your life the energy flow is toxic. There are many doubts, many questions.  Let love be the antidote to fear.

Develop an attitude of gratitude.
To have positive energy flow let the universe know how much you appreciate what you already have. Be grateful for your breath, your health, home and loved ones. It’s these things that make you attract more blessings into your existence. What are your blessings? Make a list and be grateful for the health and well being that is coming your way.

Let go of past resentments.
It is time to let go of all past resentments. You don’t need to be a prisoner of the past or others.  It’s important that you learn the lesson so that you don’t repeat it, but you must move on.  When you release past disappointments, you will quickly move into a positive flow. It’s also important that you forgive yourself for mistakes you made in the past. Again, reflect and learn the lesson.

Choose your words wisely.
Your words set your reality in motion, therefore choose them wisely. Do not speak of words of lack only words of abundance. Do not speak of what could go wrong in your life, but what is right and what will go right. Your words and thoughts are powerful. Be mindful of what goes in your mind and out your mouth.

When we dwell on the negative we attract more of it. This will in return take away our positive energy and give us more negative energy. It starts in the mind, becomes words and take form in our actions. Be the creator of abundance by manifesting abundance, joy and love. See you next week where we delve deeper into how to develop an attitude of gratitude and why this is important to creating dreams. Until next time Believe. Change. Become.


Monday, February 27, 2017

How Dreams Take Us Forward

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined."

I used to believe that dreams where accomplished by lucky people, and that I was not one of them. For many years, I put my dreams on hold, to fulfill the dreams of my parents. Where are you with your dreams and goals? When I reflect on what I want to accomplish for my life, I am reminded that first must believe that those dreams and life goals are possible and that they will be attainable. Do you believe your dreams will come true? It is said that when you believe is your dreams you are half way there. I would agree with this statement one hundred percent! Today I want to share with you why this is so and how we could be on our way to making sure those dreams become a reality!

Don’t doubt your dreams or life goals.
The first step in believing in your dreams is to not doubt them. The second step is to believe in them. When you believe that it is possible for you to get that dream job, to meet that perfect man, to buy your dream job, the universe, God can’t help but conspire with you to make sure that it becomes a reality. Your optimistic view that this is not only possible but necessary is the fuel that your dreams need to start to fruition. It sounds very simple but this is the first step to igniting your dreams. As, I work on my dreams I am reminded that I once doubted them. I doubted that I could be the creator of my life, and that is why it took me twenty years to be on my purpose. Now that I believe in my dreams, and understand my purpose a stand taller, there is much more meaning in my life.

Action, action, action!
The second step in making your life goals or dreams a reality is to act. When you are working toward your dreams, you inform the universe that you are serious and in return the universe gets serious too. It’s what you put out that will be reflected to you. As I reflect on my success, on my fulfilled dreams I can see that everything resulted out of me putting my part to making it sure it would happen. For example, one of my dreams was to be a published author. But it would have stayed a dream if I had not put action to it. The universe supported this desire by connecting me with my amazing editor Debbie. I had the dream, I put action to it. Then the universe, God sent this amazing woman to make my dream of becoming a published author a reality. Thanks to her and my dedication to this project, this book will be released in the next few months.

Be flexible and patient.
I used to believe in rigid time lines. I used to believe that things had to happen on my time. Not anymore! Today, I like to ride with the flow and I don’t feel guilty about it. I believe in the flow because I have no doubt that dreams come true. The only thing I don’t know for sure is that I could pin point the date and time. I now understand acquiring dreams and life goals is not about that peak of the mountain, it’s about the journey. You stay in the journey when you practice gratitude for what you have and continue to work for what you desire. Don’t ever surrender, don’t ever believe that you have failed if your dreams don’t show up tomorrow. Your dreams need time to fruition. Be patient and enjoy the climb, because that is where you will spend most of the time.

My dream for you is to believe in your dreams. Don’t despair when they don’t show up on your rigid time line. The most important thing is that you keep on moving forward. Yes, evaluate the progress you are making, adjust your sails if you need to but keep with the ocean current.

Join me next week where I will discuss a bit further why it’s important to work on our energy flow and how this makes your dreams find you much easier. Until next Monday, I want you to BELIEVE anything is possible, understand that you will CHANGE in the process, to BECOME who you were destined to be!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Believe. Change. Become.

"Follow your bliss.
Choose to live your passion
Find your true north."

-Nancy Salmeron

My name is Nancy Salmeron, I am the founder of BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME. Two years ago, I started writing on blogger. I introduced myself then, but today I want to reintroduce myself again so that you can better understand my mission and so you can to be aware of some of the changes that are coming. In my past life, I was an educator, in my current life I continue to teach, but now I am teacher of life. Today, I am an inspirational speaker, writer and a personal development coach.  I help individuals come alive by helping them identify their passion and supporting them with their dreams. My purpose for these posts is to support and empower you with your dreams and life goals. I also want to awaken you to the possibility that there are no limits for what you desire. That the limits you see are only in your mind. It is my mission to help you remember what your dreams were and to remind you that they are meant to be accomplished. It’s imperative that you understand that you first must BELIEVE in yourself and your dreams. Then you must act and apply CHANGE to BECOME who you were destined to be.

Currently, I blog every Monday and this will stay the same. To guide and support you with your dreams and life goals, I have decided to focus on a monthly theme. For example, starting next month I will focus on BELIEFS. You will learn why believing in yourself and your dreams is essential to making them come true. You will also be able to understand why certain beliefs can stop you from reaching those goals. We will work on your mindset. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube because, I will provide Transformational Wednesday videos on YouTube, daily motivational quotes on Instagram and on Facebook I will go live monthly with Q and A’ Fridays to support you with your BECOMING. I am very excited for these changes that will only enhance the possibilities for me to be more successful in getting you on your way to the life of your dreams.

I want to close by reinforcing that your life has a purpose. There is a reason you are here and it’s not just to pay bills and die. There is more to your life, you have a special mission you must accomplish. There is a special gift or talent that only you have that is a gift to the world. What makes you come alive? What is your reason for being here? My reason is to empower you to fulfil your destiny. My reason is to remind you that you are no accident, you are no mistake. The world is waiting for that special gift that could change the world. Your journey to the peak of the mountain, will not always be sunshine and rainbows, but it’s in the rain and thunderstorms that you will learn to dance. I believe that everything is possible for you. I also believe that only those who BELIEVE in their dreams, act and apply CHANGE will get to BECOME to fulfil their destiny. Let this be you. Will you join me to BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME? See you next Monday!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Six Tips to Living a Life Without Regrets

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
 It's the life in your years."

-Abraham Lincoln

What does it mean to live life without regrets? It is my belief that we make life harder than it really is. The older I get the more I understand that love should always be my compass. That staying in the moment will guide my future. That staying close to the ones you love make you happier. That going with the flow does not mean you can’t express your mind. And that in the end you have not lived unless you have pursued your dreams. This is what I believe is essential for living a life of joy. The order does not matter for me. What matter is that at the end of my life when asked if I lived a happy life, I can say without a doubt that I choose my life and I never settled for it. To expand on what I view is essential for a happy life read further.

Pursue your dreams and not the dreams of others.
To live a life that truly matters you must pursue your dreams, and not what your parents, family or friends desire for you. Some dreams may involve the material world, others come from the heart from seeking purpose and significance in your life. I define this as unique as your thumb print. Your true calling or purpose was given to you to follow it. It’s that special thing that makes you come alive. What makes you come alive? For me it’s empowering individuals to believe in their dreams and following their purpose. When I think about life purpose I understand that we have different callings. For some it’s to be an educator, doctor, scientist or mother. Your purpose does not have to be grand as to what society defines to be successful. To be successful in life you just need to follow your heart, follow your bliss. It’s doing what you want to do because you love it. If you want to be a mother and love that roll, pursue it with passion, and be the best mother possible.  Your purpose should do with what brings you joy and what contributes positively to others lives. How many people you impact does not matter. What matters is that you are making someone else’s lives better because you were born.

Work less and stay close to the ones you love.
Work less and spend time with the ones you love. Life tends to move fast. You have a child and like a blink of the eye ten years go by. Be cautious of your time. Dedicate time to the ones you love. Make a conscious choice to quality time with them. Yes, we get busy, but let go of the things that take away from bonding and loving your special people in your life. It is said that in our death beds we will regret the time we spent working but never the time we spent with the ones we love.

Go with the flow.
To go with the flow is to understand that you are being guided into what is best for you. Work for what you desire, but be wise enough to know when to surrender and go with the flow. As you go with the flow you will discover that there is a better plan for your life that you ever imagined. When you trust in God in the Universe you discover that life should not be so complicated, and that when you let go and trust life becomes effortless and more rewarding.

Express your mind.
To express your mind is to not die with ideas or thoughts that could change our world. Be mindful of your thoughts and express only those thought that empower and uplift others. Also, express your thoughts that will support love, empathy and compassion. When you do, you give the opportunity for others to do the same. Even if you have negative or fearful feelings know that you have the right to express them, don’t hold anger or resentment express it. Be open with your thoughts and world views but never impose them.

Enjoy each moment.
Savor every moment. Good or bad moments should be cherished because they are fleeting. Stay present and focused. As you live consciously every moment you realize that life is a beautiful thing. That even when pain and suffering make a visit, it too will transcend into something better. Stay in the moment, by telling reminding yourself that this is all you have. The past is gone. The future is never guaranteed the present is the only thing that we can count on.

Let love not fear lead the way
When you decide to be led by love, you will bring prosperity and joy to your life. If you choose fear you will bring uncertainty and hardship into your life. Love is the emotion that we are born with, but fear is what society and the world teach us. Let go of fear and embrace love. It feels better and it’s better for your health.

In conclusion, there is a purpose to your life and that is to live in joy!  You will find joy when you choose love and enjoy each moment. Express your mind, but also learn to go with the flow of life. Last, but not least remember to live in purpose because that is why you are here. Until next week Believe. Change. Become.